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Educational Measurement and School Accountability Directorate.

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1 Educational Measurement and School Accountability Directorate


3 If you are very familiar with SOAR, try these quick links: Term 2 tasks – overviewoverview Term 2 tasks – in detailin detail Principal’s SOAR checklistchecklist SOAR URL Quick links If you are a new SOAR user: refer to the Term 1 SOAR training PowerPoint available from OR then use this link for the explanation of Term 2 tasksTerm 2 tasks

4 In Term 2 principals or their delegates will use the School Online Assessment Registration (SOAR) to: 1.Update all recently left or recently enrolled students 2.Print assessment rolls for all tests 3.Add visiting students and identify all exempt students 4.Identify all students who were absent or parent withdrawn 5.Indicate the correct barcode for any recently enrolled or visiting students 6.Indicate any special provisions accessed by students 7.Count and check all completed test books 8.Indicate the return of test books by Australia Post SOAR 2010 Return to Quick Links or continue trainingQuick Links training

5 A navigation menu will appear on the left Buttons used in Term 2 are: 1.Assessment Roll 2.Check In 3.Check Out 4.Notice Board 5.Student Management Navigation menu Continue trainingtraining

6 Check the Notice Board after logging on, for recent announcements and notifications Notice Board

7 Use Student Management to: –add recently enrolled students –delete any students who have left the school –add the details of students visiting the school (if known) before printing the Assessment Rolls Student Management

8 Assessment Roll Use Assessment Roll to print out the roll for each test: –Writing –Language conventions –Reading –Numeracy non-calculator Years 3 and 5 –Numeracy calculator allowed Years 7 and 9 –Numeracy non-calculator Years 7 and 9

9 Assessment Roll When you enter this screen, you need to choose: –the cohort (Year 3 or 5 or 7 or 9 or ALL) –the assessment (Numeracy or Writing or Reading or Language Conventions or ALL) You can organise the Assessment Roll by: –roll class –students’ last names –students’ first names

10 Assessment Roll 3, 5, 7, 9 Num non-calc Num calculator Read Writing LC Roll or Last Roll Last First First

11 Assessment Roll Click on this button The Assessment Roll will appear after a brief time, and you can Print and Save

12 Assessment Roll Give the printed Assessment Rolls to the supervising teachers and discuss: the need for accuracy recording any students who are absent, exempt or withdrawn from a test recording any special provisions recording the barcodes for students using ‘blank’ books Then collect all rolls after the test and have nearby, ready for Check In

13 1.Add new students in Student Management 2.Add visiting students in Student Management 3.In Student Management delete any students who left the school before the NAPLAN tests Before accessing CHECK IN Continues next slide

14 4.Record the number of test papers you are returning for each test (Writing / Language conventions, Reading, Numeracy) 5.Have the Assessment Rolls showing: –absent, parent withdrawn and exempt students –barcodes for test books used by recently enrolled students and students visiting the school –comments on student illness or behaviour –students who used special provisions, including Braille, large print, black and white, coloured paper Before accessing CHECK IN

15 CHECK IN There are 7 steps to Check In First choose the Year group (cohort). Click on the test you want to Check in

16 Step 1 - Students who did not complete the test Each student is assumed to have completed the test, so the default is Present. Use the pull down menu to select options : –Absent –Parent withdrawn –Exempt (LBOTE, Disability) CHECK IN

17 Step 1 - Students who did not complete the test CHECK IN Filter by Last name Display all students Roll class sort matches Assessment Roll Ensure ALL absent status correct before pressing

18 Some schools have students who are exempt from testing on the grounds of: * significant intellectual delay * severe functional disability * being less than 12 months in an Australian school and LBOTE Refer to the Principals Handbook on pages 8-9 for exemption information Refer to the Test Administration Handbook for definitions on pages 31-33 (Years 3 and 5) or pages 36-38 (Years 7 and 9) Exempt Students

19 Step 2 – Assign Barcode to recently enrolled or visiting students Recently enrolled or visiting students will use a non-personalised or ‘spare blank’ book for each test in Writing, Language conventions, Reading and Numeracy Use the pull down menu to select the correct barcode for these students, using the information on the Assessment Roll Hint: you can filter by last name or roll class CHECK IN

20 Step 2 – Assign Barcode to recently enrolled or visiting students CHECK IN Filter by Last name Display all students Roll class sort matches Assess Roll Ensure all barcodes are chosen before pressing Where to find the barcode?

