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2 Summary of Contents Healthy Youth Survey 2014 2  Survey background  Who participates in HYS  Survey materials  Administering the survey  Survey results

3 Survey Background Healthy Youth Survey 2014 3  Washington State’s school-based youth health behavior survey  Survey results are important to school, county and state stakeholders and are used for needs assessment, planning, program improvements and evaluation  Survey questions are from national surveys  Public schools with 6 th, 8 th, 10 th or 12 th grade students can participate  Sponsored by Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and the state Dept. of Health, Dept of Social and Health Services, and Liquor Control Board  Conducted every 2 years (since 2002)  In 2012, over 200,000 students participated

4 Who Participates in HYS? Healthy Youth Survey 2014 4  ALL 6 th, 8 th, 10 th and 12 th grade students in the school  In 2014, schools from eligible “small” school districts can also survey 7 th, 9 th and 11 th graders  Participation is VOLUNTARY  Parents can decline participation  Students can decline participation in the survey (an alternative activity will be scheduled by your survey coordinator)  Students can skip any questions they don’t want to answer

5 Survey Materials Healthy Youth Survey 2014 5  You will receive the following materials from your school’s Survey Coordinator:  Survey administration instructions (1)  Answer sheet envelope (1)  If You Need Some Help resource lists (1 per student)  Survey booklets (1 per student)

6 Survey Booklet Formatting Healthy Youth Survey 2014 6  Instructions on the first page  The last page is a tear-off answer sheet where students “bubble-in” their answers

7 Survey Booklet Types Healthy Youth Survey 2014 7  In 6 th grade classrooms:  Use the green Form C  7 th graders in “small” schools also take Form C  In 8 th, 10 th and 12 th grade classrooms:  Use the blue Form A* or A-Enhanced & Form B** or B-Enhanced  The survey forms you receive are “interleaved” (alternated A-B-A-B) so every other student receives a different survey  The survey questions are numbered differently on Forms A & B but they should take a similar amount of time to answer  In eligible small schools, 9 th and 11 th graders also take these forms * Form A-enhanced is the same as Form A with one additional question * Form B-enhanced is the same as Form B with five additional questions

8 Survey Booklets in Spanish Healthy Youth Survey 2014 8  If you need a Spanish version of the survey, let your Survey Coordinator know in advance  The Spanish version is a photocopy (not in a booklet form). Students taking the Spanish survey will need to tear out a answer sheet from the back of an English version booklet

9 On the Day of the Survey Healthy Youth Survey 2014 9  Plan to allow students a full class period for the survey (about 40-50 minutes)  Read through the survey administration instructions  Make sure you have enough materials for all students (survey booklets, resource lists, answer sheet envelope, No. 2 pencils)

10 Administering the Survey Healthy Youth Survey 2014 10  Hand out the survey booklets and pencils  Read the Instructions to Students (on the Survey Administration Instructions)  Let students know:  Their answers are important!  Participation is voluntary (dismiss students to alternative activity if necessary)  No one will know their answers  The survey is not a test, there are no right or wrong answers

11 During the Survey Healthy Youth Survey 2014 11  Complete the information on the Answer Sheet Envelope  Stay in the room, but at your desk (do not walk around)  Answer students’ questions if they ask and you can preserve the anonymous nature of the survey. Let them know they can skip questions  Accommodate students with special needs if reasonable, and if their answers can remain voluntary and anonymous

12 When the Survey is Over Healthy Youth Survey 2014 12  Pass the answer sheet envelope to one student, and instruct students to pass around the envelope and insert their answer sheets (do not include survey booklets). Ask the last student to seal the envelope and hand it in to you.  Collect all of the used and unused survey materials for disposal  Hand out the resource lists ~ If You Need Some Help  Return the sealed answer sheet envelope and the survey materials to your Survey Coordinator

13 Survey Results Healthy Youth Survey 2014 13  School building, district, county, ESD, and statewide survey reports of results will be released in Spring 2015 (mid-March)  HYS information and results are available online at:

14 THANK YOU! The Joint Survey Planning Committee greatly appreciates your assistance in administrating the Health Youth Survey! If you have any questions about the survey, please talk with your building Survey Coordinator. For more information about the survey and past survey results, visit:


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