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Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune World Bank's Final Supervision and Completion Mission Progress Review.

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1 Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune World Bank's Final Supervision and Completion Mission Progress Review

2 2 Central Water and Power Research Station (CWPRS), Khadakwasla, Pune  CWPRS, established in 1916, is a premier hydraulic research institute in India, under Government of India Ministry of Water Resources  Excellence in providing technological solutions of practical utility for optimal and safe design of water resources structures through a combination of applied research and effective utilisation of latest technology for sustainable development and management of the country’s water resources  Work methodologies- physical and mathematical model studies, desk studies, field and laboratory experiments  Few specialised areas- river training and flood control, hydraulic structures, harbours, coastal protection, foundation engineering, construction materials, pumps and turbines, ship hydrodynamics, hydraulic design of bridges, earth sciences, cooling water intakes, environmental studies, water resources development, management and planning etc MAJOR DISCIPLINES River EngineeringCoastal and Offshore Engineering River and Reservoir Systems ModellingFoundation and Structures Reservoir & Appurtenant StructuresApplied Earth Sciences Instrumentation, Calibration and Testing Services

3 Role of CWPRS in HP-II  As a central implementing agency, CWPRS primarily plays a role as facilitator in R&D.  Achievements, developments and capacity building of CWPRS during HP-II are summarized as below:  Technical Advancements  Infrastructure Development  Research Activities under HP-II 3

4 Technical Advancements Capacity Building Trainings Received by CWPRS Officers (in India) 4 YearNumber of training programmes Number of officers received training 2006-07713 2007-08511 2008-09611 2009-10612 2010-11610 2011-12730 2012-133 6 2013-14511

5 Technical Advancements (Contd...) Participation of CWPRS officers in international training 5 Sl. No. Training Course TitleVenueNo. of Officers 1Water Resources PlanningIIHE, Netherlands 1 2Use of Developed DSS in Water Resources Management DHI, Denmark1 3Climate Change: Earth System Future Scenarios and Threats Newcastle University, UK 1

6 Technical Advancements (Contd...) Trainings course conducted by CWPRS 6 NoTraining Course TitleVenueNumber of Participants 1Prediction of Hydrologic Variables for Ungauged Basins Pune21 2Optimisation of Gauge & Discharge network in Maharashtra (3 workshops) Nasik100 (40 in 1 st course, 35 in 2 nd and 25 in 3 rd ) 3Calibration of current meters and their usage in rivers Goa35 4Application of Statistics in HydrologyPune21 5Application of ArcGIS in Water Resources Studies (3 courses) 23 (6 in 1 st course, 5 in 2 nd and 12 in 3 rd ) 6Water quality data analysis, reporting and presentation Pune13 7Canal Automation using SCADAPune20 expected (20-22 May 2014)

7 Infrastructure Development Upgradation of Research facilities 7 No.Facility DescriptionCost (Rs Lakhs) 1Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) 82.51 2Civil works for upgradation of model canal 16.33 3Upgradation of current meter rating trolley facility ( up-gradation of certain identified hardware spare parts/ software component 1.15

8 Infrastructure Development Upgradation of Research facilities SCADA System Infrastructure Developed at CWPRS 8 Model Canal ADCP Data Acquisition System SCADA Screenshot of software

9 Infrastructure Development IT hardware and Software 9 Sl. No.DescriptionQuantitySl. No.DescriptionQuantity HardwareSoftware 1Desktop PC71ArcGIS1 2Laptop PC2 2 Utility software 3Workstations1MS-Office2 4Printers5Windows 72 5Scanners3QuickHeal Antivirus 3 6Photocopy Machines 23SCADA1 7Computer Furniture 3 8Handheld GPS1 9Multi-media projector 1

10 Infrastructure Development of CWPRS Physical Infrastructure comprising the buildings and allied structures were renovated and modified as the case may be to boost the image of institute in both national and international perspectives. 10 No.Facility DescriptionCost (Rs in lakh) 1Modernisation of Library Building32.05 2Renovation of VIP suites in Guest House60.80 3Renovation of Conference Hall34.76 4Up-gradation of two Lecture Halls50.87

