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Spring 2013 Training 1. Ordering Information Ordering the I-ELDA is a two step process Iowa-ELDA Order and Agreement form- Online Electronic request using.

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1 Spring 2013 Training 1

2 Ordering Information Ordering the I-ELDA is a two step process Iowa-ELDA Order and Agreement form- Online Electronic request using the Iowa-ELDA Bar Code Template 2

3 Requesting test materials How do districts request the Iowa-ELDA test materials? Complete and submit an Iowa-ELDA Order and Agreement form to Northwest Area Education Agency (NWAEA) in Sioux City. This form is a Google Doc and is filled in online Found at the NWAEA website under Programs and Services, Iowa English Language Development Assessment

4 Requesting Student Bubble Answer Sheets (BAS) How do districts request the Iowa-ELDA Bubble Answer Sheet (BAS)? Districts must send an electronic request using the Iowa-ELDA Bar Code Template to NWAEA - Teresa Angerman at: The bar code template can be downloaded at or visit the I-ELDA website at: _development_and_evaluation/iowa_english_language_develop ment_assess_i_elda/ _development_and_evaluation/iowa_english_language_develop ment_assess_i_elda/ In the Excel template insert the requested data for each student from your student information management system

5 INFORMATION NEEDED TO ORDER BAS All typing of letters on entire template must be in UPPER CASE. State ID. This is a 10 digit unique number assigned by the state for each student. Last name and first name. This has to be the legal name used by the district. No nick names or “American” names. Grade level. 2-digit number. Please select from drop down box on template. Building. Enter the FULL name of the building in district where student attends school. School District name. Please use the official name of the district. Private schools use the same name as the public district in which they are located.. District Number. Every district has a unique 4 digit number. Private schools use the same number as the public district in which they are located. Public or private school. 0=public, 1=private. (Please use numbers for coding) Native language. Please use the drop down box to select. Birth date. mm/dd/year Sex. M=male, F=female IEP status. N=no, Y=yes AEA number or if subgrantee, which one. Please use drop down box to select. Optional District ID number. Being used by larger districts for help in identifying their students. Not used in our process. NOTE: Orders will NOT be processed until both the order form and the bar code template have been received by NWAEA. 5

6 Instructions for Using I-ELDA Bar Code Template INSTRUCTIONS ON FILLING OUT BAR CODE TEMPLATE FOR 2012-2013 ELDA STUDENT BAR CODES Column Heading: Definition: Instructions: Sample: STATEID Student's State ID (EASIER number). This is a 10-digit number. Do not omit zeros. ONLY use state ID number. If your student does not have a number assigned to them, contact Connie Brooks at the Iowa DE. PH: 515-281-5471 or E-mail: 0009999000 LASTNAME STUDENT'S LAST NAME USE UPPER CASE LETTERS ONLY.DELACRUZ (not De La Cruz) FIRSTNAMESTUDENT'S FIRST NAMEUSE UPPER CASE LETTERS ONLY.MARYJANE (not MARY JANE) GRADE Student's current grade level This is a 2-digit number. Kindergarten = 00, 1st grade = 01, 2nd grade = 02, 3rd = 03, 4th = 04, 5th = 05, 6th = 06, 7th = 07, 8th = 08, 9th = 09, 10th = 10, 11th = 11, and 12th = 12 BUILDING NAME OF THE BUILDING THAT THE STUDENT ATTENDS. USE UPPER CASE LETTERS ONLY. Enter the full name of the building in your district where the student attends school. JOHN SMITH ELEMENTARY (not just “ ELEMENTARY”) DISTRICTNODistrict number This is a 4-digit number. Do not omit any zeros. 0027 (not just 27) DISTRICTNAME USE UPPER CASE LETTERS. Enter the full name of the school district where the student attends school. ROCK VALLEY (not RVCSD) Use the official school name. PUBLIC/PRIVATESchool’s Designation Type the number “0” for public and “1” for private to be uniform with the department of education requirements. 0 – Sioux City Public Schools; 1 – St. Patrick School NATLANG STUDENT'S NATIVE LANGUAGE USE UPPER CASE LETTERS ONLY. Enter the native language (first language) of the student. LAOHMONG DOB Student's date of birth Provide a numeric date: 2-digit month / 2-digit day / 4-digit year. Use the forward slash as a separator. 03/06/2000 GENDER STUDENT'S GENDER USE UPPER CASE LETTERS ONLY. Enter either M for male or F for female. M or F IEP INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM USE UPPER CASE LETTERS ONLY. Enter Y if the student has an IEP. Enter N if the student does NOT have an IEP. Y or N AEANO Area Education Agency Please use the drop down box in this field to choose your AEA. AEA 1 – KEYSTONE; AEA 267; AEA 8- PRAIRIE LAKE; AEA 9 MISSISSIPPI BEND; AEA 10 – GRANT WOOD; AEA 11 – HEARTLAND ; DMPS ; GREAT PRAIRIE AEA; GREEN HILLS AEA; NWAEA, AND WATERLOO. LOCAL STUDENT ID NO. (OPTIONAL) Student’s 6-digit local identification number OPTIONAL FIELD! You may provide a 6-digit local ID number to help you better identify your student. Use of number is only for district’s use - not used in analytical process. 190856 6 nd_evaluation/iowa_english_language_development_assess_i_elda/

7 Ordering Information continued How many times can Districts request answer sheets? Districts should make only one request for the test. Students who are new arrivals should take the placement (TELPA, LAS or IPT) not the I-ELDA To whom will NWAEA ship the test materials and the pre-printed BAS? Test materials and pre-printed BAS will be shipped directly to the address indicated on the 2013 Iowa- ELDA Order and Agreement Google Doc.

