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2 ACHIEVEMENTS 2008 100% Matric Pass Rate 81% Bachelor Passes
Recipient of R1, 425 million from Epoch and Optima Trust (2007 & 2008) for Mathematics Development

3 ACHIEVEMENTS 2009 100% Matric Pass Rate 85% Bachelor Passes
Recipient of R from Epoch and Optima Trust

4 ACHIEVEMENTS 2010 99,1% Matric Pass rate 76% Bachelor Passes
Recipient of R from Epoch and Optima Trust

5 ACHIEVEMENTS 2011 14th in Province (Matric Results) for Academic Achievement 100% Matric Pass Rate Provincial Award: Achieved Excellence in English 2nd in South Africa for Allan Gray Schools of Excellence (out of 100 schools nationally) Recipient of R from Epoch and Optima Trust

6 ACHIEVEMENTS 2012 13th in Province (Matric Results) for Academic Achievement 99% Matric Pass Rate 86% Bachelor Passes Provincial Award: Greatest increase in numbers passing for bachelors study Provincial Award: WCED Language and Mathematics Systemic Tests: Improvement in performance District Award: Best English Results in District 1st in South Africa for Allan Gray Schools of Excellence Recipient of R from Epoch and Optima Trust

7 ACHIEVEMENTS 2013 Recipient of R290 000 from Epoch and Optima Trust
100% Matric Pass Rate 86% Bachelor Passes 19th in Province (Matric Results) for Academic Achievement Top results for Afrikaans Home and 1st Additional Language in the district (Matric Results) 74% of all subjects written in matric had pupils scoring above 60% Afrikaans 1st Additional had 106 subject distinctions out of 202 candidates Afritwin Exchange continues with UK schools. Our pupils travel to the UK as part of exchange

8 ACHIEVEMENTS 2013 3 Matrics received R160 000 bursaries
1 Matric received a R bursary 1 Matric won a R DALRO Bursary (6 awarded nationally) 1 Matric won an Allan Gray Fellowship award (Substantial financial support) 1st in Country as part of Schools of Excellence (Allan Gray) 8th in Province for Best Average in Maths and English in the Grade 9 Systemic Testing (R award). Best school in the Northern Areas Development of a prayer facility for our Muslim pupils

9 ACHIEVEMENTS 2014 98,6% Matric Pass
27th in Province (Matric Results) for Academic Achievement 85% Bachelor Passes Recipient of R340 000 from Epoch and Optima Trust The building of an Astro turf for hockey (R7 million) Upgrading of Consumer Studies Kitchen (R150 000) Building of new entrance with enhanced security (R ) 1st in Country as part of Schools of Excellence (Allan Gray) second year in a row Development of our own indigenous fynbos garden Our 4th exchange with our partner school in Germany takes place

10 ACHIEVEMENTS 2015 Recipient of R420 000 from Epoch and Optima Trust (R3,5 million over 8 years) The school celebrates its 50th Birthday We will publish the history of the school in a coffee table book format Our Head Prefect, Keenan Jacobs, represents the Western Cape in New York at the United Nations next month 3 pupils have received a fully paid scholarship to spend a year at a school in the USA Our 1st rugby team travels to France on tour

All Western Cape schools are assessed in terms of Mathematics and English. Tests are independently set and assessed. MATHEMATICS PASS % (above 50%) 2011 2012 2013 2014 SETTLERS 46.5 74.8 87.7 77.0 WESTERN CAPE 10.4 13.9 14.3 14.9

12 SYSTEMIC ASSESSMENT 2014 ENGLISH PASS % (above 50%) 2011 2012 2013
SETTLERS 98.4 98.7 99.6 98.0 WESTERN CAPE 44.2 48.2 47.8

13 APPLICATIONS FOR Complete applications fully, note that certified copies are needed for some documentation. The Finance Sections (Financial Assistance and Method of Payment) (Last two pages) must be completed. All applications once received will be receipted. (Keep as your proof) The school will not photocopy any documents for you. Do not hand in originals You must complete an application form even if you intend applying for the scholarship exam.

14 DEADLINES/DUE DATES Friday 6 March: Scholarship applications
Friday 13 March: Scholarship Exam Wednesday 1 April: 13:00 Applications for (1st Phase) Friday 12 June: 13:00 Applications for (2nd Phase) If space available End of June: Notification of outcome of applications

15 DINALEDI The Settlers High School is a Dinaledi Maths and Science focus school and all applications will be considered with abilities in Maths and Science being a critical criterion in the selection even if The Settlers High School is your closest school. The school only offers Mathematics. Mathematical Literacy is not offered at all.

16 SELECTION PROCESS The Admission Policy is applied to all candidates. The order of preference is: Nearest school with above average results Not nearest school with above average results Siblings of existing pupils if applications received by 1st deadline

17 SELECTION PROCESS Applicants who are selected will be called in for an administrative interview in the second term We will call you for an interview All applicants will receive a letter before the end of June indicating whether they had been selected or not. If successful, follow the instructions provided. I select more than there are spaces available and may offer places at a later stage to those not accepted if they still meet our admission criterion but had not met the original cut off point. There is no waiting list.

18 SUBJECT OPTIONS We offer Afrikaans Home Language as well as 1st Additional Language. Home language has usually one class with 28 pupils. Afrikaans should be above 85%.

19 SUBJECT OPTIONS Creative Arts: There are four pathways Music, Drama, Art and General. The first three have specialist teachers ensuring that those pupils are adequately prepared for Music/Dramatic Arts and Visual Arts in Grade 10. The General option is for those pupils who do not intend to specialize or have an interest in any specific one of the main art forms offered at the school.

20 SUBJECT OPTIONS All students do the Creative Arts main pathway but will also do a second creative art pathway as part of the Creative Arts curriculum Music: Please collect an information document which must be read so that you can make an informed decision if you select Music.

21 TRANSPORT The school believes in a balanced approach to education and all pupils are expected to be involved in academics, sport and culture. There are functions that go on into the late afternoon, evening as well as Saturday commitments. Inability to get your child to the school is no excuse not to attend functions or sports. We have some compulsory functions that occur on Saturdays as well as some evenings

If you are not successful, you are welcome to ask us to look at your application again. This can be done via /letter. You will receive a confirmation that we have received your correspondence and will only consider these once there are any withdrawals. Such withdrawals are usually in August and then later in early November. Do not contact us for updates. I do not see/talk telephonically with any person with regard to an application. If I did, I would need to see every one to be fair to all who applied and were not successful.

23 CONCLUSION The demand for The Settlers High School is tremendous and there will always be disappointed families. Above average academic ability is well over 70% in all subjects. The main focus will be on the core subjects: Languages/Mathematics/Natural Sciences and Social Sciences

24 CONCLUSION The selection is only made on the November Grade 6 results. Any improvement in Grade 7 cannot be considered as it should then have to be applied to all. Pupils can be accepted from any locality and staying near The Settlers is no guarantee of placement. There are no feeder schools. Academics are one of the primary criteria in selection.

25 I would like thank you all for attending this meeting and wish each and everyone well as they choose a school for 2016.

26 Contact details HEADMASTER headmaster@settlers. org
Contact details HEADMASTER Tel: Fax:


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