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2 Grade 2 ITBS (April 2012 Only) Grade 2 Survey Battery, Level 8, Form B  Reading  Language  Mathematics About this test Grade 2 assessment was selected to meet testing requirements related to Act 54.  This is a Pilot Program.  Some materials and return procedures will vary slightly from other spring testing programs.

3 The Iowa Tests Social Studies Science Sources of Information ITBS Complete Battery *Available in Levels 5 - 9 only. Vocabulary Word Analysis* Listening* Mathematics Concepts & Estimation, Problem Solving & Data Interpretation, and Computation Reading Language Arts Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, Usage & Expression Core Battery Reading Language Mathematics Survey

4 Testing Eligibility  All grade 2 students enrolled in public schools are to be tested.  Home study students may be tested.

5 Grade 2 Key Dates  Grade 2 materials arrive: March 12–14 Boxes marked with program label: Mint Green Second shipment containing the Grade 2 ITBS preidentified labels will arrive on March 31.  Deadline for ordering additional materials: Tuesday, April 3 With holidays and spring break close to the ordering deadline, do not wait until the last day to place your additional materials order.  Test Administration: April 12–13, and 16  Makeup Testing: April 17–19

6 Forms for District Test Coordinator  Delivery Verification  Additional Materials and Additional Label Requests  Grade 2 ITBS Return Verification—Pickups 4–5  Grade 2 ITBS Return Verification—Pickup 6 (Assessment Distribution Services)  Void Verification for District Test Coordinators A Void Notification form is provided for School Test Coordinators in the Grade 2 ITBS Test Coordinators Manual.  All of these forms will be posted to eDIRECT in MS Word format. DTCs may complete the forms and send an electronic version to

7 Secure Test Materials  Consumable Test Booklet: Student responds directly in the test booklet. Standard answer documents are not provided.  Directions for Administration Manual May not be duplicated. Under the supervision of the School Test Coordinator, Test Administrators may review the directions prior to testing. Must be kept in the locked, secure area and checked out from and returned to the School Test Coordinator each day of testing.  Large-print booklets will be packaged with a consumable test booklet.  Responses must be transferred to the consumable test booklet.

8 Sample Consumable Test Booklet  The label box is not preprinted with any student information. A bar-code label (preidentified or nonpreidentified) must be affixed to all consumable test booklets under the supervision of the School Test Coordinator. Label Box

9 School Bar-code Labels  Hand-coded documents require school (nonpreidentified) bar- code labels.  School bar-code labels are program specific (Grade 2 ITBS) and must be kept separate from all other operational program labels.

10 Unscorable Documents There are no unscorable document labels for this program. Place document(s) in the unscorable document bag if a consumable test booklet was – damaged – soiled – for another student – marked with ink, highlighter, marker, or crayon Unscorable consumable test booklets must not be thrown away. Documentation about the incident should be kept by the District Test Coordinator. Any student responses must be transferred to a consumable test booklet to be scored. Do not place consumable test booklets for students whose tests should be voided in an unscorable document bag.

11 Stragglers  These are consumable test booklets that are incorrectly packaged or received by DRC after the cutoff date.  Procedures for handling straggler documents: Documents will be scanned and scored at a later date. A student report and student label will be provided and the student’s Web history will be updated.

12 Administration Procedures  Test Administrators must read aloud the directions printed in color in the Directions for Administration. Directions must be read aloud word for word. Test Administrators should stand in a central location so voice projection is consistent.  Regular type is information for the Test Administrator.  Test Administrators read aloud test questions for Language and Math tests.  The Reading tests cannot be read aloud.  Both page numbers and page locator art are used in the student booklet.

13 Administration Procedures (continued)  Students bubble answers in test booklets.  Students are not penalized for guessing.  Proctors may be helpful. If testing group is large. In distributing and collecting materials. In monitoring student behavior.

14 Administration Procedures (continued)  Use only the Accommodations instructions provided in the Grade 2 ITBS Test Coordinators Manual. Ignore sections in the Directions for Administration that mention Accommodations…(pages 5-7).  Use only the Coding instructions provided in the District and School Administrative Package.  After testing, code all test accommodations used on the Grade 2 ITBS Spring 2012 Accommodations Form.

15 Test Administrator Responsibilities Provide the following to students:  No. 2 pencil  Adequate desk space  Scratch paper (only for the Math test) Used scratch paper must be immediately destroyed.  Instructions on how to mark answers  Encouragement and reassurance

16 Timed and Untimed 30 minutes or less of testing per session Designed with logical, frequent breaks Each subtest requires 12 minutes or less The Iowa Tests Timing Untimed, except for one portion of math Teacher-paced Allows most students to finish each section

17 Reading Reading: 44 items, 30 minutes  Vocabulary: 19 items, 10 minutes  Comprehension Pictures 7 items 4 minutes Sentences 6 items 4 minutes Stories12 items12 minutes (Times are estimates or suggestions.)

18 Language Language: 42 items, 25 minutes  Spelling: 11 items  Capitalization: 7 items  Punctuation: 7 items  Usage & Exp: 17 items

19 Mathematics Mathematics: 50 items, 30 minutes  Concepts: 13 items 10 minutes  Problems: 20 items 12 minutes  Computation: 17 items 8 minutes (Times are estimates or suggestions, except for the last Computation section, which is timed at 4 minutes.)

20 Packaging Materials for Return to DRC  When testing is complete: Stack the consumable test booklets with the demographic side UP. Complete the Grade/Class Identification (Header) Sheet(s). Insert the pre-slugged Building Identification (Header) Sheet(s). Complete the Test Booklet (Consumable) Count for Riverside Scoring Services form. Package for return to DRC. Refer to the instructions in the Grade 2 ITBS Test Coordinators Manual and in the Stacking Diagrams found in the Administrative Package.

21 Packaging Materials for Return to DRC  Collect materials from all schools and package them for return, using the Grade 2 ITBS DRC return labels.  NEW: Package scorable materials in the DRC Return Bags. Seal the bag with one of the provided plastic ties.  Affix gray DRC return labels to flap A of each box containing scorable materials. Affix UPS Next-day Air Return Service labels to flap B of each box for returns on April 19 and 20. (Do not make copies of UPS labels.)  Package the nonscorable materials in a separate box. Affix white DRC return labels to flap A of each box containing nonscorable materials.

22 Building Identification (Header) Sheets  Included in each School Administrative Package is one pre- slugged Building Identification (Header) Sheet.  Included in each District Administrative Package is one blank Building Identification (Header) Sheet. These are used if there are any approved home study program students testing in the district (use site code 998).  This header sheet must be placed on top of the consumable test booklets in the first box of Grade 2 ITBS materials being returned for scoring. Do NOT PHOTOCOPY the header sheets.

23 Grade/Class Identification (Header) Sheets  Included in each School Administrative Package are two blank Grade/Class Identification (Header) Sheets. One for every twenty-two students to be tested.  Do NOT PHOTOCOPY the header sheets. School Test Coordinators must contact their District Test Coordinators if additional header sheets are needed.

24 Test Booklet (Consumable) Count for Riverside Scoring Service Form  Only one Scoring Service form completed for each district.  Instructions for completing this form are in the Grade 2 ITBS Test Coordinators Manual.

25 Summary of Exceptions The following are not applicable to the Grade 2 ITBS test:  The Directions for Administration Manual replaces the Test Administration Manual.  No TA System available.  No Comment Sheets or Online Surveys.

26 Support for Families Provides an overview of the test Includes sample test items Identifies skills to be measured Provides suggestions to parents Message to Parents

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