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Is there a software which changes the company culture (or, do I need that SharePoint thing at all?) Adis Jugo.

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2 Is there a software which changes the company culture (or, do I need that SharePoint thing at all?) Adis Jugo

3 Adis Jugo @adisjugo PlanB. GmbH Managing Consultant Aalen / Cologne / Munich / Hamburg




7 What is this all about? SharePoint is Hype! SharePoint can make FC Schalke 04 a German football championship winner! (no, even Chuck Norris can’t do that) Session and conversation Real-life examples

8 What is this all about? Is there a software which changes the company culture? (Steve Ballmer: „SharePoint is Facebook for companies!“)

9 Agenda What is this SharePoint all about, and who should use it? –And do we need it at all? Planning and implementing SharePoint projects –And avoiding some common mistakes in the process SharePoint is an EAI platform –Where is my information, and, when yes, how much?

10 Who is this SharePoint for? Microsoft SharePoint is a family of software products developed by Microsoft for collaboration, file sharing and web publishing. Microsoft Sharepoint is a Web technology based server that can be used to build portals, collaboration sites, and also content management sites. It is very versatile in a number of features and support various enterprise and Web scenarios. It is also popular for document management solutions.

11 This is Jack (he is working while sitting)

12 Who is this SharePoint for? Jack is a sales manager at a large car import company Jack has a direct contact with the car manufacturer Jack is serving the large car dealers and large accounts throughout the country

13 Who is this SharePoint for? Jacks „Daily doing“ – Correspondence Communication Coordination Reporting Jack works with information!

14 Who is this SharePoint for? This is Ann, she works in the finances Her daily doing is as well communication, correspondence and reporting Ann works with the information, too.

15 Who is this SharePoint for? This is Nick, the CEO Nick has to insure that the company is profitable Nicks daily doing is correspondence, overseeing and decision making Nick works with the information, too

16 Who is this SharePoint for? Jack, Ann and Nick are Information Workers They are working while sitting, and they are Circulatory system in each company

17 Who is this SharePoint for? SharePoint is for those who are working while sitting

18 The SharePoint promise Speed up Make easier Increase productivity in daily doing By the way, we spend 1/3 of our lives in the office, and the daily doing is quite a large part of that!

19 Daily doing Organized in processes Each company has processes!

20 Collaboration Jack’s team creates the offers, and Nick is approving them: Collaboration, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM)

21 Knowledge Forrester: Over 70% of the corporate knowledge is stored in the Microsoft Office documents

22 Information Nick wants to always know the latest numbers – but, please, aggregated! (Insights – BI)

23 The SharePoint Promise An Offer-Writing process was speeded up to 30% Process itself was not changed!!!

24 What SharePoint does NOT require? Change of the processes Change of the people-roles BPM is NOT Process Optimization

25 Software that changes the company culture? Pen Typewriter Phone Word Processing Internet SharePont „A really cool photocopy machine“

26 What you gain on the way… Describing and getting to know your own processes Improving the teamwork between employees

27 What SharePoint isn’t? SharePoint IS NOT an IT department toy.

28 Planning is important! SharePoint is an interest of the whole company SharePoint is an interest of the management! Costs and ROI projections and planning

29 Needs and resources Global planning, implementation in phases You don’t have to have everything, to automatize everything Planning deadlock

30 Governance is even more important! Planning and governance team: –Management, Process Owners, IT User training, user support Change management

31 Success measurement SharePoint must make daily doing easier, not more difficult! Success measurement: happy information worker – her/his day just got easier (they love you) ROI measurement

32 Common mistakes 1.Lack of vision 2.Wrong expectations 3.No management support 4.Showcasing features 5.Bad planning 6.Understaffed 7.No defined success measurement criteria 8.Inadequate support

33 Help, I need somebody... Take some help, you will need it Experience, suggestions and ideas in SharePoint planning, implementation and governance Don’t let the consultants do the planning for you, let them just help you in the process

34 SharePoint 2010 Improvements in user interface and support for non-Microsoft browsers Even tighter integration with MS Office Better integration of external data Workflow improvements

35 Social Computing vs. Knowledge computing? User Profiles, Tagging, Liking, Rating SP 2010 & Social Computing Information system Correspondence system Knowledgebase Support system SharePoint is Information infrastructure!

36 Integrating external systems - BCS Master data management (Managed Metadata) Business intelligence (Performance Point) Other systems want to integrate with SharePoint SP 2010 & EAI SharePoint is Information infrastructure!

37 SharePoint + SAP = Duet Enterprise

38 „SharePoint is Facebook for companies!“

39 DEMO SharePoint 2010: BPM and BI for people

40 Takeaways SharePoint is a really good photocopy machine SharePoint is Facebook for companies SharePoint is an interest for the whole company, especially the management SharePoint is not an IT toy The only relevant success measure is a happy information worker

41 Resources Adis Jugo - Blog SharePoint User Group BiH Microsoft Community BiH PlanB. GmbH


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