11 Infrastructure Development of CWPRS Physical 11

12 Research Activities under HP-II Purpose Driven Study (PDS)  PDS on “Optimisation of stream gauge and rain gauge network for Upper Bhima basin in Maharashtra” was carried out by CWPRS in association with Govt. of Maharashtra (GoM).  Bhima basin up to Ujjani reservoir was chosen as a pilot basin for the study. Scope of the work included reviewing the preliminary work done by GoM and providing additional technical inputs.  Three workshops on the study were conducted during 2008-09 and 2010-11 jointly by CWPRS and Government of Maharashtra (GoM) at Jal Vigyan Bhawan, Nasik; with about 100 officials trained through the workshops. 12

13 Research Activities under HP-II (Contd...) Purpose Driven Study (PDS)  Technical Report based on the study was submitted to WRD, GoM and PCS in December 2010.  Five technical papers were published in international/ national journals based on the results of PDS. 13

14 Research Activities under HP-II (Contd...) Purpose Driven Study (PDS)  For Hydrographic survey for Tawa reservoir CWPRS completed field survey jointly with the WRD officials of Govt of Madhya Pradesh during Feb.-Mar, 2014. Report on the study under preparation. 14

15 Research Activities under HP-II DSS (Planning)  CWPRS representives actively participated in all the meetings and workshops, training programmes of DSS (P) during conceptualisation of DSS (P) model, customisation and scenario simulation stages of DSS (P)  CWPRS is a member of `Maharashtra State Decision Support System (DSS) Expert Group’  Generic DSS solutions software developed by the DSS (P) consultants, (DHI, Denmark) is installed on the workstation computer procured for the purpose by CWPRS. 15

16 Research Activities under HP-II DSS (Planning) 16 Participation of Dr. C. Ramesh, SRO, CWPRS in the 3-weeks training course on “Use of DSS in Water Resources Management and Application of the Developed DSS Software”, organised by DHI, Denmark during 19 th September to 7 th October 2011

17 Financial Achievements In accordance with WB document of HP-II, the budgetary cost allocated for CWPRS is about 3.69 crore initially and subsequently revised to 4.64 crore during various RCTs. Details of component-wise expenditure under HP-II for the period April, 2006 – March, 2014 17 No.ComponentExpenditure (Rs) 1Civil Works 2,75,48,386 2Goods 49,40,293 3Consultancy’s Services 0 4Training 6,29,256 5Operating Costs 85,29,229 Total 4,16,47,164

18  SCADA system developed at CWPRS under HP II will be utilised to carry our research in this field, to demonstrate automated control of canal operations and impart training of officials from various state and central agencies.  Trainings received by CWPRS officers in DSS(P) and the infrastructure developed at CWPRS for DSS(P) would be useful during the sustenance of DSS(P), for arranging trainings in this field and also basin specific studies can be undertaken.  Physical and IT infrastructure strengthened during HP-II would be effectively utilised for undertaking client sponsored studies and research in the field of Hydrology and Water Resources Analysis. 18 Post project plan for implementation of HP-II activities

19  Periodical (internal and external) review was helped in achieving the physical and financial targets of the project.  Collaboration with state/ central agencies was helped CWPRS to know about their activities and its implementation schemes in water resources projects.  Better technical exchange of ideas with national/ international experts would be helpful.  Training on procurement procedures and reimbursement during the implementation period of the project from to time was helpful to CWPRS. 19 Lessons learnt from HP-II

20 Plan for information Dissemination CWPRS had shared its experience in hydrological and water resources studies through organising 10+1 training programmes on various technical aspects. Further CWPRS officials had participated in various National/ International training programmes and workshops organised at different institutes under HP II. CWPRS can play active role in R&D activities under the proposed HP III. 20


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