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The Arison School of Business Orientation Week Program for the 2008-9 academic year 2008-2009 Orientation Week October 26th – October 30th, 2008.

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1 The Arison School of Business Orientation Week Program for the 2008-9 academic year 2008-2009 Orientation Week October 26th – October 30th, 2008

2 Introduction Orientation Week Structure Getting Acquainted with the Library Itinerary

3 Getting acquainted with IDC staff, campus, and organizational system Getting to know the fellow students and creating a supportive studying environment in advance Acquiring basic skills in the Academic system

4 Welcome to Orientation Week at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. This week is one of our most important & distinguished activities and is designed to help you get familiar with IDC Herzliya, the place you'll be calling home for the next few years. Throughout the week, the counselors, all of whom are senior students, will be accompanying you to meetings with both IDC faculty and staff. During these meetings, you'll be introduced to our unique outlook and methodology.The counselors will also hold meetings in small groups in order to get to know you as best they can as they prepare to guide you throughout the entire school year. They will also provide each student with important tools that will help you make you feel at home on campus. Orientation Week, which will be held from October 26th to October 30th, is also an integral part of your study program and attendance is mandatory. Our goal during Orientation Week is to act as your "big brothers" by helping you take the first steps on your new path as an IDC student. We all hope the entire orientation process will be a pleasant and friendly one and get your experience with IDC off on the right foot We believe that the IDC is an ever-growing family of students and staff all of whom work and create an atmosphere of mutual cooperation. We understand just how important your integration into the IDC community is and we'll do the utmost to make it an easy transition. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question or request during the Orientation Week or during the course of your studies at IDC. Good luck! RRIS COUNSELORS Dear Students

5 RRIS STAFF Absorption and Welfare Division: Merav Atar - Director of Student Affairs– 09-952-7391 Ron Glanz- Coordinator of Cultural & Social Affairs. – 09-960-2794 Mali Choresh - Housing Coordinator.– 09-960-2791, 052-8514020 Linda Goldstein - Housing Coordinator. 09-9527657 Odeya Artzi- Student Affairs Coordinator. – 09- 960-2880 Gali Hefez - Financial Aid Coordinator. 09-9602719 Jonathan Davis- Head of the Raphael Recanati International School & Vice President for External Relations Wendy Keter- Director. – 09- 960-2806 Sarit Ben-or- Program Coordinator. 09-9602771

6 International Marketing Division: Mimi Laufer - Director of the International 09 -952-7261 Davina Hammel - Recruiting & Admission Coordinator- Business Administration Program 09-9527248 Stephanie Miller - Recruiting & Admission Coordinator- Psychology & Communications Programs 09-9602841 Sylvia Bercholz - Recruiting & Admission Coordinator- Government Program 09-9602801 Libi Yehezkel - Graduate Programs Coordinator. 09-952-7658 Academic Affairs Coordinators: Debbie Joel - Government program. 09-9527309 Kessel Lauren - Business Administration program 09-9527342 Carine Katz - Communication program. 09-9527341 Zaidel Levi Sharon – Psychology program. 09-9602881

7 Other important phones: Riesel Ruth – Psychologist 09-9527266 Danay-Arav Sharon – Psychologist 09-9602833 Thomas Rachel - Study Skills Center 09-9602789 Kadec Rachel - Career and Development Center 09-9527250 Moran Ruth - Career and Development Center 09-9527256 Simona Hadad- Tuition 09-9527311 Ronit Izak – Tuition 09-9527627 Dr. Yitzhak Oron - Dean of Student Affairs 09-9527237 Dr. Ayelet Ben Ezer - Vice President for Student Affairs 09-9602890 FEMI - medical insurance 03-5688888 1-800-363622

8 Business Administration RRIS COUNSELORS Amit On- Eyal Sweiry- Ilan Popel- Moran Farhi- Counselors’ Coordinator- Meital Protas 054-6666639

