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2 Why are you required to take complete training? As the DCPS Business Manager, your role is to: 1. Ensure your school adheres to donation policies 2. Share this information with your front office and any other school staff who receive/process donations for your school. Note—If there are others on your staff who process donations and/or would benefit from this training, you will be able to submit their names. The goal is to ensure the right people know the laws & the simple steps they require. 2

3 Training Objectives DCPS Business Managers will… Understand why donation reporting is required for all DC agencies Know the key policies & procedures required with donations Have all of the information needed to manage donations for their school 3

4 Agenda 1.Overview of OPGS 2.Donation Process: Background & Policy 3.Donation Process: Step-by-Step (over $500) 4.Donation Process: Step-by-Step (under $500) 5.Financial & Foreign Donations 6.Best Practices & Next Steps 4

5 1.Grant and Resource Development Support 2.Executive Leadership and Organizational Development 3.Collaboration and Partnership Building 4.Donations Solicitation Oversight and Management OPGS: CORE FUNCTIONS

6 DONATIONS VS. GRANTS  A grant is an award of funds or other resources from a public or private entity, such as the federal government or a non-profit foundation. In order to receive a grant, a school generally must submit a proposal that has specific objectives and outcomes; in addition, there are generally various terms and conditions in the award agreement. Authority to expend grant funds must be included in an agency’s approved budget.  The term “donation” is broadly defined to include the voluntary contribution of funds, services, and property. Donations and grants are NOT the same. This training is exclusively about donations. 6

7 The District of Columbia offers a unique and state of the art donations process (QuickBase), which allows District agencies, including DCPS, to solicit and accept donations from outside sources. Furthermore, the process ensures that these donations are accounted for and adhere to the ethics laws of the City. DONATIONS BACKGROUND 7

8 R easons your school is required to process donations through OPGS  It is legally required of all DC agencies  It protects us- the Mayor, the schools, principals and all DCPS staff from potential conflicts of interest  Avoids public scandals and mismanagement of donations  Augments the school’s resources--both in-kind and financial, which support programs and services  Eases donor concerns--provides accountability and transparency to the donors  Financial donations rollover from one Fiscal Year to another  Allows schools to highlight their work and their engagement with the community 8

9 DONATIONS POLICIES 1.Schools may not solicit, accept, or use donated funds, services or property without prior approval by OPGS 2.Donations must be used for an authorized purpose of the school 3.Financial donations must be deposited in the Private Donation Funds 8450 (ACFO approves Budget Authority- Funds carry over) 4.Donations ≠ contracts or grants 5.No quid pro quo can exist 6.Donations = bona fide contributions 7. Donation of cash is prohibited 9

10 DONATION APPROVAL PROCESS In order to meet DCPS needs, we modified the process so that if the unsolicited donation is less than $500, schools can process donations without going through the online application. Two Options for Processing Donations: 1.Donations over $500 (solicited or unsolicited) 2.Unsolicited Donations up to $500 10

11 DONATION APPROVAL PROCESS: Overview for over $500 value Part 1: OPGS and OAG determine if DCPS can legally accept a donation Part 2: DCPS processes the donation Part 3: OPGS publishes donation Quarterly reports and sends thank you letter to donors 11

12 DONATION APPROVAL PROCESS: Step-by-Step (over $500 value) StepAction Part 1: OPGS determines if DCPS can legally accept donation 1School & donor confirm there is no conflict of interest School has donor read and approve the Mayor’s Memorandum Note- If Donor has a conflict of interest, the school should include that information in the next step 2DCPS seeks OPGS approval School submits donation request via QuickBase application. Note-there is a separate 15 min training video on youtube on how to submit an application on Quickbase- 3OPGS ensures legal sufficiency OPGS works with OAG to review your QuickBase submission to ensure legal sufficiency etc. Process takes up to 15 business days to get approval and process donation. Text in red = documents/tools to which you’ll need access in order to process donations; links are at end of the presentation. 12

