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What happens after you file an RTI? Speed, Ease, Efficiency.

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1 What happens after you file an RTI? Speed, Ease, Efficiency

2 Sample Size Filed RTI applications within the sample: 190 18 RTI applications transferred to 115 divisions and PIO’s Total responses under consideration: 190+115=305 PIOs Filed RTIs under consideration cover sample states (states and district PAs) + 1 State HQ +10 PAs in the Central Government

3 Nature of the Application Filed 2 Key questions: Application History in the PA  No. of applications received since 2005  Response time  Nature of response: # case where full information was provided, partial information provided or rejected Copies of applicant and appeal registers Copies of applications and appeals and orders

4 Tracking Process All Applications filed between June ‘08- July ’08 Data base developed to keep a log of responses Data base record includes: Acknowledgement date, response date, response, action taken, appeal filed

5 Key Questions for Analysis Speed of responses Nature of responses Ease of accessing information Speed of responses to first appeals Nature of responses to first appeals

6 High Response Rate Three Fourths of the RTI applicants filed received responses

7 But Timely Responses are Rare 1/3 rd Responses Received within 30 Days

8 Some States Better than Others

9 50:50 chance of accessing information Information furnished in 3/4 th of the responses received and just under ½ of total applications filed Relatively few rejections

10 Some Caveats Many difficulties in payments for RTI applications Delhi police requested payments for much more than mere photocopying!

11 The complicated payment process: Treasury Challans: A saga PIO requests to make payment by TC We went to Pvt Banks They sent us to SBI They sent us to Tees Hazari SBI Asked to bring TC form Request for ‘correct’ form. But don’t tell us what that means Not to be outdone, we refer to a website and get details They send us back to get SDM’s signature!!!

12 Delhi Police: ‘With you, For you’ as long as you pay! RTI application forwarded within 20 days to all PHQ units More than half responded asking for photocopy money+ additional salary costs for staff deputed to actually do the photcopying!

13 Delhi Police: ‘With you, For you’ as long as you pay!

14 So how much does it cost to photocopy? A sampler

15 And Appeals don’t help either

16 State Highlights Meghalaya: Over 2/3rds of the PAs responded with complete information either directly or after requests for money for photocopying Meghalaya also amongst quickest in responding to RTI applications AP: less than 1/3rd PAs furnished complete information

17 PA Highlights Speed of Responses Railways- Highest number of responses within 30 days at 90% MOEF- A close second. 74% were responded to within 30 days

18 PA Highlights Slowest PAs Responses within 30 days- Revenue at 29%, Women and Child at 24%, Police and home at 14% & 20% respectively Deemed Refusals Revenue Dept: 67% Women and Child: 41% Rural Development: 30%

19 PA Highlights MoEF and Railways: Top the list. Nearly 2/3rds-furnished information either directly or after making requests for money for photocopying Revenue Department worst performer. Less than 1/5 th PIOs furnished information

20 Rejections Section 8 (j) and section 11, section 7(9): most commonly cited reason for rejection Across PA’s and states max. rejections came from the police department. Majority of the rejections drew on section 8 (j)

21 First Appeal Process 68 First Appeals were filed A mere 16 responses were received from the FAA In 9 cases FAA allowed appeal, 1 partially allowed, 6 rejected the appeal In 15 cases, full or partial information was furnished by the PIO after filing the appeal

22 Experiences with Appeals Municipal Secretary, Delhi- Rejected information under Section 11 but submitted all the information asked for in a fortnight after the appeal hearing.

23 Going Forward: Issues for Further Analysis Analyze and assess factors that makes some states and PAs respond better than others Cross verify this data with the real time experience of filing RTIs in these PAs through the urban and rural survey’s Compare our experience with claims made by PAs – eg Delhi Police

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