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2008-2009 ASA Council Teach-In May 2, 2008. ASA Council Teach-In 2 Agenda Events – Zoe Tanaka & Susan Corley IT – Zoe Tanaka (for Sungmoon Cho) Fundraising.

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1 2008-2009 ASA Council Teach-In May 2, 2008

2 ASA Council Teach-In 2 Agenda Events – Zoe Tanaka & Susan Corley IT – Zoe Tanaka (for Sungmoon Cho) Fundraising – Clara Park Budget/Finance – Oksana Hickok Academics – Leah Caldarone

3 ASA Council Teach-In 3 Events

4 ASA Council Teach-In 4 My Role as VP – Student Affairs To assist with event-planning for the school To serve as a liaison between student clubs and the ASA Executive Board, Facilities, & Administrators To manage office space, event space, and other resources for Student Clubs To assist new clubs in the process of becoming an official club Other miscellaneous stuff (mostly emails)

5 ASA Council Teach-In 5 ASA Calendar Timetable May 2Teach-In/Leadership Succession Day May 2-16 Complete preliminary list of planned events By May 16Input events into the google docs event spreadsheet May 16-23Resolve Conflicts May 23“Final” Schedule May 30 Make sure your bulletin board is up-to-date

6 ASA Council Teach-In 6 ASA Club Events: Reserving Rooms Make your event online requests at website: Wait until the fall academic schedule has been set and is in the reservation system before requesting rooms Office will send out an invitation email (August) alerting you that the system is available to accept fall requests Strict cancellation policy (p. 20 of Event Guidelines) Club/Event Name Event Contact Date / Alternate Date Time (start and end) Size of event (# of people) Room type needed Audio/Visual requirements Food and Beverage

7 ASA Council Teach-In 7 Anderson Events Website Navigate to this from TONS of info here!!!! Master Calendar Facility Info Resources available and who to contact for them Parking Information Room Scheduling Link!!! Gifts available for purchase to give to VIP guests Vendor Contacts UCLA Resources

8 ASA Council Teach-In 8 Executive Dining Room Email all EDR request dates to Zoe so that we can negotiate available dates ASAP This is NOT a first come – first serve resource The EDR is owned and managed by Executive Education and they have right of first refusal The Executive Program meets every Monday & Tuesday, including dinner presentations in the EDR We cannot guarantee that you will get the dates you want, but we will try our best. Dates can’t be confirmed until late summer Put in excel template and send to:

9 ASA Council Teach-In 9 Resolving Conflicts (May 16-23) Career nights get first priority No perfect formula to determine “importance” of events Be considerate and flexible when working out conflicts between yourselves Compromise!

10 ASA Council Teach-In 10 Anderson Master Calendar After you receive an email confirmation of your event and room, place your event on the Master Calendar All events happening on campus or offsite should be input by the student clubs 1. Go to: 2. Click on “calendar” link on the left side of the homepage 3. Post your activity/event on the Student Calendar If you have technical problems – email One person per club – to update/add information

11 ASA Council Teach-In 11 Additional Event Info for Student Calendar Event Title: CLUB: EVENT NAME (room resource) Category: Leave Blank Description: include attire, RSVP required, food Write Access: List all events on Student Calendar Use judgment for listing events on Master Calendar & submitting events for Alumni Calendar Update Contact Person Posting an event on the Master Calendar does not mean that you have a confirmation to use the facility.

12 ASA Council Teach-In 12 Key Dates for 2008-2009 Re-orientation (Class of 2009)Sept 26 Fall Quarter Begins Sept 29 Veterans’ Day HolidayNov 11 Thanksgiving HolidayNov 27-28 FinalsDec 8-13 Winter Quarter BeginsJan 5 MLK, Jr. DayJan 19 Make-up classesJan 23 Presidents’ DayFeb 16 Make-up classesFeb 20 FinalsMar 16-20 Spring Quarter BeginsMarch 30 A-Days / C4C wkndNot decided yet – but keep in mind (in April) Memorial DayMay 25 Make-up classesMay 29 FinalsJune 5-11 Commencement (Class of 2009)June 12

13 ASA Council Teach-In 13 Emails Send me the email in the format that you would like sent (wording, pictures, etc.) Indicate who should receive email: MBA08, MBA09, all full-time MBA, FEMBA, EMBA, or all Subject line: “ASA Club: Event, Date, Time, Location” Ex. ASA: Leadership Succession Day, 5/2, 11:30-5pm, North Lawn Limit of two emails per event Include: Required Event Attire Professional Conduct Reminder Example: Please ensure that you honor RSVPs, arrive on time, wear appropriate attire, and wait until the event has ended to leave. We appreciate your help in creating a respectful environment for our guests which will ultimately reflect well on UCLA Anderson. Optional: whether there will be food at the event

14 ASA Council Teach-In 14 Some helpful ideas Example for event planning/checklists Include: Timeline Budget Contacts Audio/Visual Catering needs Marketing game-plan Parking/gifts/name tags/ other logistics “Day of” timeline When in doubt – (first refer to the Event Guidelines) – then ASK!!! (me or Susan Corley) Plan early, plan often, and plan thoroughly

