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Information Resources – OPT 6111 Sandra A. Martin, M.L.I.S. Health Sciences Resource Coordinator Optometry Subject Librarian John Vaughan Library Room.

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1 Information Resources – OPT 6111 Sandra A. Martin, M.L.I.S. Health Sciences Resource Coordinator Optometry Subject Librarian John Vaughan Library Room 305B – 918.444.3263 1

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3 Existing knowledge can prevent… Waste Errors Poor quality clinical care Poor patient experience Adoption of interventions of low value Failure to adopt interventions of high value Source: Sir Muir Gray, Chief Knowledge Officer of Britain’s National Health Service. Quoted on 3

4 Learning Objectives To provide a mechanism for students to access the most current vision science and medically related information To familiarize students with specific information resources and library services to support the literature review required for OPT 6111 and 6121 To familiarize students with evidence-based eye care and life-long learning techniques 4

5 John Vaughan Library (JVL) Short walk from the Optometry building Comprehensive print and online collections Friendly, welcoming staff Open until 12:00 a.m. Sunday-Thursday during Fall and Spring semesters Hours posted at Checkout Laptops, iPads, & cameras at Reserve Desk Wi Fi hot spots throughout the building Comfortable seating and study environments 5

6 Services and Collections 1 st Floor – Reserves, Audiovisuals, Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, Computers, Scanners & Printers 2d Floor – Journals, Newspapers, Special Collections, Computers, Scanners & Printers 3d Floor – Books, Government Documents, Optometry Librarian (305B) Books & Journals shelved by Library of Congress call numbers. Most Vision Science titles found in R, RE, and Q areas 6

7 7

8 Helpful Tools Optometry Web Page  Optometry Databases, e-journals, e-books, and other tools available 24/7  Supports specific research, teaching, and patient care needs of NSUOCO faculty, students, and residents  Start Here to find resources for all vision science and medical topics Guide to Library Resources and Services  Lists current online databases, e-Journals, and e-Books Database Guides and Tutorials  Clinical Key, OVID,


10 Instructions for Locating Full Text Journal Articles


12 Remote Access Enter NT-NSU user id and password to access the library’s electronic resources Contact Tom Tinnell if you have problems with your user id or password Contact Sandra to report other technical problems or for search assistance 12

13 Interlibrary Loan/Document Delivery Services  Scan and send pdf of articles from journals in the library’s print collection  Deliver books, audiovisuals, and journal articles not owned by the library  Journal articles delivered electronically if possible ILL Requests  Click on Interlibrary Loan link from Optometry Web Page  Create the online Iliad Profile  Place online request (select “photocopy” for journal articles) Contact  Donna Graham in ILL - x3243 –  Sandra to approve RUSH orders 13

14 Information Retrieval to conduct Research Comprehensive in scope and time  All levels of resources  Current and Retrospective  Background and Foreground Information 14

15 Match Resource to Information Need What is the question? How will information be used? 15

16 Background vs. Foreground Questions Asking questions about your proposed topic helps to clarify your knowledge gap Clarifying type of question helps to determine which sources are most likely to have the answers you need 16

17 Background Questions Generally ask who, what, why, where or how about a single concept 17

18 Foreground Questions Usually compare two or more concepts – drugs, treatments, tests, harms or benefits of two approaches 18

19 Proposed Research Projects Evaluate the accuracy of the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer compared to the MP-1 in patients with glaucoma Assess efficacy of anti-fatigue lenses in relieving eye strain and computer vision syndrome 19

20 Answers to Foreground Questions Require precise information about complex issues Sources should provide current, original clinical research data  Evidence-based resources – top of the 4S Hierarchy 20

21 Critically Appraised Content Evidence Based Summaries Dynamed, Clinical Key, First Consult, UptoDate ACP Journal Club Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Clinical Key & Ovid MEDLINE SOURCE: Haynes, R. B. (2001). Of studies, syntheses, synopses, and systems: the “4S” evolution of services for finding current best evidence. Evidence-Based Medicine, 6 (2), 36-38. Retrieved 2-07-07 from

22 Background Questions What are methods of visual field testing in glaucoma? What commonly used strategies does the Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer offer for glaucoma? What are the ocular causes and potential treatment of visual fatigue and computer vision syndrome? 22

23 Answers to Background Questions Require general knowledge of disease and therapeutic processes Resources:  Clinical Key  e-Book Collections  Print Books  Ovid MEDLINE  Visionet 23

24 Clinical Key includes all 4S levels plus MEDLINE, books and overviews

25 New Resource – Clinical Key Full text access to 1,000 books and 500 journals in every medical and surgical specialty Ophthalmology – Over 60 full text books Includes 12 Content Types Access to information at all levels from topic overview to evidence-based data in one search Smart search engine matches first few letters of search word/words to relevant clinical content No complicated search strategies or Boolean connectors Easier than Google – but with reliable, evidence-based results

26 e-Book Collections Elsevier and Subsidiaries: Clinical Key, Science Direct Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins: Books@Ovid Slack and Springer Science: R2 Digital Library  Consult Library Resources and Services Guide for title lists 26

27 Print Book Collection John Vaughan Library, 3 rd Floor Comprehensive collection  Meets Association of Vision Science Libraries standards for core collection  Largest Optometry/Ophthalmology collection in the region 27

28 Ovid MEDLINE U. S. National Library of Medicine’s premier database. Contains over 16 million citations to journal articles in medicine, nursing, allied health, and basic sciences as they relate to health care OvidSP software provides useful tools to filter search results and target information for precise clinical research and evidence based medicine needs Contains links to full text of major vision science journals 28

29 Ovid MEDLINE Pay-Per-View Deposit Account Temporary (24 hour) access to full text of hundreds of medical and pharmacology journals not included in the library’s subscription No charge to Optometry faculty, residents, and students Follow “pay-per-view” instructions. Contact Sandra if you have questions or need help 29

30 Visionet (SCO) Citations to articles in Optometry journals not found in MEDLINE Especially useful for articles on vision therapy, visual training, low vision, etc. Contact Sandra for help 30

31 Life-Long Learning Selecting and searching online databases is challenging Information is ever changing Contact Sandra for help in person, by phone, or email 31

32 32

33 Click on the Optometry Librarian’s Page link from the Optometry web page Email: Phone: ext. 3263 or 918.444.3263 Location: Library Room 305B Available for one-on-one or small group consultation Evenings by appointment Send email and/or call to arrange appointment for research assistance – enter OPT or other identifying term in email subject line 33

34 Information Resources – OPT 6111 Sandra A. Martin, M.L.I.S. Health Sciences Resource Coordinator Optometry Subject Librarian John Vaughan Library Room 305B – 918.444.3263 34

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