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Welcome Class of 2011 Lillian A. Repesh, Ph.D.. Mission Statement Student Affairs zTo foster a caring, open and inviting atmosphere where students feel.

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1 Welcome Class of 2011 Lillian A. Repesh, Ph.D.

2 Mission Statement Student Affairs zTo foster a caring, open and inviting atmosphere where students feel comfortable and welcome zTo be a responsive and accessible resource for students’ personal and professional development through service, support, and advocacy zTo excel in our efforts and promote the development and well-being of outstanding future physicians

3 Orientation Socials zWelcome Picnic on Friday, September 7 wPark Point Beach House - 5:00 p.m. zSkit/Talent Night on Friday, October 19 wKirby Ballroom at 7:00 p.m. zWhite Coat Ceremony on October 6 wWeber Music Hall at 2:00 p.m.

4 Flexible M.D. Program zStudents have option of finishing in 3.5 - 6 years wOnly charged for 11 semesters of tuition wExtra electives, research, work in underserved areas or abroad, pursue dual degrees (e.g., MPH) wIndividualized education zMED 2010 is a project that is visioning a new approach for medical education wLearner-centered education for patient-centered care wNeed student involvement wE.G., Learning Communities

5 Personnel - Student Affairs zDr. Lillian Repesh, Associate Dean zKathy Piper, Executive Secretary zDina Flaherty, Financial Aid Officer zPhyllis Lindberg, Assoc. Education Specialist zSusan Christensen, Executive Secretary - Admissions

6 Information Sheet zUniversity ID # (“U” Card) - tour today wMust have a UMD generated U card wNeed for registration, financial aid, identification, library check out zBig Sister/Brother wLunch with your big bro/sis with meal tickets on us zLocker #/Combination – make sure it works zCopy number wDirections - follow U.S. copyright laws wContact person - Cheryl Pearson room 133 w5 cents a copy wConfidential

7 Vignette Groups zGroups composed of: sFaculty (basic and clinical) sSecond year students sFirst year students zPurpose sSupport – get to know a few people well sGet together throughout the year sLearning Communities/Physical Diagnosis groups zPictures and Emails – see sheet (will send new one with telephone numbers soon)

8 Learning Communities zGroups of 9-10 students mentored by a Master Tutor (clinician) wThree one on one meetings with Master Tutor along with other informal meetings zCurricular component: clinical medicine-e.g., PDX groups, Rural Medicine Course zE-portfolios are a tool used to track academic performance wE-porfolio training occurs on Wednesday, Sept. 19 th

9 Keys to Building and Access Card zSome students may have access cards already (worked here, prematriculation course, etc.) zSign both cards and key sheet – hand in now zAccess Card: wOutside door (south side of building) wDouble doors by Student Lounge wStudent Lounge wEntrances from Chemistry Building (lower and first floor) wBack door to lecture halls z“013X” opens: wPhotocopy room z“3.21X” opens: wLRC wTeaching labs zBuilding security is your responsibility! zIf you lose a key or card, see Cheryl in Dean’s office

10 Background Check zMinnesota law – Vulnerable Adult Act 1995-96 - for any person who provides services with direct patient contact zFollow instructions on letter wGo to: wFacility Number is: 900126 wUser ID: MS1 wPassword: MS1MS1 (do not change password) wClick on Create Background Study Request (continue clicking on tabs until there are no more) wFor city, type the first two letters of your hometown and wait for a drop box of all MN towns to appear (only works for MN communities) wClick on Create Study to finish zEmail Kathy Piper at if you have problems or stop zBackground study MUST BE COMPLETED by Friday, August 31

11 Background Check zBG study will be forwarded to the Department of Human Services for processing zResults of the study will be sent directly to you at the address you have indicated and to the medical school zKeep a copy for your records zBG study must be completed each year zBack of sheet in your folder contains privacy notice informing you of the purpose and consequences of the study zIf you are disqualified from having patient contact as a result of the Background Study, even after reconsideration, you may not be eligible for a degree in this program

12 Honor Code zRead carefully  Academic dishonesty  Professional integrity  Personal conduct zHonor Council members will speak to you next Wednesday (5 th ) zSign and return to Student Affairs by Friday, Sept. 7 zAlso in Student Manual for your review (p. 71) followed by Honor Council Guidelines in case of a possible infraction

13 Matriculating Student Questionnaire zAmerican Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) zAdministered to all first year students wSix sections about demographics, attitudes about medicine, medicals school application process, finances, career interests, etc. wUsed to plan direction of medical education, assess nation’s future physician supply and design policies to confront rising costs in education wAnswers are confidential zLog on to website: zComplete by Friday, September 28

14 Address, Phone and E-Mail zPlease fill out the pink form in your packet with your current address, etc. zAn address list will be handed out to faculty, staff, students, hospitals, Mpls. zNeed anything suppressed? Let us know. zHand in to Kathy by Friday, August 31 (in Student Affairs area)

