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Designing and Following Educational & Life Pathways.

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1 Designing and Following Educational & Life Pathways

2 AGENDA & PRESENTATION OVERVIEW Introduction Presentation Dream Board Create Your Own Dream Board Individual Presentations Teaching the Whole Person

3 MARTIN WEBER “Our destiny may only change if we allow ourselves to imagine a destiny different from that which we were given”

4 What are the challenges facing OSY in your program?

5 Limited time for study Medical or dental issues Instructional time 100 hours of instruction needed to move up one grade level in reading Challenges Faced by OSY

6 Goal: Participants will be able to work with OSY to develop potential educational and/or life pathways for the youth, integrating networking, advocacy, and appropriate educational materials into an action plan.

7 Objectives: Develop communication skills to cooperatively discuss dreams and develop plans with the youth. Investigate ways that a student’s learning goals can inform an ESL class (or life skills and other classes). Analyze case studies to develop comprehensive/individualized plan to best serve the youth and evaluate issues that student might face in completing his/her plan.

8 Supports for Persistence: The student needs to establish a goal or projected pathway; The student needs to have a sense of self- efficacy; Students need to develop an understanding of the positive and negative forces that help or hinder their progress and ways to manage those forces; Students need to see progress towards their objectives.

9 Discovering Our Dreams Rationale Many OSY students have never had the opportunity to sit down and discuss their dreams and aspirations beyond the immediate. This activity models a discussion we could have with our students about life planning.

10 Discovering Our Dreams Objectives Trainers will discuss the relationship between planning and a sense of self- efficacy. Participants will practice articulating aspirations with each other in a role play setting.

11 Wearing their Sunday Best Along with Mama They had many dreams…………to be teachers and a nurse!

12 Mom with sons, daughter, nephews, & cousins They had big dreams but three of them never grew up to be adults……

13 Home This is where we lived when we first moved to Idaho………

14 Williamson Orchards This is not the original trailer but the little house was there and the place where Grandpa killed goats…………

15 Tamura Farms The house we lived in………………………………….

16 Deer Flat Mercantile When we got paid at work, this is where we cashed our checks……………

17 West Canyon Elementary I never thought I would teach at the school that I first attended…….

18 What does their future hold?

19 What is a Dream Board? Lesson Plan How to Set a Goal Goal Brainstorming

20 1.Create Time-Line 2.Create Budget if Applicable 3.Visit Local Businesses 4.Enroll in a Community Class 5.Visit a Library to Research 6.Research Topics on Internet 7.Find Helpful Community Resources 8.Earn a Certificate Create Student Plan of Action

21 Su Sueño

22 Dream Board



25 The Short Road and the Long Haul GoalEstimated Time Needed Long-Term or Short Term Buy a car3 yearsLong Buy a dictionary1 dayShort

26 Steps (Short-Term Goals)Time NeededOther Notes Long-Term Goal #1: __________________________________________________

27 Steps (Short-Term Goals) Time Needed Other Notes, Potential Obstacles Find class and sign up for placement 30 minutes Discussion with MEP Advocate Take placement test 4 hours MEP transportation Arrange transportation to class 2 hours MEP and church van; not always available Sign up for class 1½ hours At community college EXAMPLE Long-Term Goal: _________ Getting my GED _____________________

28 Area/Topic Speaking and ListeningReadingWritingOther Communicating with the boss. Practice a conversation with your boss to request more hours or to ask for some time off. Read a pay stub to find the number of hours worked last week. Read an example conversation. Write a short note to the boss asking to meet. Write an example conversation. Math: Check hours and pay to determine if you have been correctly paid (number sense, division, estimation).

29 Personal Education Plan Academic Goal(s)Strategies Resources Needed/Resources AvailableSteps Completion Date PERSONAL EDUCATION and SERVICE PLAN FOR OSY STUDENT (Attach OSY Survey to this document or photocopy this onto the back of the OSY Survey) Student Name_____________________________________ Student ID______________ MEP Mentor/Advocate(s)______________________________________________________


31 The Dreamer

32 The Professional

33 The Dreamer

34 The Professional

35 “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” ― John LennonJohn Lennon

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