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The party awoke at the crack of dawn. It was chilly but with only ten suns and one moon until the Summer Solstice, the adventurers were.

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11 The party awoke at the crack of dawn. It was chilly but with only ten suns and one moon until the Summer Solstice, the adventurers were eager to begin their first quest. The druid, cast his first Create Food and Water spell of the day and the party feasted on ham and cheese muffins before discussing the plan of attack for the day’s quest. During the prior eve, the mage read the Book of Tales and Spells, searching endlessly for clues, hints, and experiences from those who have searched for the elusive falls before us. The party decided on a combined land and sea assault for the afternoon trek. The fighter and Druid were to take the sea route. The ranger, stood impatiently by the swamp eager to start the land adventure. When the magic-user joined him, they began their treacherous hike. As it was written, the land path began on the south side of the privy and headed due west. The path was obscurely marked with the orange ribbons used by many rangers and hunters. The bog had many pitfalls but was surely passable with considerable effort and a couple of wet boots. At the beginning of the wooded area on the far side of the swamp, the orange markers continued west up the hill and the mage and ranger followed them for a short time. Upon review of the map and the mage's recollection of the Book of Tales and Spells, it was determined that the orange ribbon trail was merely a path parallel to the intended route. About 100 m to the south, the ranger noticed a strange tree with a huge knot. It was dubbed the "Big Arse Tree" due to it's unique look. They headed past it, moving south, hoping to meet up with the correct trail and then meet up with the rest of the party. The druid and the fighter, taking the canoe route recommended by this great Book, headed south past the Cage Lake Spring-Hole and took Buck Brook to the west. Being on the 5 th moon of the new calendar, the water level was still relatively high but their trip was not to be simple. It was marshy and meandering, with many beaver-gnawed stumps and tangle-bushes to surpass. After many twists, turns, and beaver dams to surmount, the sea-faring party successfully portaged and re-portaged their way deeper into the marsh. Just then, the mage in the other party cast a Clairaudience spell to re-establish communications. The mage and ranger had discovered the abandoned Dragon Castle Trail and were eagerly awaiting their arrival at the Big Friggin Rock. The druid cast a Find Path spell, and the adventurers were soon united again. The rugged trail was marked by mostly pink and blue ribbons. It seemed to start in the middle of the swamp and moved west a few hundred meters to the north of Buck Brook. Occasionally, there were other coloured markers for the party to follow, and even some remnant yellow-circle markers left over from the ancient days of yore. They moved swiftly, pausing once at the bedrock face of a linear geological structure to ponder the existence of some strange igneous rocks found there. The druid startled a grouse that proceeded to run amok past the party, whining like a baby. Surprisingly it did not fly away so the druid cast a Heal spell to try and cure it. The grouse apparently failed its saving throw—as the spell had no effect. The adventurers were not hungry, so they let the odd bird go along its merry way even though it was sure to perish from another predator. Further along the downed tree-laden path, the party paused in a small clearing and the druid cast a Purify Water spell and they all drank heartily. Although the party (or some of them) was becoming weary, they decided to plunge on until the bitter end. Soon, their fears were alleviated as the mage cast another Clairaudience spell for the group and they all heard the roaring of the Dragon Castle Falls directly to the south. Since the trail continued on to the west, they decided to keep following the coloured markers that were suddenly joined by brand new yellow circle markers. It was a grievous yet not too costly error. Within a short time, the marker ended at the top of a huge beaver dam. It was at the end of a large, beautiful marsh valley that was perfect for various Capture Image spells. The adventurers searched futilely for the continuation of the trail but to no avail. They all found magic staves near a beaver dam, which proved invaluable as they braved a trek across the top of the dam. They could still clearly hear the growl of the falls (now to the southeast) and felt sure that the pine needle paths on the other side of the brook would be less dangerous than back-tracking. The party crossed the dam sucsessfully, and a short, easy walk to the south brought them all to the top of their prize: the lost Dragon Castle Falls. They were awed. With the extensive experience combined within the party, they took over the Dragon Castle with little resistance. Only one Hold Person spell was needed to avoid certain peril down the face of the castle. They proceeded to rest amidst the flowing waters at the top of the falls and wallowed in their triumph. The mage and druid traveled to the bottom of the falls along the north shore, each casting a Climb spell in turn to conquer the face of the falls. More Capture Image spells were cast in order, of course, with the party members standing proudly at two separate tiers of the castle. The mage was forced to spend a Featherfall spell to ease his rapid slide down the face, but his only injury was a minor scrape (and a bruise to his ego) and at least no one had to do involuntary swimming. The 20- to 25-foot falls were in pristine condition, and the party was grateful that their elusiveness greatly added to their appeal and "untouched" condition. Their current quest complete, they congratulated each other, and ventured back to camp to discuss their next adventure!

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