15 Name Badges zIdentifies you as an AHC student zWear in clinical setting as well (hospitals, preceptorship, etc.) zMistake in spelling? Tell us. zYou lose, you pay :-)

16 Use of Photographic License Release zPermission is needed from you to use photographs, videotapes, audiotapes, film, etc. without restrictions and limitations for purposes deemed appropriate by the University zHand in to Student Affairs by Friday, August 31

17 HIPAA zHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act z zFederal law which sets standards for individuals’ health information zAHC students who have access to protected health information must have on-line training zGo to: and select MY TOOLKIT zShould have done this already (August 6) zCannot see patients if not in compliance

18 Miscellaneous zParking wPermit parking - maroon lots - $126.00 (Lot B) wBuy on Labor Day- September 3! 1:00 - 6:00 PM, Darland wHave pertinent info with you (license #, make..) and student ID # (need both) wEnforced from 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM – you can park on weekends and after 6:30 PM until midnight week days without a permit wPay Lot G (St. Marie St.) has daily parking and rates are $1.75 cash; $1.50 U/Debitek cards; $1.50 ride share

19 Miscellaneous zParking continued wGold lot is south of Medical School building and is strictly for folks who have a gold permit – do not park there – fines! wDo not park overnight in the lots - use meters on street (free on weekends) wU card can be used for free DTA bus rides! w

20 Miscellaneous zBooks and supplies - ask big bro/sis wGloves for Anatomy - $10.00 zScrubs/Lab Coats for Applied Anatomy wUniform Connection wMiller Hill Mall zAMSA Instrument Sale (September 10) zJoining AMSA will get you a free Netter’s Atlas zClass officer elections – late September wSee Student Manual for descriptions (beginning on page 44)

21 Miscellaneous zImmunizations wHand the forms in today if you have not handed them in already wYou can used multiple forms (e.g., Hep B) wYou MUST have a health care provider sign off on this document wSee page 87 in Student Manual for list of required immunizations wIf you are not in compliance, you may not see patients! z z

22 Transcripts zWe must obtain a copy of all of your transcripts. If you are not in compliance, please take care of this immediately

23 Med Guide zRewritten by students zRead carefully - lots of information from students’ perspective zRead policies (pages 55-102) wExamination Policy wAcademic Policies wGrading Policy wStudent Professionalism Code

24 Student Lounge zThis is your home now! zKeep clean - clean up crew each week wMicrowave and frig - please keep clean wIf your dishes are in the sink and your food is rotting in the frig, they will be thrown out each Friday! wNew furniture – please keep clean! zPhone is for your use: no long distance phone calls (unless you have a phone card) zMailboxes – check your mail for handouts etc. zSome exam postings may be in glass cabinet zPDX/study rooms – keep clean and don’t HOG!

25 Communication zE-Mail - CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!!!! wExpected that students read their email every 72 hours wOfficial means of communication for UMD and MSD wEmail Policy (page 95 Student Manual) zStudent Affairs Office: 726-8873 zBoards in Student Lounge wStudent Affairs wDina wFirst and second year class reps wVarious organizations

26 zAll medical students must have health insurance as a condition of enrollment wUMD Health Services zStudent Health Benefit Plan (SHBP) wStudent Only: $1008.00 (Fall and Spring/Summer Semesters) wSpouse: $1,386.00 (Fall and Spring/Summer Semesters) wSingle Child: $1163.00 (Fall and Spring/Summer Semesters) wTwo+ children: $1,446.00 (Fall and Spring/Summer Semesters) w w Health Insurance

27 zYou are automatically enrolled zFee statement is charged zYou can waive the plan if you have one of the following insurance plans: wA U.S.-based employer sponsored health plan wMinnesota Care wGraduate Assistant Insurance Plan (not applicable)

28 Health Insurance Waiver zIf you waive the SHBP, you must verify your other coverage by providing a certificate of credible coverage obtained from your insurance company or organization wThis must be submitted to Boynton Health Service (TC campus) wUse fax cover sheet with certificate of coverage downloadable at: HC_SHBPWaiver_FaxCover.pdf Fax #: 612-626-5183 wIt is not enough fax your insurance card – you need something from the insurer

29 Health Insurance zAdvantages to the plan wFull access to BCBS pharmacies wNo maximum on pharmaceuticals wCoverage for all immunizations w

30 Curriculum Schedule zHard copy in your mailbox zAvailable on-line at: zAlways check for changes

31 Office of Student Affairs – What in the world do we do????? zOrientation zRegistration and grades zGeneral information/needs/requests zAdvising zTransfer to Minneapolis zTranscripts zSocial events zCandy zEncouragement/Support z??????

32 Academic Support zStudent Affairs zMaster Tutor in your learning community zHaving a problem with coursework? sGrade Monitoring sTutors sFaculty sReview sessions/groups sBoard preparation – individual meetings sPersonal problems affecting academics/life sNetwork of professionals to help you sPhyllis Lindberg – specializes in helping you with academic matters

33 What do I do? zTake care of you….your advocate zPersonal counseling zAcademic advisement and support wLiaison to Scholastic Standing Committee zLetters of recommendation zCareer development (RPAP? Specialty?) zBoard Preparation zAdvice/information - third and fourth year zCONFIDENTIALITY IS STRICTLY ADHERED TO zYou are part of our family!

