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Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club Fall 2010 Comp Team Registration Manager’s Meeting, May 18 th.

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1 Sunnyvale Alliance Soccer Club Fall 2010 Comp Team Registration Manager’s Meeting, May 18 th

2 Agenda  Welcome  Fields update  Uniforms update  General background  What has changed  Playing leagues  Additional information coming  Fall 2010 comp team registration

3 SASC  US Youth Soccer US Youth Soccer Assoc (USYSA) CYSA-North CYSA-N District 2 Foothill YSL SASC USYSA – Region IV (Far West)

4 SASC  US Club Soccer US Club Soccer SASC NorCal (playing league)

5 Who’s Who  Deanne Phillips, SASC Comp/US Club Registrar  Colleen Carr-Gessert, Foothill League Registrar

6 Frequently Used Terms  Goldenrod – gold 2010/11 CYSA team roster  1601 – Youth membership form  1628 – Adult reg form, disclosure form  1606 – Roster change form (transfer/release)  2010/11 playing year – fall and spring season  CCSL – CYSA-Cal Soccer League  “New player” – not on a 2010/11 CYSA roster

7 A Few Ground Rules  It’s all about enabling kids to play soccer  Sign up for the Yahoo Group – SASC_Comp_Coaches-  Please use email to communicate with me –  Please contact me with issues/questions first, don’t go directly to Colleen

8 What Has Changed  Team numbers are now 6 digits (0XXX00)  Player 1601’s – you distribute electronically; families complete, print, sign and give to you  One check per team for CCSL playing league fee  Photo size is 1” w x 1¼” h  U16+ teams can have a maximum roster of 22 players  Adults Adults only can be rostered as Coach, Assistant Coach or Team Manager Any adult working with players must be rostered as Coach or Assistant Coach All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must meet license requirements by 9/1/2010

9 Adult Registration – Form 1628  Adults registering on more than one team Print multiple copies of the form. Every District 2 league must have a signed original Submit a completed and signed original and photocopy, or two originals, with one team in each club (if you work with multiple District 2 clubs) Coach and Assistant Coach license copies should be submitted with the original registration documents Additional teams within each club, submit one photocopy registration form only with a note stating the name of team with which the original was submitted.

10 CYSA-Cal Soccer League (CCSL)  New CYSA-North statewide playing league -  All CYSA D2 teams will play in this league; Abronzino, Delgado and Redwood League no longer exist  Deadline for online application – June 1st  All SASC teams will fit into Bay Region or Coast League Bay Region  Gold and Silver Elite levels (likely only 1 level this fall)  CYSA-N Districts 1-4  Analogous to upper Abronzino bracket(s) Coast District  Silver, Bronze, Copper levels  CYSA-N Districts 1 & 2  Analogous to lower Abronzino brackets, Delgado League and Redwood League  Statewide – coming in older age groups next year

11 Additional Information Coming…  Information/items Deanne owes you 1601 player registration form for your team List of approved scholarship players for your team Notification of coaches not meeting license requirements Process/timing for adding and transferring players Dual registration in US Club – is it necessary?

12 It’s February and my Team is Folding  2010/2011 teams (your official Goldenrod team) are “active” for the full CYSA year – August through July  A disbanded or folded team is still active  Do not destroy or give away player passes  Official transfers must still be completed for any player to move off your team to another 2010/11 CYSA team Goldenrod

13 Misc to Know  Roster requirements U9/10/11 – minimum of 8 players/max of 13 U12-U15 – minimum of 11 players/max of 18 U16+ – minimum of 11 players/max of 22  SASC Comp Uniform policy  Practice field and winter lighted field space allocated based on number of team volunteer hours and Assoc/State Cup play (winter lighted fields)  All comp teams are expected to complete 3 hours of volunteer time, per season, per player registered  Adult referee requirements – 5 games per team  PCA requirements

14 SASC Financial Aid  SASC Scholarships  SASC Financial Assistance for Expenses  Information is on the SASC web site

15 Fall 2010 Registration Process  CCSL online applications submitted by June 1 st  Complete and submit your team packet ASAP Soccer box on Deanne’s porch Deadline – June 18th  Processed as received (date order) Priority given to teams with August tournaments  Completed packets back from Colleen Email sent when team packet is ready for pickup Soccer box on Colleen’s porch

16 The Perfect Team Registration Packet  Registration check list – posted on SASC web site CCSL playing league application completed Bay Region/Coast league seeding questionnaire completed Online fall comp team volunteer form completed  Team registration envelope Label completed List August tournament date(s) on outside  For every player Completed and signed 1601 (original & a copy) Photo $205 reg fee or completed SASC scholarship application New to CYSA players – copy of POA document  For every adult staff Completed and signed 1628 (original & a copy) Photo Copy of highest level coach license (required for all head and asst coaches)  Team playing league fee (one check per team) $200 – U9/U10/U11 (8v8) $250 – U12+ (11v11)

17 Getting Ready to Play  Laminate and hole punch all passes; put on a ring  Create team binder Hook ring w/passes into binder rings Goldenrod Player 1601s in order listed on Goldenrod Have on field at ALL times (practices too!) Red card send off information (check playing league web sites)

18 Useful Links You can find answers to most of your questions on these web sites:  SASC -  CYSA District 2 -  CYSA North -  CCSL -  US Club Soccer –  NorCal Premier League -

19 Questions

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