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East Side Elementary Adventures in Art Training 2013-2014.

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1 East Side Elementary Adventures in Art Training 2013-2014

2 Online Resource 1- Committees and Programs 2- Programs 3- Adventures in Art  Artist Assignments  Volunteer Guidelines  Adventures in Art Logo  Presentation Tips

3 4 Steps to an easy presentation 1,2,3,4 Scheduling Supplemental Resources Student Art Work Preparation and Prints 1 2 3 4

4 1- Discuss with the other Adventures in Art volunteers from your class how you want to divide up the lessons. 2- Ask the teacher if he/she has dates like collaboration meetings when you can teach a 45 minute to 1 hour presentation. We have artist for once a month. Scheduling

5 KINDERGARTEN TEACHER SeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMay Broome PickettManetCassattKleeGoyaMooreEgyptianRenoirMiro Cardwell ManetCassattKleeGoyaMooreEgyptianRenoirMiroPickett Clackum CassattKleeGoyaMooreEgyptianRenoirMiroPickettManet Hendrix KleeGoyaMooreEgyptianRenoirMiroPickettManetCassatt Jentink GoyaMooreEgyptianRenoirMiroPickettManetCassattKlee Mauldin MooreEgyptianRenoirMiroPickettManetCassattKleeGoya Morrison EgyptianRenoirMiroPickettManetCassattKleeGoyaMoore Roberts RenoirMiroPickettManetCassattKleeGoyaMooreEgyptian Stephens MiroPickettManetCassattKleeGoyaMooreEgyptianRenoir Check the Artist Schedule for your presentation This schedule for all grades is online and in the sign out folder in the AIA room. Scheduling

6 3 RD FLOOR (4 th Grade Hall) AIA Storage Space

7 Artist Binders are in the top 3 drawers of the file cabinet (this cabinet does not lock) We are keeping the binders organized first by grade and then alphabetically within grade. Preparation & Prints

8 1- Check out your artist binder. 2- Look for your grades tab and then the artist. Each artist section is arranged by month/teacher for your name and contact information. Preparation & Prints Do not take material that doesn’t correspond to your class, date or grade. Please respect others volunteers time and work.

9 The day of your presentation: 1- Take your artist’s prints from the AIA room to the classroom. 2- Return the prints after your presentation. The prints never leave the school. We have labeled all the print covers to make it easier to find your artist. Please be sure to return the print cover so you can see this label. Preparation & Prints

10 Extra Shelving in the AIA Storage Room Supplemental Resources

11 Added Clay and Wipes to our supplies. Art Supplies for Student artwork

12 Changes to an artist binder: Please photocopy the original, make your changes on the photocopy and put it in the page protector that is in the back of the Sign Out Log Book. Feedback & Comments

13 Any questions during the year, please contact us: Stephanie Yucius / Sandra Flores. Thank you for volunteering

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