34 Orientation Activities zWednesday, September 5 wStudent Well-being wVignette groups (support groups) and skits wHonor Council wOrganization/Activities fair zThursday, September 6 wDrs. Ray Christensen and Ruth Westra on Professionalism wPhyllis Lindberg, Study Skills zFriday, September 7 - picnic

35 Activities zWelcome Picnic zBreakfast with the deans and faculty zSpouse/Partner/Significant Other Night zSkit night zWhite Coat Ceremony zHoliday luncheon and tree decorating zDance in Winter or Spring zHay rides, skiing, picnics

36 Classroom technology - TurningPoint Response Card Be sure to bring it for the 11 a.m. session Friday zDevice is assigned to the user as indicated on the box zDevice will be used for two years and returned in working condition zThe assigned owner is expected to have the device available for any session requiring its use… this may include unannounced events zDamaged or lost units can be replaced by the owner through purchase at the UMD Bookstore (cost = $40) zReplacement units must be submitted for ID recoding

37 Link To This Presentation z oad_07-08 oad_07-08 zThe login username is: downloaduser zThe password is: 07-08

38 Introductions zPair up with NEW partner (different from summer orientation) - 10 minutes zFind out: wName wHometown wMajor and school wFamilies etc. wHobbies wHow they found out they got into medical school – describe circumstances

39 School Assembly Policies Course Requirements

40 Administration of Examinations zAlmost all examinations are administered on computer in the Learning Resource Center or in room 68 zComputerized testing is administered through WebVista zFaculty are not required to return exams after grading, but some Course Directors may make them available for study zReview time for going over major exams has been dedicated as part of class time (see curriculum schedule)

41 Academic Requirements zBasic Science Coursework and Step 1 of the United States Medical Licensure Examination (USMLE) wMust be successfully completed within four years from the student’s beginning date of enrollment

42 Academic Course Requirements cont. zYears Three and Four curriculum and Step 2 USMLE wMust be completed within a three year period zNot to exceed a total of seven years from beginning date of enrollment wException of those students enrolled in a dual degree program or approved modified programs

43 Examination Policies

44 Absences From Examinations zStudents will notify the Course Director and Dr. Repesh in advance of an absence zThe Course Director will determine if the reason for the absence is legitimate (see page 58 Student Manual) and therefore, excused

45 Absences From Examinations zTiming of the Rescheduled Exam wIt is strongly recommended that students who miss an exam for a legitimate reason and are excused should take the examination within ONE WEEK of the original exam wIn some circumstances, it may be possible for students to take an exam EARLY wIn all cases, it is up to the Course Director

46 Remediation of Courses zIf a student receives an “N” grade (no pass) in a course, the Course Director and course faculty in consultation with Dr. Repesh will determine if the student will be offered a remedial examination or will be required to repeat the course

47 Scheduling of Remedial Exams zWhen it has been determined that a remedial examination will be offered to a student with an “N” grade, it will be available, if possible, within one week following the determination of course grades zIf a remedial plan conflicts with ongoing courses, the student may propose to take the remedial exam following a major break from courses (e.g., holiday, Spring break) wThis plan must be approved by the Course Director wStudents must have an excused absence to miss a remedial exam or they will be required to repeat the course wStudents will consult with Dr. Repesh for assistance with scheduling a remedial exam

48 Computer Testing Procedures

49 zPart of the Examination Policy (p. 57, Student Manual) zStudents will abide by the University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth Honor Code (p. 71, Student Manual)

50 Prior to the Examination zStudents studying will leave the testing facilities with all written materials TEN minutes before the exam begins zStudents will report to their assigned computer station/room at the designated start of the exam (ON TIME) wAssignments will be posted outside the LRC and in room 68 prior to the examination

51 During the Examination zStudents will arrive ON TIME for the examination! zStudents who have questions during the exam will write comments/challenges relative to test questions on a discussion board via WebVista (will be reviewed by Course Director/faculty later) zStudents are not allowed to bring written materials INTO or OUT of the testing facility

52 During the Examination - continued zStudents are not allowed, under any circumstances, to make copies of or print the examination zStudents are not allowed access to email or the internet other than WebVista during the examination period zStudents will be allowed to leave the testing facility for restroom breaks only zNo food during an examination zBe considerate of your neighbors during the examination (chewing gum, etc.) zBackpacks and bags should be stored in lockers or under the far counter during testing zYou will be monitored!

53 During the Examination - continued zStudents will seek the assistance of Brad Ingersoll or Mark Summers to resolve technical problems during the examination zStudents are not allowed to bring cell phones, PDA’s or other electronic devices into the testing facility (unless required by the Course Director)

54 After the Examination zAfter submitting your answers and reviewing your score (relative to others who have submitted their score), students will leave the testing facility immediately and not reenter until the last person has finished the examination

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