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Page 1 The news of Moses (as) and Pharaoh in truth As narrated by Allah (swt)

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1 Page 1 The news of Moses (as) and Pharaoh in truth As narrated by Allah (swt)

2 Page 2

3 Page 3 Historical Background

4 Page 4 Dream of Pharaoh Ibn 'Abbas narrated: "Pharaoh saw in his vision a fire, which came from Jerusalem and burned the houses of the Egyptians, and all Copts, and did not do harm to the children of Israel. When he woke up, he was horrified. He then gathered his priests and magicians and asked them about this vision. They said: "This means a boy will be born of them and the Egyptian people will perish at his hands.' That is why Pharaoh commanded that all male children of the children of Israel be killed."

5 Page 5 Advise of Economists This was carried out until the experts of economics said to Pharaoh: "The aged of the children of Israel die and the young are slaughtered. This will lead to their annihilation. As a result, Pharaoh will lose the manpower of those who work for him, those whom he enslaves, and their women whom he exploits. It is better to regulate this procedure by initiating the following policy: males should be slaughtered in one year but spared to live the next year."

6 Page 6 Birth of Prophet Harun (as)

7 Page 7 Birth of Prophet Musa (as) And We inspired the mother of Moses, saying: "Suckle him (Moses), but when you fear for him, then cast him into the river and fear not, nor grieve. Verily! We shall bring him back to you, and shall make him one of (Our) Messengers." (28:7).

8 Page 8

9 Page 9 Allah’s (swt) Plan And the wife of Pharaoh said; "A comfort of the eye for me and for you. Kill him not, perhaps he maybe of a benefit to us, or we may adopt him as a son." And they perceived not (the result of that). (28:9)

10 Page 10 Search for a wet nurse

11 Page 11 And We had already forbidden (other) foster suckling mothers for him, until she (his sister came up and ) said: "Shall I direct you to a household who will rear him for you, and sincerely they will look after him in a good manner?" So did We restore him to his mother, that she might be delighted, and that she might not grieve, nor that she might know that the promise of Allah is true. But most of them know not. (28:12-13)

12 Page 12 ….. So Far

13 Page 13 Allah (swt) granted comfort to Bibi Asiya through Musa (as) because she was a pious woman in an evil environment. Sometimes Allah (swt) tests us by asking us to give away something very dear. Allah (swt) always makes the best decision for us Allah (swt) always keeps His promise.

14 Page 14 Musa (as) Grows Up And when he attained his full strength, and was perfect (in manhood), We bestowed on him Hukman (Prophethood, right judgment of the affairs) and religious knowledge (of the religion of his forefathers, Islamic Monotheism). And thus do We reward the Muhsineen (good-doers)." (28:14)

15 Page 15 A Fateful Accident

16 Page 16 He said: "My Lord! For that with which You have favored me, I will never more be a helper for the Mujrimeen (criminals, disobedient to Allah, polytheists, sinners, etc.)!" So he became afraid, looking about in the city (waiting as to what will be the result of his crime of killing), when behold, the man who had sought his help the day before, called for his help again. Moses said to him: "Verily, you are a plain misleader!"

17 Page 17 Then when he decided to seize the man who was an enemy to both of them, the man said: "O Moses! Is it your intention to kill me as you killed a man yesterday? Your aim is nothing but to become a tyrant in the land, and not to be one of those who do right." And there came a man running, from the farthest end of the city. He said: "O Moses! Verily, the chiefs are taking counsel together about you, to kill you, so escape. Truly, I am to you of those who give sincere advice." So he escaped from there, looking about in a state of fear. He said: "My Lord! Save me from the people who are Zalimeen (polytheists, and wrong- doers)!" (Ch 28:15-21 Quran)

18 Page 18 ….. From this incidence

19 Page 19 Even the best of us make mistakes. It is important to realise a mistake as soon as possible. Musa (as) immediately asked for Allah’s (swt) forgiveness and changed his attitude. Allah (swt) always has a plan.

20 Page 20 Escape to Madyan

21 Page 21 The old wise man welcomes Musa (as)

22 Page 22 Some years in Madyan

23 Page 23 Desire for Home

24 Page 24 The Burning Bush

25 Page 25 Task for Musa (as) "Go To Pharaoh! Verily! He has transgressed (all bounds in disbelief and disobedience, and has behaved as an arrogant, and as a tyrant).“ (20: 24)

26 Page 26 Musa’s (as) Response "O my Lord! Open for me my chest (grant me self- confidence, contentment, and boldness). And ease my task for me; and make loose the knot from my tongue, that they understand my speech, and appoint for me a helper from my family, Aaron, my brother; increase my strength with him, and let him share my task (of conveying Allah's Message and Prophethood), and we may glorify You much, and remember You much, Verily! You are of us Ever a Well-Seer.“ (20:25-35)

27 Page 27

28 Page 28 When given a Responsibility Make du’a to Allah (swt) Ask for strength and helpers Remember Allah (swt) through tasbeeh and salah

29 Page 29

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