9 Orientation Week Structure 1. Events within the IDC Framework Opening Assembly for the Academic School Year for Freshmen class at the IDC: Prof. Uriel Reichman- Founder and President of IDC Herzliya; Prof. Rafi Melnick –Provost; Dr. Amir Licht- Dean of the Radzyner School of Law; Prof. Elazar Berkovitch- Dean of the Arison School of Business; Prof. Shimon Shocken-Dean of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science; Prof. Alex Mintz- Dean of the Lauder School of Government, Policy & Diplomacy; Dr. Noam Lemelshtrich- Dean of the Sammy Ofer School of Communications; Prof. Mario Mikulincer – Dean of the New School of Psychology; Dr. Yitzhak Oron- Dean of Student Affairs; Mr. Jonathan Davis- Vice President for External Relations & Head of the Raphael Recanati International School; Mr. Roni Lichtenstein- Vice President of Finance; Ms. Ahuva Oren- Pines- Vice President of Administration; Dr. Ayelet Ben –Ezer- Vice President for Student Affairs: Mr. Ofir Yehezkeli- Chairman of the Students Union. The Festive Opening Assembly of the Orientation week for first year students will be held on October 26th at 3 PM.

10 Opening statement by the Dean – Prof. Elazar Berkovitch Presentation of the International Program and Specializations, Exchange Programs by the Academic Director – Dr. Yaron Timmor Also participating: Prof. Rafi Eldor: Presentation of the Specialization in Finance. Ms. Liat Aaronson: Presentation of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program Lauren Kessel: Academic secretariat Dr. Yizhak Oron - Dean of Students Dr. Ayelet Ben –Ezer- Vice President for Student Affairs 2. Events within the Arison School of Business Framework Introduction to the Business Administration degree, including studying techniques: by a 3rd year student and Rachel Thomas Head of the Study Skills Center, will present the various services available to the students at the Study Skills Center Alumni Panel- Discussion with program graduates.

11 3. Events within the RRIS Framework Counselor Meetings RRIS Counselors will meet in smaller groups to go over the following topics: # Introductions and administrative necessities: student-cards, student handbook and other useful material will be handed out. # A tour of the campus: Each group will take a comprehensive tour of the campus during which initial explanations will be given about IDC Herzliya’s organizational structure and the roles of the various sites. # Becoming acquainted with the library: Each group will take a tour of the library. During the tour, librarians will present the library's structure, the location of professional literature and the rules for borrowing and returning books (see more info on pages 10-12). # Computer and communication systems at IDC: A survey of the computer and communication systems at IDC and the diverse tools which the students use at the Center during their studies. Furthermore, a lesson will be given at the computer lab in which the IDC computer systems, the e-mail, internet and the "Aleph" system to locate and borrow library items will be presented. # IDC Regulations and ethics. # IDC Giving: Extra curricular activities on and off campus.

12 Convening The Orientation Week will begin with a reception for the first year class by the RRIS counselors and staff. After the reception, the students will continue with their counselors. A meeting with Mr. Ofir Yehezkeli- presentation of the Students Union's organizational structure, its representatives and their roles, Union elections and the activities the association holds throughout the year. English Studies at the RRIS Ms. Miriam Symon from the English Studies Department will present all the aspects of the English studies program at the Arison School of Business. Ms. Ruthie Reisel- Psychologist Will present the psychological services available for the students.

13 Hebrew Ulpan at the RRIS Mr. Yuval Ben Atiya will present the first year class with the option of studying Hebrew for credit as an elective language course in an open and genuinely enjoyable manner. Hebrew is also offered in different levels during the year. Students who wish to sign up for the Hebrew Ulpan must take the level exam given and be placed according to their level of Hebrew. RRIS Debate and Rhetoric Run by the "Debate" Company which specializes in public speaking and was established by alumni of the IDC. The class will teach persuasion, transferring desired messages and public speech. Students will get to work on public image, public presentation and the ability to properly transmit the desired message successfully to both a live audiences and television cameras.

14 Overnight trip to the Judean Desert Tuesday, October 29th & Wednesday, October 30th For the next two days, the RRIS is taking its first year class on a two day adventure in the Judean Dessert. Experience all that the south has to offer, from the hot desert terrain to the relaxing minerals of the Dead Sea; from an authentic Bedouin encounter to exploring the historic depths of Massada. This overnight trip includes group activities such as guided tours, a cookout, parties and meals. The entire trip will be accompanied by the RRIS staff and counselors. We highly recommend you take part in this amazing trip. It gives everyone a unique opportunity to bond and make friends with the rest of the students in your class. To register, please notify your counselor. Getting Acquainted with Israel Israel Update In this presentation we will discuss current trends in Israeli Politics, how to read the political map, what the burning issues are and who are the people making headlines.

