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Welcome Message How many students will like to get AA in this course?

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2 Welcome Message How many students will like to get AA in this course?

3 To get an AA in this course follow the rules carefully

4 Course has the aim of developing oral presentation skills using the computer. WHY

5 Deadline ( in print) is 25 Dec 2003 at 12:00 am (library entrance photocopy center). WHEN

6 The teacher’s role is only to guide and evaluate Students are responsable for running the course HOW

7 Every students is assigned part of a text and is expected to prepare a plate at home, a set of slides in the laboratory and do the oral presentation in class hours.

8 Projects will be prepared on plates and computer Each slide should have a simple drawing & 14 words text WHAT

9 21 slides

10 evaluated Every week students will make a progress presentation Plate, computer and presentation will be evaluated

11 The assignment is divided in sections for every week. Every week each partner receives three different grades. Some assignments will have higher weight.

12 last four weeks The last four weeks are the most important because they round up all the information necessary for the final (attendance is then specially requested). Put last slides on top of the file.

13 Assigments not completed during the week cannot be submitted during other weeks. Nevertheless the slides must be all complete by the end of the term to get passing grade.

14 e-mail Any comments about grades must be done using e-mail. Annoucements will be e-mailed. Partners must make sure that their have enough space on their e-mail account.

15 Work must be presented according to the formats suggested by the course rules. Since checking is more difficult, grades will be lower for not following suggestions.

16 Use lower case letters for your files and do not use turkish letters. Keep all your materials (files and plates) till the end of the semester (you may need to re-use).

17 REVİR you have an illness during the date of the final contact the REVİR at least by phone and then get your REPORT to present to the REGISTRAR (Mahzeret).

18 a holiday We will follow the program without changes. If there is a holiday then that week plate is omitted but the slides must be completed by the next week.

19 Use newspapers, radio, video- clips, ads, web-pages, speakers, players, TV, billboards, stand-ups, to develop new ideas about how to express new ideas for your projects. Original ideas will be rewarded.

20 Good LUCK !!! All rules and examples in: WHERE

21 Slide Prepare four slides on the given story. Every slide should have a figure (or group of figures) (no clip art) and 15 words text each. Every word in the text should be represented in the figure. Answer questions: who, when, what, where.

22 Text ( word / figure)

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