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1 News ght/ ght/ in_amaze/ three_more_great_white_sharks_off_chatham/ three_more_great_white_sharks_off_chatham/ al_flood_in_south/ al_flood_in_south/ rming_in_the_arctic/ rming_in_the_arctic/ h_for_stimulus_money_puts_watershed_at_risk/ h_for_stimulus_money_puts_watershed_at_risk/ interest_in_dedhams_mother_brook/ interest_in_dedhams_mother_brook/ st_ocean_temperature/ st_ocean_temperature/

2 New Lab Section A Fourth Section (04L) to the EEOS 121 lab course. This section meets on Thursdays from 2:30 to 5:00

3 Homework Please photocopy your ID card photo and write your name, major, and hometown on a 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper. (I would like to attempt to learn all of your names and faces)

4 Index Card Name 3 ways land affects coastal waters Name 3 ways the ocean affects the land Name 3 ways you affect the environment Name 3 ways the environment affects you

5 Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences (EEOS) EEOS is an interdisciplinary department that integrates the natural and social sciences to generate and apply new knowledge about the quality of our environment and the sustainable use of its resources. It focuses on promoting integrated science, planning, policy, and education for understanding earth-system processes and managing the impacts of urbanization on linked watershed and coastal marine systems

6 EEOS 120 Policies Text Exams Participation Paper Honesty BlackBoard

7 Physical Framework What is an estuary? –Ice Ages How deep? –Shipping Channels Tides –Tidal Volume Mixing – perations/modeling/index.html# boston perations/modeling/index.html# boston –http://www.harbor2.umb.e du/massbay/results.htm Images removed due to copyright restrictions.

8 News _r=1&hp _r=1&hp e_ice_loss.html e_ice_loss.html 5/minots_ledge_and_other_lighthouse_fixer_uppers_are_not_for_th e_faint_of_heart/ 5/minots_ledge_and_other_lighthouse_fixer_uppers_are_not_for_th e_faint_of_heart/ 5/scientists_hope_manatee_off_cape_cod_hurries_home/ 5/scientists_hope_manatee_off_cape_cod_hurries_home/ ethemilkyway

9 Reading Harbor and Bay Boston Harbor State of the Harbor Report (2002)

10 Scientific Method Boston Harbor Observation-Problems Question? Hypothesis Testing the hypothesis New hypothesis  experiment Result Conclusion

11 “Boston Harbor is the Dirtiest Estuary in the United States” (1988) Observation (measurement) Why? Hypothesis. Test hypothesis. Experiment, more measurements.

12 Questions How do we make improvements?

13 Biological Processes Photosynthesis Spring Bloom Nutrients Benthos

14 Image courtesy of MWRA

15 Chemical Contaminants –Oil –Metals –PCBs Dissolved Oxygen –Fish kills Bacteria Image courtesy of MWRA


17 Solutions Removal of sludge Improvement of sewage system (secondary) Relocation of outfall

18 Human Impact-Sewage 2.5 million people served 890,000 households served 5,500 businesses served 230 million gallons per day of water supplied (average) 350 million gallons per day of sewage treated (average) 43 sewerage communities 50 water communities 61 communities collectively

19 Image courtesy of MWRA

20 Case Study Interdisciplinary Mankind   Environment Land   Ocean Boston Harbor –$4.8 billion –Largest estuarine recovery project in the world

21 Homework Please photocopy your ID card photo and write your name, major, and hometown on a 8 ½ x 11” sheet of paper. (I would like to learn all of your names and faces)

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