21 Step 3 – Students accessing Special Provisions Click the box to indicate the type of Special Provision accessed by the student: CHECK IN –large print –Braille –black & white photocopy –coloured paper –assistive technology –oral sign support –adjustable furniture –extra time –scribe –reader (numeracy only) –other –support class

22 Step 3 – Students accessing Special Provisions CHECK IN Filter by Last name Display all students Roll class sort matches Assess Roll Ensure all Special Provisions recorded before pressing Note this instruction

23 Step 4 – Students with comments In this screen you are able to enter any comments that may be important when accessing results, such as: – incidents at the school on test day –comments about student’s illness –comments about behaviour CHECK IN

24 Step 4 – Students with comments CHECK IN Filter by Last name Display all students Roll class sort matches Assessment Roll Ensure all comments entered before pressing

25 Step 5 – Students with identical names SOAR will identify students in the same Year (cohort) with identical names Reports provided in September for identically named students will have the student’s name and data of birth, to distinguish between them CHECK IN Note the students with identical names and press

26 Step 6 – Confirming the number of books SOAR will reconcile all students: –enrolled –visiting –absent –parent withdrawn –exempt –using different tests, such as Braille, large print and calculate the number of books to return for processing CHECK IN

27 Step 6 – Confirming the number of books Does the SOAR count match your count of the test books? Confirm the count by clicking the check box Then press CHECK IN The count for participating students: enrolled students visiting students absent/exempt/withdrawn total papers supplied The count when returning books: total papers supplied visiting students books to be returned (includes special print books)

28 Step 6 – Books kept at the school Schools are reminded that completely empty tests books for students: –absent –exempt –withdrawn by parents –who have left the school since the personalised tests books were printed –have sanctioned abandonment of a test should be kept at the school and used as a resource CHECK IN

29 Step 6 – Books to be returned Schools are reminded students who use: –large print –Braille –black & white photocopy –coloured paper copies of the tests must have their personalised test book clipped together with their special print book and returned for transcription and scanning CHECK IN

30 Step 6 – Books to be returned Schools are reminded that tests books where only one of two tests has been attempted by a student should be returned, so the completed test can be marked Schools are asked to return any torn, damaged or destroyed personalised books used by students in a plastic sleeve clipped together with a non- personalised book CHECK IN

31 Step 7 – Check in completed CHECK IN Ensure steps 1-6 have been completed accurately Press here to finish Then repeat steps 1-7 for each test

32 CHECK IN - FAQs I have no students, so what should I do? Should I do Check in every day? What should I do if all my students are exempt? What should I do for the students who have done the ‘catch up’ tests? You do not need to Check in or Check out Some larger schools find it best to Check in every afternoon, other smaller schools prefer to leave all the SOAR work until the last day Click this button on the Check In screen Change those students’ details on the corresponding hardcopy of the Assessment Roll, then change those student’s details in Check in, following Steps 1 to 7, and remember to save at the end

33 This screen allows you to: indicate the number of boxes being returned for processing assign a return sticker barcode for each A4 box returned indicate the Post Office where the boxes being returned will be lodged print and save a copy for your records Check out should be done on Friday, after students have done any ‘catch up’ tests CHECK OUT

34 For information on organising and returning completed test materials refer to: Test Administration Handbook on page 34 (Years 3 and 5) or page 39 (Years 7 and 9) Principals Handbook on pages 15-16 1.Click the boxes to show the tests being sent for processing 2.Select the number of A4 boxes being used 3.Click on the barcodes for the return labels 4.Indicate which Post Office 5.Press Save

35 What must Principals do? DateTask April - May Student Management  Register new students who enrolled after the data extract from ERN on 22 February  Delete students who have left the school 28 April to 10 May Assessment Roll  Print the assessment roll for each class and for each NAPLAN test  Ensure supervising teachers are aware of procedures for completing the roll 11-13 May Assessment Roll  Distribute assessment rolls with the test materials  Teachers record student name and barcode for any spare book used  Collect rolls, confirm absences, exempt, withdrawn, special provisions have been correctly recorded Continues next slide

36 DateTask 11-13 May Student Management Before Check in, ensure you have deleted all students who have left your school, added any new enrolments and added visiting students. Check in  Identify all absent, exempt or parent withdrawn students  Identify barcodes for all students who used a spare book  Identify all students who accessed special provisions  Count all completed books and match the number in SOAR 14 May Check in  Update from ‘absent’ to ‘present’ for catch-up students – this will ensure accurate reports can be issued Check out  Complete Check Out, place return labels on A4 boxes and go to Australia Post (NSW only) What must Principals do? Complete trainingtraining

37 Resources A copy of the SOAR training manual, this PowerPoint presentation and other resources can be found on the EMSAD NAPLAN website publications.htm publications.htm OR 12assessments/naplan/independentsch/index.php You can also email any queries to Re-run PowerPointPowerPoint

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