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GEORGE WHITEFIELD (1714 – 1770) The Great Evangelist of the 18 th Century.

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1 GEORGE WHITEFIELD (1714 – 1770) The Great Evangelist of the 18 th Century

2 GEORGE WHITEFIELD’S BIRTH Born at Gloucester on December 16, 1714. Father died when he was only 2 years old. Bell Inn, the birth place of George Whitefield

3 OXFORD 1732, age 17 Entered Pembroke College, Oxford, and met the Wesley brothers – John and Charles The Holy Club, Oxford

4 CONVERSION 1735, age 20 Converted about seven weeks after Easter. God used books to bring this about. Also Matthew Henry’s Commentary was used as he read the Bible.

5 ORDINATION & GRADUATION 1736, age 21 Ordained as deacon at Gloucester, preached his first sermon, graduated with a B.A. at Oxford, preached in London The church where Whitefield preached his first sermon

6 REVIVAL BREAKS OUT 1737, age 22. Revival broke out in Bristol and London. Whitefield became instantly popular and crowds went to hear him preach the gospel. Charles Wesley

7 FIRST TRIP TO AMERICA 1738, age 23 Left England for Georgia, America, for 5 months and later returned to England. He found John and Charles Wesley recently converted. John Wesley many years later

8 OPEN-AIR PREACHING 1739, age 24 Ordained as priest in Church of England. Began open-air preaching in Kingswood, Bristol, and London. Gave the work to John and Charles Wesley. Doctrinal differences with the Wesley brothers. Sailed to America and preached in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina Whitefield preaching in the open air in England

9 BETHESDA ORPHANAGE 1740, age 25 Preached in South Carolina, Georgia (commenced orphanage), Charleston, back to Pennsylvania, back to Georgia, preached in Boston, Northampton, New Haven, New York, Philadelphia and back to Georgia. His concern for the negro slaves results in conversions & “the negro spirituals”.

10 MARRIAGE & BUILDING OF TABERNACLE 1741, age 26 He returned to England & found a cold reception there until he defended his doctrinal position. He preached in Scotland and parted with the Erskine brothers. He married in Wales, & preached there & in Bristol, Gloucester and London. A “Tabernacle” was built for him in London. Whitefield’s mobile pulpit, which he used in open air preaching

11 SCOTLAND 1742, age 27 He returned to Scotland. There was a revival there. 1743, age 28 Took attackers to court and won the case Whitefield preaching in the open air

12 THIRD VISIT TO AMERICA 1744, age 29 Third visit to America 1745, age 30 Commenced preaching tour of Massachusetts, Boston, New Hampshire, North Yarmouth, etc. The church pastored by Jonathan Edwards

13 “Let the name of Whitefield perish!” 1748, age 33 Preached in Bermuda, returned to England to hand over movement to John Wesley, damaged his health while preaching due to bad weather

14 BUILDING PROJECTS 1753, age 38 Built new Tabernacle in London and in Bristol 1755, age 40 Built large Chapel in Tottenham Court Road

15 COLLEGE AT BETHESDA 1762, age 47 Sixth visit to America 1765, age 50 Returned to England, applied for charter to start College at Bethesda

16 HOLLAND 1761, age 46 Left for Holland on preaching tour

17 THE WIFE’S DEATH 1768, age 53 Whitefield’s wife died

18 LAST VISIT TO AMERICA 1769, age 54 9 th & last visit to America, began construction of College, preached in Philadelphia, New York and New England

19 HIS DEATH 1770, age 55 Died in Newbury Port, America

20 Where Whitefield is buried

21 More on Whitefield’s burial

22 Characteristics of Whitefield Deep and unfeigned humility Burning love to our Lord Jesus Christ Unwearied diligence and laboriousness Eminent self denial Remarkable disinterestedness and singleness of eye A singularly happy and cheerful spirit Extra ordinary charity, catholicity and liberality

23 Characteristics of Whitefield’s Preaching Whitefield preached a singularly pure gospel Whitefield’s preaching was singularly lucid and simple Whitefield was a singularly bold and direct preacher Whitefield’s preaching had a singular power of description Whitefield’s preaching was tremendously earnest Whitefield’s preaching had an immense amount of pathos and feeling

24 Doctrinal Distinctives The sufficiency and supremacy of Holy Scripture The total corruption of human nature The death of Christ upon the cross as the only satisfaction for man’s sin The absolute necessity of justification by faith

25 More Doctrinal Distinctives The need of heart conversion and a new creation by the Holy Spirit The inseparable connection between true faith and personal holiness God’s eternal hatred for sin and God’s love towards sinners

26 Challenges from George Whitefield’s Life We need to renew our faith in the power of God’s Word We must pray for revival Our evangelism must be on the offensive Evangelistic preaching must be doctrinal Altar calls are not an essential ingredient of evangelism We must have a spirit of magnanimity even in our doctrinal differences

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