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In the campus Main Library (also called Chung-Chen Library) Commerce Library Social Science Library Communication Library Social Science Information Center.

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2 In the campus Main Library (also called Chung-Chen Library) Commerce Library Social Science Library Communication Library Social Science Information Center Out campus Center for Public & Business Administration Education Library Institute of International Relations Library

3 Ground floor --reading room and newspaper corner. 1st floor-- circulation desk, reference room and office. 2nd floor– periodicals corner. 3rd floor --Chinese books collections area. 4th floor --English books collections area, audio-visual room and research rooms.


5 Library Undergraduates can borrow 30 books for 4 weeks. If the book has been booking by others, you have to return it by 2 weeks. Library provides the services of helping reader borrow the book from our branch libraries, each copy of book will be charge 80NT. Remember to bring along your student card to identify yourself borrowing services

6 Reader Friendly Returning System Reader can return the book to the circulation desk or put it in the “return box” located in Main Library, Center for Public and Business Administration Education Library, Commerce Library, Communication Library & Institute of International Relations Library. To promote reader friendly returning system, reader can return the book to main library and any branch libraries despite where the book was borrowed.

7 Online booking system The book you required has been borrowed, what can you do? This is a time to use online booking system. You can also use this function booking new book. Libraries will send you a notification email when the book is ready. You are given 7days to pick up the book in specific library. Each person can booking up to 10 books.

8 Reader can renew the book if no other booking after it. Each book can renew once. The new returned date counted from the date being renewed, 4 weeks prolong.

9 Overdue books and fines Overdue books and fines Any borrower who fails to return the book on the specific date shall be liable to a fine of 5NT per day. The fine will be accumulated. Borrowers have 3 buffer days. If they return the books within 3 days, no fine will be charge. The 4th days will be charged 20NT and so on. Late return borrower was prohibited from borrowing, booking and renewing till the fine has been paid and the book has been returned.

10 If you lose a book while you have it on loan. You need to come to circulation desk to stop the overdue fine. Overdue fines will continue to accumulate until you pay the replacement cost. Replacement cost can either by cash or new book replacement.

11 You can go to the library website to apply for the email alert system. The system will send a notification email 3 days before the due date of your books to remind you to return the books. The system will send you an alert email if you not return the book by the due date. There are 3 buffer days for the late returned book. The system will send you a notification email if the book you booking is available.

12 New book Information Reader can find the new book information in the new book exhibition shelf in the 1st floor of the main library and our library website. During the exhibition period, new book cannot be borrow but can make a reservation through online booking system. 3rd floor Chinese collection area and 4th floor English collection area also have a new book corners for this year new book display, new book over there can be borrow.

13 Periodicals service Periodicals are placed in 2nd floor, all periodicals cannot be borrowed. Periodicals department divided to recent periodicals area and previous periodicals area. Chinese periodicals are arranged according to the number of strokes in the first character while English periodicals are arranged in alphabetical order. If the periodical do not found, most probably it was send to binding. You can check the periodical status through library online catalog. Library provides the intra-libraries periodicals photocopying services. Article below 20 pages will change NT80.

14 Newspapers service International students from all over the world who studies in NCCU can still access to their home country newspaper. NCCU libraries ordered over 80 Chinese newspaper published in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc. We have over 70 English newspapers and various newspapers from Japan, Korean, Indonesia, Malaysia, Arab, Turkey, Russia and Denmark etc. Reader can find daily and Chinese newspaper issued in three month at ground floor reading corner. For China newspaper and foreign languages newspaper issued in three months, it was placed in 2nd floor periodical room. Social Science Information Center has a collection of old newspaper over 3 months. Besides reading newspaper in the library, readers can also use online newspaper system to connect themselves with their homeland.

15 Photocopy Service There are photocopier machine placed in each floor in the main library. Photocopy cards may be purchase from the enquiry desk at 2nd floor in main library or Social Science Information Center.

16 Audio-visual service Audio-visual materials such as films, tapes and microfilms ext are available in audio-visual room in main library. Branch libraries will broadcast television news on 12a.m and 7p.m. from Monday to Friday. Most microfiches are placed in 1st floor of Social Science Information Center. It includes master and PHD theses, National Science Council research reports and official publications.

17 Interlibrary Loan Services To help reader obtain materials unavailable at NCCU Libraries, our library cooperate with 40 libraries nationwide by introducing Interlibrary Loan Services. You may bring along your student card to the reference desk register for the interlibrary loan card. You have to go to the cooperative library to borrow the book yourself, usually each card is allowed to borrow 5 books for 3 weeks. Each library has its own rules and regulations, so you have to check it out through our library website.

18 Nationwide document delivery service Nationwide document delivery service is a charged service, also function to help reader to get materials unavailable at our libraries. Besides domestic libraries, you can also apply for overseas document delivery. Charges are varied by each library. All documents and books will be sent to the Reference Room in the main library.

19 User Education Library organized library tours and courses for those who want to know more about the services and resources of the library. The program includes introduction of library services, searching methods of library catalogues and fun quiz. Information Searching course are conduct to help reader the way to find the document and the way access to database, e-journal and online dissertation. A personal instruction can be arranged for 5 persons or above.

20 The Research Guide on Selected Topics The Research Guide on Selected Topics is a complete research resource for your reference. Professors in various Faculties on campus are making contributions by offering the topics and definitions of the topics. The guide offers information on library collections such as monographs, dissertations and journal articles. Besides, it also provides links to selected websites.

21 Library E-News You can go to the library main page subscript for the library E-News. The process are as follow Our Services → Reference Desk → Apply online. The e-news will let you know the latest library news for free.

22 Rules made by the library syndicate. You must show your student cards every time you enter the library. You must wear proper costume to the library. After finishing reading, return the book to the place of the origin. If you are not around the reading room, please don’t occupy the desk. Each book has their specific code and placed in specific floor, so don’t mix the book up by bring the book out of their floor. You are responsible of your personal belongings so bring along your valued personal belongings with you.

23 Please swift off your handphone or turned it to vibrate mode when entered the library. Silence shall be maintained as far as possible in the Library. Food, drink and contraband goods shall not be taken into the Library. Smoking is prohibited in the library. Remember, you can only bring the books you borrow out of the library. Any book brings without libraries circulation process was considered stole. Damaging or stealing library materials are considered criminal and subject to penalty.

24 Thank You If you have any enquiry, please feel free to ask. You may ask the librarian in the circulation desk or call 29393091 ext 63182.

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