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Ethics 7 chapters SEH Hervé Maisonneuve, MD EASE, Blankenberge September 24, 2013

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1 Ethics 7 chapters SEH Hervé Maisonneuve, MD EASE, Blankenberge September 24, 2013

2 Fraud is not French!

3 Ethics: 7 chapters Dealing with fraud, Elizabeth Wager Images in figures: quality control and managing illegitimate image manipulation, David L. Vaux Conflicts of interest in biomedical publications, Hervé Maisonneuve, Marc A. Rodwin Editors and commercial companies, Elizabeth Wager Plagiarism, Karen Shashok Reporting guidelines: a tool to increase completeness, transparency, and value of health research published in your journal, Iveta Simera Basic statistical reporting for articles published in clinical medical journals: the Statistical Analyses and Methods in the Published Literature, or SAMPL guidelines Thomas A. Lang, Douglas G. Altman

4 The players: do they know what is scientific integrity? Authors Reviewers Editors Publishers Readers

5 Authors: ghosts, honorary, etc..

6 Fraud in anesthesia: nearly 300 retractions for S Reuben, J Boldt, Y Fujii

7 Authors: publish or perish

8 Is blind peer-review ethical?

9 Editors

10 Publishers

11 Readers

12 Open access: do APCs change the game?

13 Gold? Green? Hybrid? Opaque?

14 Predators: more than 300 publishers?

15 Is good practices’ training effective? Courses Mentoring Posters Guidelines Scientfic integrity: a daily practice? Culture of integrity

16 How to improve reporting?

17 How to promote integrity?

18 How to lie to everyone – Especially ourselves Professor of psychology and behavioral economics, Duke University Director of the Center for advanced hindsight

19 Dan Ariely, page 31 8 year old Jimmy comes home from school with a note from his teacher that says, ‘Jimmy stole a pencil from the student sitting next to him’. Jimmy’s father is furious. He goes to great lengths to lecture Jimmy and let him know how disappointed he is, and he grounds the boy for 2 weeks. ‘And just wait until your mother comes home!’ he tells the boy ominously. Finally he concludes, ‘Anyway, Jimmy, if you need a pencil, why didn’t you just say something? Why didn’t you simply ask? You know very well that I can bring you dozens of pencils from work.’

20 Dan Ariely, page 39 A visibly upset man goes to see his rabbi one day and says, ‘Rabbi, you won’t believe what happened to me! Last week, someone stole my bicycle from synagogue!’ The rabbi offers a solution: ‘Next week come to services, sit in the front row, and look at the people behind you. When we get to ‘Thou shalt not steal,’ see who can’t look you in the eyes and that’s your guy.’ At the next service, the rabbi waits for the man, and asks him, ‘So, did it work?’ ‘Like a charm’ the man answers. ‘The moment we got to ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’, I remembered where I left my bike’

21 It can always be worse!

22 Questions? 22

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