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Document number Volunteer & Member Engagement: Harnessing Power, Passion & Purpose Learning, Leveraging and Leading.

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1 Document number Volunteer & Member Engagement: Harnessing Power, Passion & Purpose Learning, Leveraging and Leading

2 22 Welcome to Texas

3 Explore the “brain” of engagement Review 10 tips for harnessing the power, passion and purpose of volunteers and members Share simple, practical tools and techniques 3 Session Roadmap

4 Be introspective Practice curiosity Balance advocacy with inquiry Actively participate 4 Agreements

5 Page 5 Be introspective Practice curiosity Balance advocacy with inquiry Actively participate Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape. 5 Agreements

6 6 When you hear AARP, what comes to mind?

7 7 AARP is National in Structure… 53 State Offices including Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and the District of Columbia.

8 8 …with a Local Feel AARP’s 1500 Chapters are non- profit, non-partisan, and independently incorporated. AARP creates the good across the country. Check out

9 9

10 Purpose The Life Reimagined Institute is a “think + do” tank dedicated to helping people live their lives more fully and to promoting “real possibilities” at any age. Life Reimagined Institute 10



13 13 Life Reimagined for Work

14 14 What you rarely hear is… AARP is a leader in volunteerism.

15 CEO’S OFFICE AARP Board of Directors 23 STATE & NATIONAL GROUPAARP FOUNDATION National Policy Council 25 FDN Board of Directors 10 Tax-Aide 35,300 WorkSearch 300 Money Management 3,300 State-managed Volunteers 12,600 Driver Safety 6,700 Activists 904,000 NRTA 523,000 Create the Good Network 324,000 AARP Chapters 146,000 VOLUNTEERS AT AARP -- AARP Managed -- Not AARP Managed Experience Corps 480 AARP Managed 1,100 Not AARP Managed Experience Corps 480 AARP Managed 1,100 Not AARP Managed

16 16 AARP Volunteers in Action Storming the state legislature

17 17 Advocating on issues important to the community.

18 18 AARP Volunteers in Action Builders and rebuilders

19 19 We’re Dreamers

20 20 Attracting Incredible Volunteers David Crippens Retired public television exec Successful consultant Non-profit founder Former Chamber Chair

21 21 AARP Volunteers in Action Gloria & Alex Davila

22 22 Basic Research Community members expect trusted organizations/individuals to: Fight for them Support them Mobilize them Inform them Community members crave/do not get enough of organizations/individuals that: Celebrate them Connect them Inspire them Listen to them

23 1.Engage the Whole Brain 2.Commit CRMinal acts 3.Know who oughta be in pictures 4.Impersonate Diana Ross 5.Hear voices 6.Pay attention to the big MO 7.Cycle for your health 8.Give to receive 9.Innovate or perish Page 23 10 Top Tips

24 24 Engage the Whole Brain - HBDI Goals & ObjectivesExploration ProcessPeople HBDI Hermmann Brain Dominance Inventory

25 25 A B D C Analyzes Quantifies Is logical Is critical Is realistic Likes numbers Knows about money Knows how things work Infers Imagines Speculates Takes risks Is Impetuous Breaks rules Likes surprises Is curious / Plays Takes preventive action Establishes procedures Gets things done Is reliable Organizes Is neat Timely Plans Is sensitive to others Likes to teach Touches a lot Is supportive Is expressive Is emotional Talks a lot Feels Summary thinkers Logical/Rational Spatial/Visual Slow paced thinkers Hermmann International –

26 Use Customer Relationship Management tools and techniques Clear vision of who is missing from your organization/your specific targets Full fledged “campaigns” and tracking Multiple communications channels including earned media Communications cadence/planned regularity Relevance testing and cross-promotions Data driven/evidence-based decision-making and strategic planning Old fashioned “gut check” and a compelling value proposition 26 Commit CRMinal acts

27 27 “Campaigns” that engage the head and the heart

28 Audience segments How would you describe the different audiences you’re looking for as volunteers and members? What data do you have about each audience? What is relevant to each of those audiences? What is the value proposition for them? What would they look to your chapter for? What is the primary message you need to telegraph to each of those audiences about your Chapter? What are the best channels to deliver those messages? 28 Know who ought a be in pictures

29 29 Impersonate Diana Ross Reach out and touch Establish ways to make it easy for people to volunteer and to join Implement a new volunteer or new member “onboarding” process Assign a welcome buddy Connect newbies to internal mentors Allow “job” sharing and episodic volunteering

30 Page 30 Hear Voices Community Competence listen learn leverage

31 Page 31 6 Tests of Turning Outward Turn Outward: Am I turned toward the community? Aspirations: Are my actions rooted in people’s shared aspirations? Authority: Could I stand up on a table & talk to people about their community, their aspirations & concerns – would they believe me? Authenticity: Do I reflect the reality of people’s lives & do they believe I have their best interests at heart, even when we disagree? Accountability: Am I living up to the pledges & promises I have made? Urge Within: Am I staying true to my urge within? 31 Harwood Institute for Public Innovation

32 Page 32 Pay Attention to the Big MO Motivators  Issues of concern  Aspirations  Sense of place  Trusted sources  People  Civic connections

33 33

34 34 Determining Your Volunteer Needs Determining Your Volunteer Needs Designing Work for Volunteer Involvement Designing Work for Volunteer Involvement Matching Volunteers With Opportunities Matching Volunteers With Opportunities Providing Orientation & Training Providing Orientation & Training Achieving Volunteer Performance Evaluating & Fine Tuning Efforts Evaluating & Fine Tuning Efforts Marketing & Recruiting Marketing & Recruiting Recognizing & Retaining Recognizing & Retaining Volunteer Engagement Cycle VEC Cycle for Your Health

35 Fortify your internal culture of volunteering Encourage your members and volunteers to give their time elsewhere Help create opportunities with sister organizations Partner with unlikely bedfellows Provide recognition for service 35 Give to Receive

36 Page 36 Innovate or Perish

37 Page 37 Innovate or Perish Dare to be radical and revolutionary Question the unquestionable Look for the intersection of trends to find opportunities Jettison the incumbent mentality Look beyond customer satisfaction to the next big thing Look for breakthroughs beyond your industry Let limitations drive creativity vs. complacency Accept nothing short of elegance Risk more to gain more Invite people to change the world From Dr. Kevin Freiberg to the AARP Volunteer Leadership Institute

38 38 AARP believes that volunteer service is a unique and valuable contribution that benefits both the volunteer and society. that AARP volunteers, working in partnership with paid staff and community colleagues, are a necessary and vital force in achieving the Association’s vision, mission, and strategic goals. that volunteers contribute to the Association’s goal of attracting, developing, and maintaining the diversity of people and programs that reflect our communities and their needs. that it is crucial to match the skills, abilities, interest, and availability of volunteers to the tasks and opportunities that advance the Association goals. that volunteering for AARP is one of many paths by which members can become connected, involved, and engaged with their Association. that a strong commitment to supporting and recognizing volunteers is essential in helping them reach their potential for service. AARP Philosophy of Volunteerism

39 39  Respond to a need or gap  Honor the urge within to serve  Leave a positive legacy 39 Most of us want to…

40 Document number Page 40 Thank You

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