15 Additional aids for your convenience, with the aim of providing you better service:  A slot for returning books outside the library; can be used even when library is closed  Stations to connect laptops;  Wireless Network  A bulletin board for updated information about the library, new books and interesting newspaper excerpts dealing with fields of study at IDC;  Library website which includes online catalog, links to information banks and favorite websites  Spacious and comfortable reading rooms; A discussion hall - In this room, contrary to any other place in the library, groups can meet, discuss and study together. However, it is important to emphasize that the library rules, listed below, still apply in this hall.

16 Getting Acquainted with the Library The library will provide you with diverse services to assist you during your studies at IDC:  Comfort and quiet, for studying, for preparing for lessons and for exams;  Borrowing books for academic purposes;  Photocopying services: a large and well-ventilated photocopy room, with many modern copying machines and printers.  Approximately 100 computers connected to the internet as well as the library's extensive catalog and electronic databases. IDC Herzliya's library is a new and enlarged building established for the purpose of operating as an "Information Center" for the entire campus. The acquisition of books and printed journals no longer sufficient for modern research and study requirements. In order to cope with these requirements we have combined a traditional library comprising books and journals with computerized databases. We place special emphasis on electronic resources – their acquisition and training students to utilize them.

17 Computerized Databases The library's computer network includes many databases in the field of law, business, social sciences, etc. The database you will be using most frequently will probably be the computerized library catalog (Aleph) which locates books throughout the library. The computerized catalog can also be accessed via the Internet (from any off-campus computer). In addition to the 100 computers in the library, there are another 60 units located in the computer labs throughout the campus. Access to all databases are free for all IDC students and faculty. In addition to different databases you can browse the Internet where you will find abundant academic databases in all fields and access to catalogs of various libraries in Israel and abroad. Beyond the amount of knowledge and services, each library is judged according to its atmosphere and the conditions provided to its users. Therefore, the librarians strictly uphold the rules of conduct detailed in the Library Regulations found in the "Yedion". The purpose of these rules is to maintain an atmosphere that will enable everyone to study under the best possible conditions. Library website:\library

18 Some Key Library Rules Maintain quiet (use of cellular phones is forbidden); Group work allowed only in the Discussion Hall but in no other part of library; Smoking, eating and drinking are all prohibited. Do not bring bags and satchels into the library area. Leave them in the cloakroom at entrance to library; Keep the library clean; Maintain equipment in the library, do not damage or mark the books; Do not remove any material from the library without approval and going through the proper borrowing procedure. Method of Borrowing The borrowing procedure is simple and is done with a student card, which is personal and cannot be transferred to other individuals. Every student is entitled to borrow a maximum of three books and two CD-ROMs at one time. Strictly adhere to returning the books by 17:00 on the noted date of return. Every late return incurs a fine. The period of borrowing can be extended through the Internet. Library Hours: Sun thru Thurs – 08:30-21:00 Fri – 08:00-13:00 Holiday Eves – 08:00-12:00

19 Wednesday- Thursday 29-30/10 Tuesday 28/10 Monday 27/10 Sunday 26/10 Orientation trip to the Judean Dessert 9:30-10:00 Student Union 9:00-9:30 Presenting Arison School of Business 9:30-10:15 Gathering + registration 10:00-14:00 Rotation: Campus tour, Library, Lunch, Computer labs, student cards 9:30-11:00 Introduction to the Business Administration degree 10:15-10:45 About RRIS Orientation week 11:15-12:45 Debate 11:00-12:30 Counselor time: getting to know to IDC 12:45-13:30 Lunch 12:30-13:15 Lunch 14:30-17:00 Volunteering with Israeli business students- Tree planting around Herzliya 13:30-16:00 Counselor Time: IDC regulations and ethics And IDC giving 13:15-14:45 Israel Update 16:15-16:45 English studies at the RRIS for the Business program 15:00-16:30 Opening Assembly for the Academic School Year for Freshmen class at the IDC 17:00-17:30 Concluding orientation week and a few words about the TRIP 17:00-18:30 RRIS- Business Alumni Panel 17:30-18:30 RRIS opening ceremony 18:30 IDC's apartment residents meeting Itinerary for the Orientation Week

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