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Social Dialogue Plenary Policy Update October 2013.

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1 Social Dialogue Plenary Policy Update October 2013

2 2 Forests Climate & Energy Competitiveness Institutions 1 2 3 4 5 Recycled Fibre

3 3 FORESTS  EU Timber Regulation – Legal uncertainty on “operator” – National authorities’ role – 2015 review (printed products)  Forest Strategy – Weak non-binding document, but – Cascading use, FBI competititveness, Cumulative Cost Assessment, Sustainability criteria  Pan-European LBA – Content very wide and not precise – Tensions around the body “stewarding” the Convention

4 4  End-of-waste What is it? When waste ceases to be waste and becomes raw material/product What is the problem with it? Commission proposal moves the de facto point of recycling in the paper pulper to an earlier step in the collection phase What are the consequences of that? Loss of quality (impurities will be counted in percentages rather than parts per million) Loss of availability for European Industry (open door to exports) Loss of environmentally sound management of waste (Member States lose control over waste streams) RECYCLED FIBRE

5 5 This is ‘recycled paper’, according to the Commission. We challenge any one to use it in their photocopy machines or to draft a Commission proposal on it….

6 6

7 7

8 8  ETS carbon leakage status – Review of the list = Billion Euro impact  Biomass carbon neutrality – ILUC Issues on the table: advanced biofuels, sub-targets, eligible feedstocks 2 nd reading process needed Wood availability at risk – Biomass sustainability criteria Draft proposal Negative inter-service Will it proceed?  2030 climate White Paper – One climate target vs. one target + subtargets CLIMATE & ENERGY

9 9  Forest-based industries “blueprint” – Not binding (staff working document): Cascading use Wood mobilisation and subsidies re-direction (supply-side) Reference to CEPI Roadmap 2050 Social challenges identified (age, attractivity, etc.) RTD, but no reference to the Bio-industries PPP Stronger focus on Woodworking Industries  Industrial policy 20% GDP target COMPETITIVENESS

10 10  2014 crossroad – New college of Commissioners – New European Parliament What composition? Weight of “Euro-sceptics”?  “Pause” in policy developments in 2014? INSTITUTIONS

11 11 Priorities Reduce regulatory risk and costsImpact assessment € 1.Keep biomass carbon neutrality 2.Target EU policy to bring down energy costs 3.Keep carbon leakage and minimise changes in ETS 500,000-3 bio/year 0ver 1 billion/year 2 bio up to 2020 Improve EU level playing field 4. Continue advocating against market distortions from energy biomass subsidies 5.Limit unfair competition of forest certification systems 6.Address trade issues and benefit from EU-US TTIP 500,000-1 bio/year Reduce costs Increase market potential Create business opportunities 7.Use revision of waste policy to unlock additional recovered paper 8. Increase access to EU Innovation funding Save 240 – 500 mio/year 1 bio more raw material Improve sector’s image and reputation 9.Create systemic approach to food safety issues 10.Develop environmental approach based on resource efficiency 2 bio/year Special Projects: 2014 Elections and BASTA! Supporting Operational Tools a.Communication tools and events b.Business Intelligence and statistics c.Membership ICFPA/FTP/European Shippers Council

12 12 CEPI aisbl / Confederation of European Paper Industries 250 Avenue Louise, Box 80, B-1050 Brussels Tel: +32 2 627 49 11 / Fax: +32 2 624 81 37 / / Follow us : @EuropeanPaper Thank you!

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