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Checking Seats/New Web Information presented by Travis Holeha © 2013, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute.

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1 Checking Seats/New Web Information presented by Travis Holeha © 2013, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

2 Before Checking Print out latest Transport Canada Recall List, or have a computer or smart phone to check with. notices-menu2-910.htm notices-menu2-910.htm Supplies: A few extra locking clips Pool noodles (2 sizes) Duct Tape Check Sheets Clip board materials/pens Expiry List - childsafety-notices-2011c01-1168.htm childsafety-notices-2011c01-1168.htm Info bags for parents

3 By Appointment One advantage of scheduling is the ability to talk to caregivers before the appointment. Things to ask when making appointment: Ages and weight of children and number of seats? Year, Make and Model of Vehicle? What type of seat and model? Where did they get it? Reason for appointment – changing seat, turning around, seat belt readiness, problems, etc. Encourage them to read instructions and install before coming. Encourage to bring child if possible. Tell them to bring the manual for the car seat and vehicle. © 2013, Saskatchewan Prevention Institute

4 Prep for a Clinic Send in request form at least three weeks prior: 2013 Clinic Forms\CPS Clinics Request Form 2013.doc2013 Clinic Forms\CPS Clinics Request Form 2013.doc Get the word out in your community. Ask partners for help. If clinic host is a business, ask them to help. You are bringing them potential customers. They may provide food/snacks, provide a seat to give away, etc. Contact other techs in your area. Book Safety Squad through SGI if necessary. Involve other safety organizations. For example: Kids are excited to see police cars and fire trucks.

5 Checking at Clinic Make contact with clinic host (Wal-Mart, Health Centre, etc.) to make sure everything is in order. Ensure a safe place to check seats. Block area off and have it visible to the public. Do you have enough Technicians? Table for supplies During clinics you do not know what you will get. You may have expired seats, no manuals, no tethers, etc…. Do the best you can. Phone an instructor from SGI or the Prevention Institute for trouble shooting. A computer/smart phone can look up manufacturer phone numbers, download manuals (in some cases), give you access to install videos etc.

6 After Checking Seats/Clinic Follow Up: Find the answers to anything that you couldn’t answer at the time and follow up with client. Photocopy check sheets for yourself. I handle nearly 3000 check sheets a year. This will help with any future discrepancies. Fill out a summary sheet: Clinic - 2013 Clinic Forms\CPS Clinic Summary Sheet 2013.doc2013 Clinic Forms\CPS Clinic Summary Sheet 2013.doc Appointment - 2013 Clinic Forms\CPS Appointment Summary Sheet 2013.doc2013 Clinic Forms\CPS Appointment Summary Sheet 2013.doc Send in Check sheets. Start planning next clinic/appointments.

7 New Web Information Lots of information about CPS on the web. Some great stuff out there, but also many web pages do not have reputable backing, and often have incorrect information. Blogs, chats and other sights often being run by ‘experts’ have glaring errors. A lot of American content, just remember our standards are slightly different, and we have less variety of seats.

8 Canadian Pediatric Society Position Statement from 2008 - r-seat-safety r-seat-safety They also have car seat information - _seat_safety _seat_safety

9 Safe Kids Canada Car seat info and video YouTube channel (Safe kids Canada DVD clips 2009) - -Information/Car-Seats/Index.aspx -Information/Car-Seats/Index.aspx

10 The Car Safety and Kids Toolkit contains useful and adaptable resources for parents, teachers, law enforcement officers, health professionals, and community agencies, as well as a compilation of recent research concerning child passenger safety. Ask an expert online as well.

11 Transport Canada Recall information, expiry date chart, safety standards, car seat information etc. Last year they updated their car seat information – Keep Kids Safe: Car Time Stages 1,2,3,4. childsafety-car-time-stages-1083.htm

12 BCAA Road Safety Foundation British Columbia Automobile Association – has developed an online CPS basics course. This is for parents, caregivers and professionals. It is also the prerequisite for taking their Technician training. passenger-safety-course/

13 NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is like our Transport Canada. Lots of good CPS information, but remember it is American. Image Library – hundreds of professionally done child restraint pictures for presentations, posters, etc. Many are in my presentations. Free of charge. ch.cfm?sCategories=Child+Passenger+Safety&Action=GET +KEYWORDS

14 Parent Central A web page off of NHTSA: Well done website that has everything from a Campaign Tool Kit to some great installation videos. Remember, it does contain American content, but many of the videos could be used.

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