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DPR310. What’s happening in IT? Consumer expectations and appetites are evolving.

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1 DPR310

2 What’s happening in IT?

3 Consumer expectations and appetites are evolving

4 Solutions are becoming targeted/personalized

5 Corporate/public customers have shifted focus to best overall value

6 Winning companies will make the best usage of information

7 Social aspects of decision-making are dominant

8 Logically and geographically distributed resources and ownership

9 Mobility is changing long- standing business models and processes

10 Security considerations continue to evolve

11 Economic conditions will remain volatile

12 Plan for change in the role of the architect and the practice of architecture

13 The re-emergence of the “lone architect”

14 BUSINESSIT Shifting alignment

15 Design Quality Attributes IT Environment Business Technology Alignment Human Dynamics Architect Capabilities must evolve The IASA Skills Taxonomy –

16 Quality Attributes Design Tracking environmental behavior Estimate optimal SLAs Understanding distributed (hidden) costs Forecasting resource consumption Understanding impact Increase focus on agility Define new routines to drive to desired capabilities within IT Auditable transparency

17 IT Environment New questions to ask Black box vs transparent solutions Aligning deployments Interdependency management Testing considerations Managing quality Measuring adaptability and efficiency Highly distributed resources Get your management processes right

18 Business Technology Alignment Go to market Understand changing business dynamics Move beyond request/response engagement What will catapult your company ahead of its competition? Know the players Speak the language Don’t play the hero

19 Human Dynamics These are not my beautiful stakeholders Be impactfulBe brief You can’t control the circumstances of communication – be ready Be the Voice of Reason Influence without passion Now is the time to fill your capability gaps

20 What is the Opportunity?

21 Re-craft yourself Re-define architecture Change our world


23 Resources Sessions On-Demand & CommunityMicrosoft Certification & Training Resources Resources for IT ProfessionalsResources for Developers Connect. Share. Discuss.


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