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2 DON’T FORGET TO JOIN US AT… THORNHILL SECONDARY SCHOOL’S Post-Secondary Fair Thursday November 7, 2013 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

3 Scholarships and Awards Agenda Scholarships Purpose / Definition Types of Scholarships / Awards/Bursaries / Grants Student Commitment Financing Your Education Resources and Websites Discussion

4 Purpose of Scholarships To provide funds for post-secondary education To recognize student achievement To provide funds for extended opportunities in post-secondary Prestigious

5 What is a Scholarship? A non-repayable sum of money awarded to a student to help finance post-secondary education These funds are used for post- secondary education purposes: tuition, books and/or residence

6 Types of Scholarships & Awards Entrance Scholarship Merit Scholarship Athletic Scholarship Bursaries Grants Nominated Scholarships High School Scholarships

7 Thornhill Secondary Awards Kertland Memorial Scholarship (Lion’s Club) W. Stanton Schoeler Memorial Award TSS School Council Award Markham District Energy Sustainability Award Stephen Luther Memorial Award YRDSB Director of Award Determined by: School Awards Committee

8 Who Offers Scholarships and Awards? Employers - Talk to your parents. Ask your boss. Companies – TD/Canada Trust, Burger King Sears, IBM, Bank of Montreal Organizations / Associations / Foundations Mensa Canada, Girl Guides of Canada, The Dennis Waldman Foundation, Future Aces – Herbert Carnegie Foundation, Lions International Governments Ontario Tuition Grant OSAP Schools – University, College

9 Additional Points of Interest Scholarships based on academic achievement, may be renewable if high marks are maintained You may apply for and be granted an unlimited number of scholarships (except for university scholarships) Most scholarships are not taxable Entering contests (Math, Science and Essay) can earn you scholarships

10 Are You a Good Scholarship Application Candidate? Well-rounded (academics, community service, extra-curricular, leadership) Excellent time management and ability to research and plan At least an 80% average and above Students with high grades 9-12, have an advantage

11 Tracking Your Volunteer Hours For Community Awards If you have met or exceeded your required 40 hours of community involvement, it will be your responsibility to track any additional hours. A tracking form is available on the T.S.S. Guidance website.


13 Appropriate Candidacy Cont’d. Dedicated to the application process Willing to seek help from family, friends, teachers, Mentors, and Scholarship Coach Part of a special group (ethnicity, athletic, and exceptionality)

14 Your Parents/Guardians Can Help Assist in preparing a financial plan To provide encouragement Aid in the research process To investigate a network of contacts and resources To review applications / resume

15 Before You Apply Plan ahead and do your research Prepare a resume and order transcripts Request 3 letters of recommendation from a teacher, a community and an extra-curricular supervisor Know everything there is to know about the scholarship (expectations, requirements, eligibility, deadline for applications)

16 Fill in all sections of the application unless not applicable Always tell the truth Use standard white paper for essays and resumes Ensure the application is proofread Type the final copy of the application or write neatly Photocopy application package before mailing Application Etiquette

17 Students with Exceptionalities Students identified with a disability can receive accommodations and may also qualify for additional financial assistance at university and college Students are responsible for providing the school with documentation of their disability Scholarships are available for specific disabilities and special needs in general National Educational Association of Disabled Students

18 Financial Aid for Students with Special Needs Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) Ontario Special Bursary Program (OSBP) Canada Study Grant for High-Need Part-Time Students (CSG/HN/PT) Part-Time Canada Student Loan Program (PTCSLP)

19 Useful Scholarship Websites Database of Scholarships, Bursaries & Grants One-stop resource from the federal government Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada Thornhill S.S. Guidance

20 Website Spotlight

21 There are thousands of scholarships and awards with non-academic attributes: Being creative, nice or tall Volunteering Where you live Playing sports (hockey, soccer, etc.) Your heritage or what languages you speak Entering a contest, responding to a survey

22…easy as 1, 2, 3 1.Students register and complete a profile will search their database of over 10,000 awards worth over $70,000,000 3.Students can then apply to the awards in the search results.

23 TSS Awards The deadline to submit your application for TSS Scholarships and School Nominated Scholarships is Friday October 18 th 2013

24 Find this presentation on us Thornhill S.S. @TSSGuidance



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