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Meeting Between Colleagues Ketua Rapat : chairman, chairperson, chair, chairwoman.

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1 Meeting Between Colleagues Ketua Rapat : chairman, chairperson, chair, chairwoman

2 Opening -Ladies and gentlemen, I declare the meeting open -Right, shall we get started?

3 The Agenda The first item on the agenda today is.... The purpose of today’s meeting is..... The first problem we have to consider is....

4 Giving the floor (memberi kesempatan untuk berbicara) I’d like to give the floor to Miss.Hinton. Mrs.William, would you like to say something about this? Mr.Brown, I think you know something about this problem. Have you got anything to say, John? What are your views on this, Anne?

5 Taking the floor (menanggapi satu hal) Excuse me Mr. Chairman, may I say something please? Could I just make a point about....? Could I say something here, please?

6 Moving to a new point Could we move on to item 4 on the agenda? Now, I’d like to turn to... Can we go on now to....

7 Postponing discussion If no-one has any objections, I suggest that we leave this matter until our next meeting. Perhaps we could leave this for now. We can come back to it later.

8 Moving to vote Can I ask for a show of hands? Let’s put it to the vote. Could we take a vote on it? Can we move to a vote on this?

9 Voting Those for the motion, please? Those against?

10 Any Other Business (AOB) Is there any other business? Is there anything else to discuss?

11 Closing I declared the meeting closed. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. That concludes our business for today. Thank you. Well, I think that covers everything. That’s all for today. Thank you.

12 Asking For An Opinion What’s your opinion of..... ? What do you think of...... ? I’d like to hear your views on......

13 Strong Agreement I completely agree. I agree entirely with your point of view. I’m in total agreement. I’m of exactly the same opinion.

14 Neutral Agreement I agree. I think we are in agreement on that. I think you’re right. I think we can accept your position on that.

15 Strong Disagreement I totally disagree with you. I don’t agree at all. You’re completely mistaken. I disagree entirely.

16 How To Survive A Boring Meeting 1.Imagine the Chairman or Chairwoman with no clothes. 2.Start a lottery for the time the meeting will finish. 3.Write a love poem. 4.Write a shopping list for the next six moths. 5.Photocopy the next 50 pages of the novel you are reading and put them between the pages of a report.

17 6. Fantasize about what absent members are doing. 7. Draw caricatures of the members you hate. 8. Note one of the favourite phrases of the Chairman/Cairwoman and count how many times he/she uses it.


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