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LAND OF ELEMENTS! (Get it? Elemental Adventure? Aha*) *This is where you laugh.

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2 LAND OF ELEMENTS! (Get it? Elemental Adventure? Aha*) *This is where you laugh.

3 No. Of course not. BUT, We will be delving into the endless depths of knowledge. If that’s not an adventure, I don’t know what is!

4  A notebook full of articles, summaries, and visuals about two elements  One element is primary, the second is… secondary (obviously)  Primary element: 10 entries  Secondary element: 5 entries

5  Two Parts: Summary and Article  Summary- 1-2 pages, single spaced, 12 font, ½ inch margins,  Summary includes header, title, reference, and summary: Name of Element (Titanium) Date (December 21, 2010) Entry Number (Entry # 11) Title Reference Summary Page Number  Article- photocopy of the article

6  The list of information that must be included is in your information packet.  Beyond that, look for interesting articles about how your element is being used in the real world.  Why is your element important?  Example: titanium toothbrushes, iodine and goiters, gold food, phosphorus and coral

7 After every three summaries, you will have an AOI Reflection and page of visuals  Visuals: 2-3 visuals (mix of graphs, tables, and pictures) Name of Element(s) (Phosphorus) Date (January 1, 2010) Entry # (Visuals #1) Title Visual Reference Brief Explanation Page Number

8  AOI Reflection: A one page, single spaced reflection on how the summaries relate to the AOIs Name of Element(s) (Phosphorus) Date (December 31, 2010) Entry # (AOI #1) Title Reflection Page Number

9 There are five AOIs that you can relate your summaries to. If you find difficulty in this task- refer to your AOIs sheet and use the guiding questions to respond to your summary.  Approaches to Learning  Community and Service  Human Ingenuity  Environment  Health and Social Education

10  Consider using different colored paper for your two elements, AOIs, and visuals (Ex: Titanium- Yellow, Phosphorus- Blue, AOIs- Pink, Visuals- Green)  Keep it clean! The sloppier you make your notebook, the harder it is to keep organized

11  Table of Contents (leave the first three pages, after title page, for this)  Chronological Order  All entries, AOIs, Visuals Entry #1: CARBON, “Buckministerfullerene”. Pages 10-15, December 5, 2010. Entry #2… Entry #3… AOI #1: CARBON and TITANIUM, “Human Ingenuity and Community and Service”. Pages 20-21, December 27, 2010. Visuals #1: CARBON and TITANIUM, “Toothbrushes and Diamonds”. Page 22, December 30, 2010.

12  Keep a running bibliography. TRUST ME.  DON’T even think about plagiarism.  References= MLA  Explanation and understanding of a few concepts are far better than random facts.  The basic information can be done in a few entries. After that, don’t be afraid to go above and beyond. Feel free to be… “mad as a hatter”


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