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Water Pollution: CAUSES Pictures taken from: | |

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1 Water Pollution: CAUSES Pictures taken from: | |

2 Contamination Pollutants Poisonous Rivers, Lakes & Seas Detrimental Marine Life | People LDCs Locals queuing for water in Africa Picture taken from:

3 Sewage Households | Industries Human Waste | Detergent | Chemicals Treatment Plants Case Study: Molex - $2 Mil Investment to build Plant Remove waste Non- biodegradable substances Expensive Algae growth Aquatic plants below Animals Remain

4 Illegal Dumping Case Study: Schoeller Holdings CyprusShipping / Hotel Holding Avoid Costs Oil-tainted bilge water 4 Occasions [May 2012 – March 2013] Falsifying Records $10.4 million FINE 21 March 2013

5 Industrial TOXIC Oils Sulfur Nitrates | Phosphates Asbestos Lead | Mercury Manufacturing Process

6 Ocean & Marine Dumping Paper | Food Waste Plastic Rubber Metallic | Aluminium Waste RUBBISH Aluminium = 200 yrs TIME Paper = 6 wks

7 Atmospheric Deposition Diagram taken from:

8  An oil spill is another form of water pollution.  Occurs when hull is damaged or collision happens.  Difficult to clean up: 1) Non-biodegradable 2) Spreads over large areas easily  Endangers animal and plants which may cause negative impact on human health.  Cleaning up requires huge efforts and is very costly.

9 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill  One of the most devastating human- caused environmental disasters.  Approximately 55 million US gallons spilled into Prince William Sound.  Cleaning up process involved an estimated 10 000 workers and US$2.1 billion was spent.

10 Other examples of large oil spills include: 1)Gulf War Oil Spill- Persian Gulf 2)Deepwater Horizon- US, Gulf of Mexico 3)Ixtoc I Oil Spill- Mexico, Gulf of Mexico 4)Fergana Valley- Uzbekistan 5) ABT Summer- Angola 6) Castillo de Bellver- Africa 7) Amoco Cadiz- France, Brittany

11 Consequence /impacts of Water Pollution  Environmental impact  Economic impact  Social impact

12 Endangering Plant & Animal Species  Oil Spills I. Sticks to feathers II. Air trapped between layers of fur/feathers removed III. Birds therefore unable to fly thus drowning IV. Birds and animals freeze to death Impact on ecosystem as many animals/birds perish, disrupting the food chain etc.

13 Endangering Plant & Animal Species  Improper disposal of waste material I. Detergents/Chemicals improperly disposed II. Leads to growth of algae III. Plants die IV. Animals do not have food - they die Impact on ecosystem as many animals/birds perish, disrupting the food chain etc.


15 Negative Impact on humans  Indirect effect on us I. Chemicals are disposed of improperly (China) II. Fishes that consume these plants affected III. When we eat them, we may get poisoning IV. People may also suffer from cholera and typhoid when they drink water that is contaminated.

16 Economic impacts  Impacts Fishermen  Cleaning up oil spills can be extremely costly and requires huge effort I. Exxon Valdez II. 2.1 billion to clean up III. 10000 workers

17 Oil spills Contaminated Water

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