13 DONATION APPROVAL PROCESS: Step-by-Step StepAction Part 2: DCPS submits donation form to OPGS for formal processing 4OPGS gives DCPS approval to process the donation OPGS will email the school, giving approval to accept the donation. 5School & donor complete Donation Agreement Form School complete & sign the Donation Agreement form and have it signed by the donor School sends form and photocopy of the check to Once the agreement is signed by OPGS, school can then accept and use the donation Part 3: OPGS sends thank you letter to donors and publishes quarterly reports 6OPGS publishes quarterly reports & sends thank you to donor At the end of each Quarter, OPGS will send donors thank you letters. 13

14 Donation Agreement Form -Step 5 on previous slides -Schools use this form after OPGS has ensured there is legal sufficiency -The school and donor will need to sign and email it to 14

15 Unsolicited Donations under $500.00 What qualifies for this expedited process? Donation that is not asked for. Donation that is given or done voluntarily. Donation up to $500.00 (both in-kind and financial). NOTE: Unsolicited financial donations under $500.00 can be deposited in the SAF Account. 15

16 Unsolicited Donations under $500.00 How does this process work? There is a “Drop-Off Form” all schools should keep in their front office. * Copies of this form are available at Process: Donations under $500 1. Complete the Drop Off Form—donor and school representative must sign form. 2. Send Form (and when applicable, copy of the check) to the donations manager at 16

17 Donation form for less than $500 value Tips: 1.Keep copies of this form in your front office 2.Create a folder in your front office where staff can keep signed forms 3.Identify 1 point of contact at school who will submit signed forms to 17

18 FINANCIAL DONATIONS  All financial donations must be deposited in the 8450 Private Donations Fund.  Unsolicited Donations under $500.00 ONLY exception.  All checks must be made out to the DC Treasury, unless donation is unsolicited and under $500.00.  In order to process the check, an executed Donation Agreement is required.  No Donation Agreement = No Spending. 18

19 PROCESSING OF CHECKS  Send photocopy of check and Donation Agreement to Donations Manager at  Once the agreement is signed by OPGS, school can process the check. Contact Forward check to: District of Columbia Public Schools Office of the Chief Financial Officer Attention: Accounting Dept. – 11 th Floor 1200 1 st Street, NE Washington, DC 20002 19

20 WIRE TRANSFERS & FOREIGN DONATIONS  The recipient agency may accept a financial donation via a wire transfer between the donor and the D.C. Treasury Bank Name: Wells Fargo ABA Number: 054001220 Account Name: DC Government Account Number: 2000043154623 – BANK ID 23W Reference: "Contribution for ----“  All requests for donations made by, or solicited from, foreign governments, and (when known) by or from foreign private sources, must first be directed to the DC Office of the Secretary for review and preapproval before going through OPGS’ approval process. 20

21 NON-COMPLIANCE CONSEQUENCES  Failure of a District government employee to follow the Rules of Conduct Governing Donations may lead to negative media coverage and potential embarrassment to the Mayor’s Administration  Failure of a District government employee to follow the Rules of Conduct Governing Donations may subject the employee to adverse personnel action.  Failure of a District government employee to follow the donation requirements may adversely affect the confidence of the public in the integrity of government (see 6 DCMR B1803.1(a)(6)) 21

22 Best Practices If applicable, train the front office staff to know the key policies and procedures for accepting donations Financial donations can take more times to process; when appropriate, encourage in-kind donations Drop off donations under $500 do not need an online application—have copies of the “drop off donation form” available in the main office 22

23 Key Contacts for the Donations Process Name Title AgencyPhone Number Guy Marcel Donations ManagerOPGS727-7977 Lafayette Barnes DirectorOPGS727-8901 David Hyden Assistant Attorney General/ OAG724-6152 Acting Ethics Counselor Ronald Ross Deputy Director MOLC 727 6960 Tanya Francis AccountantOCFO442-5244 Stephanie Cobb Specialist, Volunteers and DonationsDCPS442-5447 Michael Bolden Division DirectorOFRM727-6534 Donna McKenzie Revenue Collections ManagerOFT727-0805 Please visit OPGS’ website at or email for more To obtain a copy of the Donations Handbook, please go to 23


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