15 ASA Council Teach-In 15 Additional Notes MBA competes for room resources with the rest of Anderson (FEMBA, EMBA, Administration, etc.). Not all desired dates will be available. Case Comps: must meet with Susan Corley before planning any competition and secure approval You will not be able to sneak your event in without going through the calendar process. Offending clubs will have their event relegated to last priority. Clubs sort out conflicts between themselves See Jeff (B201) to get the gift form authorized & signed Take authorized gift form to Denise (D208) to pick up gifts  Check on the Anderson webpage for Gift form  4-6 weeks for personalized, 3 weeks for large orders BE FLEXIBLE AND CONSIDERATE!

16 ASA Council Teach-In 16 A Note on FEMBAs Dues need to be the same Rules for Career Nights Fair, based on % of membership Need to give priority to 1 st year FT and 2 nd year FEMBAs FEMBAs represent a great opportunity for us to expand our network… make sure to include them on everything!!!

17 ASA Council Teach-In 17 Additional Vendors (in guidelines) Banners and Signs are done through the marketing department – more info on Events Website under Facilities Gorilla Marketing (t-shirts, caps, mugs, tote bags, Ethernet cords, banners) Joe Kalish (310) 550-1972 ( T-shirts, name-tags, business cards, stationary through Akhil International: For Photography, go to publications office in Anderson When in doubt, check the Anderson Event Guidelines

18 ASA Council Teach-In 18 Bulletin Boards Please have your bulletin boards updated by May 30 & club website content ASAP Please keep in mind that recruiters, alumni, and potential students will be looking at bulletin boards & websites so keep them professional Background materials available in the ASA office

19 ASA Council Teach-In Club Website – Current Changes Clubs are categorized as ‘professional’, ‘identity’ or ‘interest’ on ASA website. Clubs that are inactive, or websites without up-to-date information are de-linked (hyperlink) to not confuse prospective students. All the links still remain alive on myAnderson’s Student Life page.

20 ASA Council Teach-In Club Website – Going Forward Each official club will have an intermediary page which contains mission statement, board members, club activities and club websites. This change does not affect each club’s website. The intermediary pages will only be used on ASA’s website. Anderson Automotive Association (AAA) Board Members Mission Statement “To provide the club and Anderson community with… ” Annual Events Club Website

21 ASA Council Teach-In 21 Fundraising

22 ASA Council Teach-In 22 Coordinate efforts with Office of Development, Alumni Relations, PCMC Help companies decide which events and clubs best meet their needs Connect sponsors and clubs Get Access Anderson published & distributed Report to the administration on fundraising My role as VP External Affairs

23 ASA Council Teach-In 23 Agenda UCLA Anderson Office of Development Access Anderson The Fundraising Process Where Does the Money Go? Who Calls? All Fundraising Keys To Success Paperwork Sponsorship Invoice Gift Donations

24 ASA Council Teach-In 24 Fundraising 101 Corporate $$$ is hard to get Lots of competition, so earlier the better Help companies make smart choices about where to spend their money The more professional and organized we are, the more money we can raise This is a TEAM EFFORT...even if you raise money for an event that is not affiliated with your club, it will increase overall ASA budget that is used to support YOUR club.

25 ASA Council Teach-In 25 Who’s Involved Corporate & Foundation Relations (CFR) MBA Program, Student Affairs Parker Career Management Center (PCMC) Alumni Relations ASA Leadership – ASA VP External Affairs and YOU! ASA Clubs

26 ASA Council Teach-In 26 Access Anderson Published once a year Lists all club activities for year Sent to numerous companies Get your events planned Its sort of the Who’s Who of Anderson If you have not sent me your club’s updates yet, please see me!!

27 ASA Council Teach-In 27 Where does the money go? All money goes to the ASA pool from which the clubs/committees get budgeted. The more we raise the more every club/committee benefits. 50% of incoming $ goes to ASA discretionary, 50% is allocated to your club. If you need more money, JUST ASK for it in an official budget request

28 ASA Council Teach-In 28 Fundraising and Budgeting Clubs that fundraise will be rewarded for their efforts Do not be concerned! Some clubs have more fundraising ability than others We take this into consideration but don’t expect that money grows on trees.

29 ASA Council Teach-In 29 Fundraising and Budgeting 1)Fundraising your club already HAS a) Submit your current fundraising contacts to 2)Contacts from ASA if you need them a)ASA can give you a list of new contacts Companies recruiting next year Companies that donate last year Organized with Office of Development Randy Lakeman ( The amount of fundraising you do WILL be positively correlated with the size of your budget

30 ASA Council Teach-In 30 All Fundraising All corporate fundraising activities MUST be coordinated through the ASA VP-External Affairs ( or else we can’t disperse the money to you. Most of the fundraising is done during the summer and early fall, but can continue throughout the year. You must run the company by Clara first. For example, say the Marketing Association, the Retail Management Association & the Public Speaking Club are looking to gain sponsorship from XYZ Company. If all three clubs call without realizing the other is calling, and they receive three requests it makes Anderson look unprofessional.

