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Recommendation Report for NorthStar Trekking Juneau, Alaska By: Amanda Soto.

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1 Recommendation Report for NorthStar Trekking Juneau, Alaska By: Amanda Soto

2 What is NorthStar Trekking? NorthStar Trekking is a helicopter and glacier trekking tour company that provides unique and high quality tours for cruise ship passengers

3 The current process Dock representative gathers customers Dock representative writes down all customers names, body weights and shoe sizes Dock representative walk customers to their van After van leaves, dock representatives call the NorthStar office and read all collected info The office staff writes down all the customer info A photocopy is given to the ground crew so that they can have gear ready when customers arrive The office staff manifests the helicopter flight

4 What is the problem? Slows down operations Causes customers to have poor first impressions Causes tension between the dock representatives and the office staff Inaccurate information could compromise safety NorthStar Trekking is currently using an outdated process to relay customer information from the docks to the office which

5 What is the cause? Static in the cell phone Background noise in office Background noise on the docks

6 Recommended Solution Background noise no longer an issue Relieves tension between dock and office staff Increases accuracy of customer information Improves first impressions Creates opportunity for improving other operation procedures Use iPads to collect and send customer information

7 Implementation Tours operate between May and September Seasonal employee must be trained at the beginning of each season New and returning dock and office staff can learn to use the iPad during this required training session

8 Conclusion NorthStar Trekking’s system for collecting and sending customer information is outdated There is potential for a detrimental accident I think the iPad will best eliminate and/or solve all of the causes of the problems

9 Thank you for listening Any questions?

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