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Greece Trip Parent meeting Wednesday March 3, 2010.

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1 Greece Trip Parent meeting Wednesday March 3, 2010

2 Agenda Introductions Forms Phone Tree Flight Information –Baggage –Departure Trip Agenda Accommodations Passports Money –Budgeting Medications Packing –suggestions Weather –Current & Trend Questions

3 Introductions Pascale Chambon – DiasPascale Chambon – Dias Janis RichardsonJanis Richardson Karl DiasKarl Dias Doug FitzpatrickDoug Fitzpatrick

4 Forms Student Information Forms DUE to teachers

5 Phone Tree Explanation

6 Our Phone Tree: NOT available online Will be sent home with students early next week Copies will be available in Main office if needed

7 Flight Info

8 Baggage one oneEach Explorica traveller is allowed only one standard-size suitcase and one carry-on bag. –All luggage must fit on the airplane, tour buses, ferries, trains, hotel elevators, & hotel rooms. –Any participant who brings additional luggage will not be allowed to board the Explorica bus and will be required to reach each tour destination by taxi or public transportation at his/her own expense.

9 Baggage tags & extra bag Bag tags will be given out at airport Bring an EMPTY bag for daytrips…

10 Arriving at Airport Students should arrive at airport for departure to meet with group no later than 12:45pm Friday March 12, 2010 We will meet at the check in area where you will say your goodbyes and check in with teachers. Air Canada Check-in

11 Explorica Site:

12 Trip Agenda Day 1 Start Tour Day 2 Yassou Athens Meet your Tour Director and check into hotel –Athens City Walk –Plaka district, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch Day 3 Athens Landmarks –Athens Guided Sightseeing Tour –Parthenon, Visit Acropolis, Temple of Athena Nike, Omonia Square, Syntagma Square, Olympic Site Day 4 Athens--Delphi –Travel to Delphi –Delphi Guided Sightseeing Tour –Visit Delphi site, Temple of Apollo Day 5 Delphi--Tolo –Travel to Tolo via Olympia –Guided visit Olympia site

13 Daily Agenda Continued… Day 6 Saronic Gulf Cruise –Saronic Gulf Cruise Excursion –Ports of call include Hydra & Spetses Day 7 Tolo--Athens –Travel to Athens –Mycenae & Epidaurus excursion –Corinth Canal –Greek dinner in Plaka Day 8 Start Cruise Extension Cruise –Optional Shore Excursions Available (purchased on tour) Day 9 Aegean Cruise –Cruise Day 10 Aegean Cruise –Cruise Day 11 Cape Sounion –Cape Sounion Guided Excursion –Temple of Poseidon Day 12 End Tour

14 Accommodations Information March 13 – 15 th Hotel Candia 40 Diligianni St Athens, 10438 Greece Phone Number: 0030 210 5246112 March 15 th – 16 th Hotel Parnassos 32 Vass.Pavlou and Frederikis Streets Delphi, 33054 Greece Phone Number: 011 30 2265082321 March 16 th – 18 th FLISVOS Hotel ( it is also on the beach ) phone number: 0030 275 2059223 March 18 th – 19 th Hotel Candia 40 Diligianni St Athens, 10438 Greece Phone Number: 0030 210 5246112

15 Passports Students are to have Passports on them at all times. Copies of Passports: –Parents/Guardians should have a photocopy –Teacher MUST have a photocopy –Student should have an extra photocopy to keep in their luggage separate from original.

16 Currency…. Currency….just a look

17 Money & Tips EURO: Saturday March 13 – Sunday March 21 Pounds: Layovers –6hr layover Saturday 6:am-12pm & 16hr layover 7pm-11am Monday March 22-March23 Explaining Tipping NOTE: Students should take tipping money aside to ensure it is not spent during travel. Like other members of the service industry, Tour Directors and bus drivers depend on tips to make a living. Tour Director: Each participant is expected to give the Tour Director at least 3-5 euros per day on European tours Bus Driver: Each participant is expected to give the bus driver 1-2 euro(s) per day on European tours. Tips: 63 Euros approx. –7 Euros per day x 9 days

18 Money Students are responsible for their own money and tips. Check with your bank to ensure your debit card and pin code are compatible ( usually 4digits and Interact symbol) Notify your bank to let them know what dates you will be travelling so they don’t freeze your account with unusual activity. Exchange rates (approx.) –100 Canadian = 63 euro –100 Canadian = 57 pounds

19 Budgeting Budgeting (food) A meal at a restaurant that includes a main course, a salad, and a soft drink would cost a traveler around €12. Expect to pay premium prices for food at a very popular touristy location. –A plate of spaghetti for instance, will set you back 6 or 7 Euro; –a Greek salad 4 or 5 euros, –a bottle of water €1.50, –the obligatory “service charge” another Euro, –TOTAL: approx. € 15 Weekly Food budget: approx €200-250

20 Total budget Requirements €63Tip € 63 (approx.) € 200-250Food € 200-250 (approx.) € 20Emergency $ € 20 € 30 + 35Travel € 30 + 35 pounds (approx.) € Your choiceOther € Your choice € 400-500Total (suggested) (approx.) € 400-500

21 Medications Note: Health  There are no immunization vaccines required for a trip to Greece if you are traveling from the USA or Canada. All medications must have students name on package if not over the counter. No CODINE Students who are on any prescriptions must give teacher a copy of prescriptions and purpose.

22 Packing for the Spring Packing for the Spring The period between February and May is unpredictable, with most days being very warm. Rainstorms are not unusual, but most days are dry and very pleasant. Light clothing is in advise, with a raincoat thrown in just in case. The sea is a bit too chilly for swimming during these months. Clothes Comfortable travel wear (lounge pants & sweats) Pants (jeans or cords) Shorts Lots of underwear & socks T-shirts & tank tops Sweatshirts Light jacket (layering is key) Bathing suit Dressy / Semi Casual outfit Watch Accessories Walking Shoes/Sneakers (broken in!) Cosmetics Personal Hygiene products Sun block Basic first aid stuff (Band-Aids, etc.) Towel & facecloth Blowdryer / straightener Adaptor Sunglasses Hat

23 What to Leave Home. Valuables Cell phones

24 Electrical Adapter If you live in a country with 110V electricity, your electric accessories would not work in Greece where 220V (50Hz) electrical outlets are standard.

25 Weather

26 Questions

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