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The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree

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2 The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree
Luke 13:6-9

3 Introduction When disaster falls, we tend to ask “Why?”
If it happens to an individual, we may wonder what they did to deserve it If it happens to a group, we wonder what the group did to deserve it? Often we miss the real lesson all such disasters teach This parable is precipitated by a disaster, but is told to teach the real lesson of disasters

4 Setting Luke 13:1 Some reported that some Galilean Jews had been killed by Pilate They were killed in the Temple, since their blood mingled with the sacrificial blood Perhaps expecting Jesus to speak out or act against Pilate Perhaps expecting an explanation of why those men died (e.g., they were evil men)

5 Setting Luke 13:2-3 Jesus’ responded
They were not any worse sinners than anyone else The lesson is “Repent or you will all likewise perish” Life is short, death can happen at anytime Repent NOW, or you may not get another chance

6 Setting Luke 13:4-5 Jesus reinforces the point
Another recent calamity in Jerusalem A tower collapsed and killed 18 Those victims were no worse sinners than others in Jerusalem Yet they died quickly and without warning The lesson is “Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish”

7 The Parable Luke 13:6-9 A man has a fig tree in his vineyard
The fig tree has not born fruit for three years He tells the gardener to cut it down, it’s wasting space in the vineyard The gardener persuades the owner to let him try to fertilize it and see if it will produce the next year If not, then he’ll cut it down

8 The meaning of the parable
From Lk 13:1-5 we know the meaning “Repent or perish” The owner is God (as usual) Each individual Christian (in His vineyard) is like the fig tree God expects us to be fruitful He is not pleased by any periods of inactivity Just wasting space in the kingdom If unfruitful, then eventually He will no longer consider us His children We must REPENT NOW

9 Lessons for today The true message in all disasters is that life is short If we are going to repent, do it now Consider the disasters we all know 9/11/2001 Hurricanes Katrina and Rita Mining disasters Earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, etc Remember the lesson, REPENT NOW

10 Lessons for today God expects a return on investment Eph 1:3-12
God has granted us every spiritual blessing He chose us in Christ He adopted us as sons He redeemed us He forgave us He made known His will to us He gave us an inheritance John 15:8 We need to bear MUCH fruit

11 Lessons for today The Lord is patient, but not forever
In the days of Noah, He waited 120 years while Noah built and preached With the people of Israel, God waited over 700 years before taking away the northern tribes He waited over 100 more years before taking Judah into captivity 2 Pet 3:3-15 Everyone and everything has a limited amount of time left

12 Lessons for today Those who are unfruitful will be cut off John 15:1-9
To be in Christ, we must bear fruit In Christ we will bear MUCH fruit If we bear no fruit, then we are not really in Christ Such will be cast out and burned up Heb 6:4-8 To reject God after being a Christian means You are worthless and close to being cursed The end will be to be burned up Unless you repent, you will perish

13 Conclusion Tragedies happen all the time
Don’t think those who suffer are necessarily any worse sinners than we are Rather learn the lesson Life is short Now is best time to repent God may be longsuffering, but He will not wait forever Won’t you make your life right with Him now?


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