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The UIC Process ETH Zurich Kristin Kutella October 14, 2010.

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1 The UIC Process ETH Zurich Kristin Kutella October 14, 2010

2 History UIC has bilateral exchange agreement with ETH (about 1 year) 2 UIC students have participated in the exchange UIC currently has 2 ETH students on campus under the exchange UIC does not have a precedent for sending non-UIC students through exchange agreements

3 If consortium members will send students through UIC… Participants will be enrolled at UIC in a variable credit exchange course At least 12 credits for undergraduates At least 8 credits for graduates Tuition cost is currently being negotiated at UIC Current in-state tuition ~$6,500 Currently negotiating rate equal to KU tuition rate Orientations will occur via video conferencing Students must complete all UIC paperwork & follow UIC rules and regulations

4 UIC Application Procedure Potential UIC admissions application Required Documents 2 page application (basic information) Official transcripts from all past institutions 2 academic references (forms & format in application packet) Statement of purpose (500+ words) Resume

5 Application Procedure Initial acceptance email sent within 2 weeks (due to distance issues & a short timeframe, acceptance email will be sooner) Acceptance packet will be sent to applicants as well as ETH application procedures ETH handles visa paperwork for students

6 ETH Exchange Application ETH Application Official transcripts (submitted in step 1) ETH Photo form & Photo Swiss visa application & Proof of financial support Photocopy of passport Confirmation letter by ETH supervisor Confirmation letter by home university supervisor

7 Moving Forward: Fall 2011 Deadline: Applications to UIC by March 1, 2011 (please send advance notice about potential students) ETH would like to send & receive 4 semester students per year (or equivalent combinations) 1 st step: UIC application & documents 2 nd step: ETH application (to be sent from UIC & received at ETH by April 1, 2011)

8 Questions????

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