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Catullus Nikki Begnal, Chris Robotham, Chris DeAngelo, Cal Pettinelli.

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1 Catullus Nikki Begnal, Chris Robotham, Chris DeAngelo, Cal Pettinelli

2 Life of Catullus Born in Verona, Cisalpine Gaul in about 82 B.C. Moved to Rome as a young man Wrote 116 poems that have been saved Knew Cicero as well as Caelius Rufus Became a member of the “Neoterics”

3 Catullus’s Style of Writing Catullus often uses literary devices such as anaphora, as well as ellision and chiasmus With this, the word order creates the images of his style

4 Catullus 49 Disertissime Romuli nepotum, quot sunt quotque fuere, Marce Tulli, quotque post aliis erunt in annis, gratias tibi maximas Catullus agit pessimus omnium poeta, tanto pessimus omnium poeta, quanto tu optimus omnium patronus. The most eloquent of descendants of Romulus, However many there are and however many there have been, Marcus Tullus, And however many there will be in other years, Catullus, the worst poet of all, gives the biggest thanks to you, As much as he is the worst poet of all, As you are the best patron of all

5 Analysis of Catullus 49 Meter- Hendescallybic Fuere- have been, 3rd person plural perfect of verb to be, signature move of Catullus where he takes off “runt” Quot- anaphora, emphasizes the fact that it doesn’t matter how there are or have been, Pessimus omnium poeta- anaphora, emphasizes the fact he is the worst poet of all Gratias tibi maximas Catullus- synchesis ABAB gratias and maximas mean “biggest thanks” and are the A in the formation, symbolizing the significance

6 Catullus 92 Lesbia mi dicit semper male nec tacet umquam de me: Lesbia me dispeream nisi amat. quo signo? Quia sunt totidem mea: deprecor illam assidue, uerum dispeream nisi amo. Lesbia always speaks ill of me, and is not silent at any time About me: may I perish if Lesbia does not love me. By what sign? Because they are the same with me: all the time I pray To be rid of you, but may I perish unless I love you

7 Analysis of Catullus 92 Meter- Elegaic Couplet Me dispeream- May I perish iussive subj De me: clause, present 1st person singular 2nd conj me- acc singular subject of dispeream Mi- syncope, should be mei, changed for meter

8 Catullus 43 Salve, nec minimo puella naso nec bello pede nec nigris ocellis nec longis digitis nec ore sicco nec sane nimis elegante lingua. Decoctoris amica Formiani, ten provincia narrat esse bellam? Tecum Lesbia nostra comparatur? O saeclum insapiens et infacetum! Hello girl neither with the smallest nose Nor the pretty foot, nor a black eye, Nor a long finger, nor a dry mouth, Indeed not even an excessively elegant tongue, Mistress of the bankrupt Formiae. Does the province say that you are beautiful? Is it with you our Lesbia is compared? O boorish and foolish age!

9 Analysis of Catullus 43 Meter: Hendecasyllabic sane nimis elegante lingua- nor indeed an excessively elegant tongue sane- adverb, indeed nimis- adverb, very elegante- nominative singular I stem, modifies lingua lingua- nominative singular feminine Decoctoris- adjective, genitive single masculine Esse bellam- you are pretty? Indirect statement

10 Analysis of Catullus 43 Bellam- accusative singular feminine, predicate nominative of esse in the indirect statement Ten- syncope, e is taken off end for meter purposes subject of indirect statement Nec- anaphora, emphasizes physical attributes she does not have O saeclum- apostrophe, addressing age in general Tecum Lesbia nostra comparator- chiasmus ABBA Minimo- superlative of parvus, smallest

11 New Vocabulary 1. decoctor, decoctoris m. bankrupt (Catullus 43) 2. saeclum, i n. age (Catullus 43) 3. siccus, a, um dry (Catullus 43) 4. assidue adv. continually (Catullus 92) 5. totidem as many as, the same

12 C ATULLUS -S TYLE P OETRY BY C HRIS R OBOTHAM You say, my Lesbia, that it would be best if i rid myself of you You clearly must not understand the feelings of your passionate lover Now, Catullus, do not relinquish what you once had For what a woman says one day may hold no truth the next Why is it that I am unable to rid myself of you, Lesbia? It is neither your illustrious eyes, nor your salacious swag My Lesbia, I must profess that I do not know the cause But that is all the more why Catullus will not relinquish you.

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