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Susan S. Freeman, MBA,NCC,ACC Founder and President, Step Up Leader ©2013.

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1 Susan S. Freeman, MBA,NCC,ACC Founder and President, Step Up Leader ©2013

2 “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.” -Albert Einstein

3 This is Personal! Spent a decade learning how to break through my barriers, which allowed me to: Navigate career transition successfully Heal my body Handle challenging family situations with grace and confidence

4 How often have you heard? Up or out? Publish or perish? Make rain or find another job?

5 Is Your Inner Leader Walking FIDO? Fear Insecurity Doubt Overwhelm

6 What’s Really Going On? Living in our heads and it’s not working Running in reactive state; living in past or future Distracted by technology Disconnected from self and others Enemies of Learning I need to make $$ I don’t have time I can only solve problem by working more/harder I need to “think it through” ; end up ignoring problem

7 -Gloria Steinem

8 Leadership requires: Vision Goals Drive Effort Learning AND………. What’s Missing in Leadership?


10 The “No-Stress” Zone No thought No start No finish No borders No shape No time No you Become the witness; not the judge!

11 Influence and Credibility: 55% body 38% voice tone and emotions 7% by words we speak! Yet most leadership training focuses only on the 7%...

12 The 93% That Matters Inner reality creates outer reality How are you being? Who are you being? What does the inner world look like for leaders and influencers?

13 Is Your Inner Leader Walking With? Love Security Confidence Calmness It is our birthright to re-discover and live here!

14 We Are All Leaders Everyone has a unique roadmap-- We differ in: Start points and destination Terrain of our journey Yet our paths share common elements

15 Step Up Now: SUN SYSTEM™ Shift mindset Break through blockages Learn skills to support new neural pathways Create habits and practices Accountability to sustain the gain →New neural wiring installed!

16 Step Up Now™ System Cutting-edge approach based on integration: Neuro-psychology Emotional Intelligence Ancient wisdom Ontological coaching model Powerful process that allows leaders re-discover the Natural Leader within →→Access passion, clarity, and breakthrough results!

17 “Only by this self-development will you become a confident and competent leader of character… Character and competence – the be and the know – underlie everything a leader does. So becoming a leader involves developing all aspects of yourself. “ - Army Leadership “Be, Know, Do” Leader to Leader. 26 (Fall 2002): 21-27 Be. Know. Do.

18 TO DO ≠ TO BE “Nine tenths of the ills from which intelligent people suffer spring from their intellect.” -Marcel Proust

19 What’s Really Happening? SYMPATHETIC Dominant during stress Left-brained Willful action Logical, rational linear thinking Engaged during ordinary waking consciousness Accumulates stress “Acting and Doing” PARASYMPATHETIC Dominant during conscious relaxation Right-brained Receptive Intuitive Visualizations Impossible to feel anxiety when body relaxed “Feeling and Being”

20 WITHOUT POLARITY Without balancing from parasympathetic system, unconscious habits produce: Fear, anger and reactivity Chronic Stress: residual tension without counter-balance of relaxation Any stress left over is what you eat Toxic leftovers are misery and illness Stress accumulates and blocks physical, mental and emotional body; dis-ease

21 OUT OF MY MIND IS A GOOD THING! Body’s innate state is homeostasis and well- being Operates when there is polarity Inner harmony, balance, wisdom and leadership live here….

22 CHOICE IS THE WAY OUT Living in chronic alert/fear/stress is a choice Excess use of beta brainwaves creates imbalance Alpha brainwaves activate during sleep Deep conscious relaxation promotes theta and delta Good news: polarity naturally lives inside us and not outside of us Eliminate habits that force us to ends of the polarity scale…allowing us to “be”

23 Step Up Leader Integrative Model “Being” and “Feeling” precede “Acting” and “Doing” Enhanced by timeless and effective Eastern wisdom traditions Access “Choice” via Centering

24 Laura  Equity partner/500-person organization  After years of working in difficult environment, Laura realized she was failing; she was outside the herd and felt vulnerable  She knew she did not inspire trust and confidence from her colleagues  Her ability to “make rain” was gone  She knew something was really wrong, but didn’t know what to do about it

25 Laura: Intervention We explored her emotional and mood habits in anticipation of challenging conversations, e.g. Nervous, anxious, pressured Shift repeatedly to curious, exploratory, flexible Alleviate underlying, recurrent patterns of stress that prevented her from feeling confident Centering practice daily and before high- stakes conversations

26 Laura: Results After 6 sessions she brought in the largest piece of business in her career from an existing client Year-end revenue increased by $500,000 over previous year

27 Brad Newly promoted from General Manager to CEO of 200-person manufacturing company Felt ill-prepared to lead vs. manage due to inexperience as a leader Company was also going through major re- organization due to aggressive financial growth goals created by new owners One of first tasks necessary was to fire two long- standing unqualified employees

28 Brad: Intervention Identified critical priorities for immediate attention Learned practice of “Centering” Somatic (body) integration to support better communication and listening, including body posture for effective conversations Introduced and trained in coaching conversation Learned how to facilitate challenging conversations with employees

29 Brad: Results Terminated two long-standing employees Effectively recruited a top-talent CFO Made multiple personnel changes for effective talent utilization Created new company marketing platform Made “centering” a habit; coached his #2 to doing so Reports better communication with spouse Company on track for meeting financial growth expectations

30 Pathway to Stepping Up Awareness of importance of “being” before “doing” Breakthrough barriers and habits Create centered presence Practice to create new neural pathways Connect to vision and strategic action Intend and declare Accountability All steps are necessary to sustain gain!

31 Probability of Successful Goal Completion 10% if you hear an idea 25% if you consciously decide to adopt it 40% if you decide when you will do it 50% if you plan how you will do it 65% if you commit to someone else that you will do it 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment with the person to whom you have committed! -American Society of Training and Development

32 Conclusion Are you acting from a centered presence or from reactive habits? Are you leading from the 93% or 7%? Is your leader a “witness” or “judge”? Does your Natural Leader get to the root? Are you living and leading your Natural Leader birthright? How would your leadership and life be different if you lived here?

33 Step Up Leaders…. Embrace an integrative approach for accessing the Natural Leader within you. Rediscover your passion, clarity, and exceptional results!

34 Step Up Now!

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