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DECATUR COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Are We ALL IN? A Back to School Message Fred H. Rayfield, Ed.D. Superintendent.

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1 DECATUR COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Are We ALL IN? A Back to School Message Fred H. Rayfield, Ed.D. Superintendent

2 We cannot close our eyes to the tough realities we face. If we are honest about the difficult issues and are addressing them head – on people will trust us. There are no hopeless situations. There are only men and women who have grown hopeless about them. Ronald Reagan Our present troubles are quite small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us an immeasurably great glory that will last forever. Corinthians 4:17 It was for my own good that I had such hard times. Isaiah 38:1

3  Suffering from psychosclerosis (Hardening of the Attitude)  High concentrations of the TTSP Hormone (This to shall pass)  Faith based school improvement. “I hope and pray this works.”

4  If you always do what you have done, you will get what you have always gotten.  You must be smart enough to get out of the saddle when you horse has died!  The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.  Where there is no vision people perish.  The best way to predict the future is to create it.

5  Increase student achievement and success  Develop and improve organizational effectiveness  Develop and improve stakeholder engagement, satisfaction and loyalty

6  Being consistent in all that we do  Being transparent in all that we do  Providing high quality customer service at all times  Making continuous school and system improvement our daily mission  Demonstrating pride and ownership in all facilities and grounds daily

7  Providing a constant commitment to student and employee safety  Striving individually and as a team to move our school system from “good to great.”

8 Transparency is based on the principles of honesty, openness, integrity and authenticity. It is based on doing things in the open where all can see. Part of transparency is sharing information. Stephen Covey

9 Great leaders build trust by first holding themselves, then others, accountable. Take responsibility for bad results. Holding others accountable assures performers that poor performers will not pull them down. Stephen Covey

10  Common Mission and Vision  Shared and Distributed Leadership  Students Come First  Utilize data to drive school improvement decisions  Engaged in constant student assessment and diagnostics  Common Thread of Continuous Improvement

11  Coherent strategy for delivering high quality instruction  Positive Relationships  Parental Involvement and Support  Everyone Understands Their Role  Foster a culture of high expectations for all

12  We know who you are! Your reputation proceeds you.  Accept nothing less than the best from all of us.  Accept us for who we are.  Be fair and consistent.  Teach us the way we learn best. To connect with us you must have the patience and desire to see that each of us is successful.  Build relationships with us.

13  Take control we like that.  Keep learning. Model life - long learning.  Character Matters  We need encouragement.  Take care of yourself.  Love Your Students – They Will Love You

14  “The greatest contribution that we can make is to ensure there is a teacher in every classroom who cares that every student, every day, learns and feels like a valued, important human being.”  “It is our job to run schools so students, teachers, and parents want to come to them.”(William Glasser)

15  Be careful of your thoughts… For your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words… For your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions… For your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits… For your habits become your character. Be careful of your character… For your character becomes your destiny. John Law

16 The Decatur County Educational Team We are ALL IN ! Let’s all move from “Good to Great” Together All residents of Decatur County are invited to attend monthly Board of Education Meetings For more information on state education, policy, and budget, call the Georgia Department of Education at 404-463-1543 or Visit their website at

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