31 ASA Council Teach-In 31 Keys To Successful Fundraising Solicit timely Be well-prepared Be professionally persistent: sell Anderson! Document your correspondence Ask questions before you contact the company Can they pay by personal credit card? Is the donation tax deductible?)

32 ASA Council Teach-In 32 Open Communication Be aware of multiple people contacting the same company Cross check with the Ofc of Dev for pending gifts ($$$) Document & use the sponsorship invoice located at: “Student Life” Tab “ASA Sponsorship Invoice Form”

33 ASA Council Teach-In 33 NEXT STEPS Goal: $200,000+ GOOD LUCK !!

34 ASA Council Teach-In 34 Finance

35 ASA Council Teach-In 35 VP-Finance responsibilities include: Managing budgeting process Tracking and reporting financial status Assisting with expense/reimbursement issues Assisting with fundraising What is my role?

36 ASA Council Teach-In 36 The Budgeting Process “It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it.” George W. Bush

37 ASA Council Teach-In 37 Budget Deadline Templates to be sent out to you by Friday, May 9 Submit completed template via e-mail to Oksana Hickok DUE May 30th Clubs with own bank account must submit a photocopy of most recent bank statement and place in Oksana Hickok’s mailbox by same date. What to include (for Fall 2008 thru Spring 2009) Club-generated Revenues (Membership dues, sponsorships, etc.) Expenses All events (incl. catering, parking, printing materials) T-shirts Odds & ends (Mailings, copying, office supplies) ASA Requested Budget Amount (= Expenses – Revenues) The Budgeting Process

38 ASA Council Teach-In 38 What happens after that? ASA cabinet reviews requests At start of fall quarter, the ASA will notify each club of the amount the ASA will contribute to your yearly budgets What happens if I am late submitting my budget? New allocation = Approved allocation – 5% per day (incl. weekends) The Budgeting Process

39 ASA Council Teach-In 39 Expense Procedures

40 ASA Council Teach-In 40 Expense Procedures Money budgeted to clubs is NOT issued in the form of a check payable to your club. The money is held in a UCLA account All club expenses must be pre-approved by Student Services (Susan Corley) Expenses for club events and activities are covered through the following: a Recharge ID# – Internal (UCLA) vendors LVO (Limited Value Order) or PO (Purchase Order) – External approved vendors Reimbursement – rare exception basis only!

41 ASA Council Teach-In 41 Expense Procedures (cont’d) Recharge ID# used to pay for club expenses when internal UCLA vendors are used (e.g., UCLA Catering, UCLA Parking) Clubs DO NOT have individual Recharge ID#s. Student Services will provide the Recharge ID# directly to vendors POs and LVOs used with vendors outside of UCLA (including ASUCLA Catering, Neli’s, Wally’s Liquor, Kinko’s) Student Services will assist you with securing PO or LVO #s Students are NOT to pay for activities with cash, credit cards, or personal checks. In rare cases, Susan Corley will authorize advance payment by a student. You must get approval before making these arrangements or you will risk not being reimbursed Procedures are detailed in the Event Guidelines for UCLA Anderson Student Clubs & Events

42 ASA Council Teach-In Expense Procedures (cont’d) You are responsible for keeping track of your spending! I will provide periodic updates, but the updates will be subject to a time lag of about a month Any club that overspends its budget will reimburse ASA within 2 weeks of notification 42

43 ASA Council Teach-In 43 Academics

44 ASA Council Teach-In Feedback about Academics 44 Goal: ASA wants to make sure that academics support students’ career & personal goals Key Questions: How can the Core support your club’s student needs? How can electives support them? What academic initiatives are most important to your club?

45 ASA Council Teach-In 45 ¿Preguntas?

46 ASA Council Teach-In 46 Administration Susan Corley Student Services (D202) 310-825-7686 Michael Heafey Building Services (C106c) 310-825-1930 Denise Seifried Event Services (D208) 310-206-7278 Donna Robinson Parker CMC (C201) 310-206-8890 Contact Info ASA Leadership Zoe Tanaka ASA VP Student Affairs Oksana Hickok ASA VP Finance Clara Park ASA VP External Sungmoon Cho ASA VP IT Leah Caldarone ASA VP Academic

47 ASA Council Teach-In 47 Reserving Rooms and Planning Logistics Send Executive Dining Room reservations to me: For all classrooms for lunchtime (11:45-12:45) and evening event reservations, place the request directly through the online system (Event Pro Room Reservation site)  no more than 1 month before each quarter begins (look for email invitation from Denise in late August) EDR scheduling will take several months Please refer to Susan Corley’s Event Guidelines for info Keep relevant people in the loop (e.g., Parker CMC, Susan Corley, Michael Heafey)

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