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Introductions Mr Findlater Mr Gowing Miss Nixon Miss Pepper Miss Portaluri.

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2 Introductions Mr Findlater Mr Gowing Miss Nixon Miss Pepper Miss Portaluri

3 Introductions

4 Practice Sessions Some prior experience for beginners is recommended Mr Gowing to arrange dry slope sessions for those who want them (additional cost) Snow Dome parties/lessons are a great idea

5 Clothing Ski Jackets and Salopettes can be hired see below, although there are a number of outlet stores(Gloucester Quays) that will have sale prices comparable to hire. FOR SKIING: Essential to be warm and waterproof SKI JACKET (1) & SALOPETTES (1) must be Water Proof. SKI SOCKS (2) See note below! GLOVES (1) COTTON or Breathable TOPS (long-sleeved) (3) HAT (1) LIPSALVE (1) LIGHTWEIGHT (breathable) JUMPER/FLEECE (2) GOGGLES (1) SUNGLASSES (1) Small tube of SUN TAN CREAM (FACTOR 25 OR ABOVE)

6 Journey. By Coach Luggage Limit (1case, 1 hand piece) 26hrs + (Horror Stories) Food for the journey needs to be taken Regular stops made at services DVDs & Competitions (Staff & Pupils) Sugar content be kept to a minimum Need to be aware of any travel sickness issues – self medication needed.

7 Clothing OTHER ITEMS Casual Wear for around the hotel for 1 week Boots or strong shoes Wash Kit and Towel Pillow(for the coach journey) Sleepwear A PAIR OF SKI SOCKS IN HAND LUGGAGE (in case we get fitted for skis on our first evening)

8 Equipment Provided Pupils are responsible for: Skis or Snowboard Boots Helmet Lift Pass Storage:


10 Typical Day 7.30Breakfast 10 – 12Ski School 12 – 1Lunch 1 – 3Ski School Return to hotel 6 pmEvening Meal 7 pmEvening activity 9pm Lights Out

11 Supervision Pupils assigned to a tutor group, staff member responsible for head counts. Travelling + Activties Pupils assigned to a ski-class; 1 instructor to 12 pupils At least 1 Staff member also accompanies groups Hotel is self contained and we are the sole occupants

12 Paperwork Medical forms including dietary requirements Consent 2 passport sized photos Copy of passport EHIC card Code of Conduct

13 EHIC Replaces E111 form. Must be in students name Entitles holder to medical treatment within the EU. Apply online: By phone: 0845 606 2030

14 Passport/Insurance All students will require a passport. Please check DATE! i.e. that it will be valid in March 2012 We require a photocopy of your passport. Insurance: Copies available if you wish (see ski plan website)

15 Full Payment by November 2011

16 Pocket Money

17 Further Questions?




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