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Welcome to the PCMS Parent Night

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1 Welcome to the PCMS Parent Night
Teachable study skills to help your students at home!

2 Brought to you by – Katrina Harrison – 6th Grade Humanities Plus and Study Skills Michele Van More- 8th Grade Humanities Jolene Anderson – 8th Grade Science Laura Meserole – Counseling Intern

3 Agenda Study Skills Understanding Connect and teacher websites
How to use Family Access

4 Tips for structuring the middle school student at home
Students at home Tips for structuring the middle school student at home

5 Be Prepared Notebook Paper Pens (black, blue & red) Pencils Binder
Flash drive Planner

6 Organize PLANNER (for school) MONTHLY CALENDAR (at home)
Don’t like school planners = get another Monthly blank printout MONTHLY CALENDAR (at home) File cabinet (for home) Each class has a file Graded work accessed later “back up plan” for Family Access TEACHER WEBSITES “bookmarked” FAMILY ACCESS to ensure received

7 Prioritize Study area Noise control No distractions A place all their own…kind of… 20-30 minute intervals (break, then return to studies) Left to Right or vice-versa Station 1: planner checklist (far left) Station 2: “To do” on the left (right handed persons) Station 3: work in progress Station 4: completed work (checked off in planner)

8 Study habits/tips Daily notes Flashcards Books on CD/MP3
Photocopy excerpts Annotate Highlight Purchase books Amazon used; others

9 Incentive program Daily Weekly Only school? Include at home?
Reasonable points (allow for error – give more past standard) Incentives need to be honest & consistent

10 Reminder chart “I forgot it.” “I left it at home.”
“I don’t know where it is.” “I swear I did it but...”

11 Jolene Anderson PCMS 8th grade science teacher
Navigating Connect Jolene Anderson PCMS 8th grade science teacher

12 So where do you find Connect?
Google search “pacific cascade middle school connect” returns this…. OR you can go to and you will see this….




16 Once you’re there…


18 Staff websites are helpful in a number of ways….

19 Classroom policies, reminders..

20 Homework resources

21 Make up work & contact information


23 Bell Schedule


25 Counseling office




29 Online tutoring through OSPI

30 Schedule of 7th period offerings at PCMS
Monday 2:15 – 3:40 pm Math, Mr. Glover, Room 2113 Humanities, Ms. Friesen, Room 2104 Tuesday 2:15 – 3:40 pm Math, Mr. Arnot, Room 2114 Humanities, Mr. Blackburn, Room 1113 Wednesday 2:45 – 3:55 pm Math, Ms. Lorge, Room 1311 Science, Ms. Peterson, Room 2308 Thursday 2:15 – 3:40 pm


32 Checking grades, assignments, attendance, etc.









41 Family Access – What is it for?
Find Student Information Check grades and missing assignments Contact Teachers Find a student schedule If you do not know your family access log on information, please contact Kim Schneider, PCMS Registrar or

42 Family Access – How do I get there?
Logging in to Skyward/Family Access: Visit the Issaquah School District Website - Click on the link at the bottom of the page.

43 Student Grades and Missing Assignments
Checking Student Grades: Click on the GRADEBOOK link! Under Gradebook, parents can see: A progress report for each class. This also shows grades for each mid-trimester and end of trimester. Missing assignments. Missing assignments for ALL trimesters are here. If you are encouraging students make-up missing assignments, remember to focus on the current trimester.

44 Teacher Calendar Calendar: Click on the CALENDAR link!
Under the Calendar, parents can see: Absences Messages sent from teachers When assignments were due and the grades received on those assignments Upcoming school/district events or changes in the schedule


46 Questions and Practice
The computer lab next door is available to walk through Family Access or Connect websites We are all available to answer any questions Thank you for coming! Please fill out the feedback form on your way out!

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