8 Testing and Ordering Window What is the state test window? The test window is from February 1 through April 30, 2013. Districts should select approximately a two to three week testing window during that time for administration with additional time allowed for scoring and returning the I-ELDA. How far in advance must districts request their test materials and pre-printed BAS? Request materials 20-working days in advance of testing window. Deadlines for BAS requests are: January 10, 2013 if you wish to test in February; February 10, 2013 if you wish to test in March; and March 10, 2013 if you wish to test in April.

9 Ordering Considerations Information submitted by districts will be screened for errors on ID numbers and returned to districts before test materials will be shipped duplicates numbers do not contain 10 digits A yellow “Return Header Form” will be created based on your online order. This comes with the materials and should be returned with your BAS for scoring. There will be a late charge ($150.00) for districts submitting request for materials and/or returning answer sheets late. 9

10 BAS Return Header Form Please indicate the number of BAS for each grade cluster that you are returning by building. Building NameK-23-56-89-12 * S a m p l e * Smith Elementary3644220 School District: Sample NWAEA Office Use Only District #: 0000 Date Checked In: / / CDs : Yes No Complete this form to accompany your I-ELDA student bubble answer sheets (BAS) when returning them to Northwest AEA for processing. CDs used for testing must also be returned to NWAEA. This form should be placed at the top of your stack of BAS – do NOT attempt to “ attach ” it in any way. ALL pre-printed BAS that were sent to your district must be returned- including those for students that were not tested. NOTE: IF you have a student that was not tested but have a BAS for them- fill in the appropriate section of the bubble answer sheet indicating that they were not tested and why. The reverse side of this form is provided for any important note that you would like to add. NOTE: All accommodations must be marked on the front of the bubble answer sheets for students with IEPs or 504 plans. Results Recipient identified when materials ordered: This is the person that was identified by the district for receiving and being responsible for the results for the Title lll testing. All information printed is what was entered when the order and agreement was submitted. Please take a moment to look it over and make any necessary changes. Thank you. NWAEA Office Use Only: Results E-mailed / / Results Mailed: / /. Mail BAS to: Northwest AEA-Attn: Audri Carlson, 1520 Morningside Ave., Sioux City, IA 51106

11 Reviewing the Order MATERIALS MUST BE INVENTORIED PRIOR TO TESTING Assure each student has a bubble answer sheet that is COMPLETE AND NOT DEFECTIVE prior to the testing dates. Verify that there are adequate materials for all students. 11

12 Defective Assessment Materials Incomplete or Defective Test Booklet: Contact your test coordinator IMMEDIATELY to replace defective materials to assure replacements arrive prior to testing date. After the assessment, return ALL (defective and replacement) materials with other testing materials to Test Coordinator. Place all materials (defective AND replacement) with the other Iowa ELDA materials in a designated secure location.

13 What should districts return to NWAEA? ONLY return the Listening/Speaking CDs ALL (tested and not tested) BAS to NWAEA BAS Return Header form Do NOT return Student test booklets Test administration manuals Test booklets should be disposed of at the district according to district procedures for disposal of secure materials. Returning the I-ELDA

14 Should all buildings from a school district send their test materials and BAS for scoring in the same shipment? Yes All bubbles answer sheets must be returned together in the same package (NOT by individual buildings within a district). Speaking/Listening CDs may be shipped separately. What is the mailing address of Northwest AEA for sending the test materials and BAS for scoring? Districts should mail, ship, or deliver their CDs and BAS for scoring to: Northwest AEA, Attn: Audri Carlson 1520 Morningside Avenue, Sioux City, IA 51106 Returning the I-ELDA continued

15 Should districts photocopy student BAS as back-up and keep them secure until the Iowa-ELDA scores have been returned to the district? Yes. This is strongly recommended. What is the final postmark date for materials being returned to NWAEA for scoring? May 1, 2013 Is there a fee assessed for being late? Yes. There will be a late charge ($150.oo) for districts submitting requests for materials after March 10 th, and/0r returning answer sheets postmarked after May 1, 2013. After the districts have received their scores from NWAEA, what should districts do with the photocopies of the BAS? Districts should first confirm each student is accounted for, and then shred the BAS and all other testing materials/ booklets (except K-2 Student Books which are placed in student cumulative files). Return Procedures continued

16 How should materials be returned? Do NOT bend or damage BAS in any way—damaged BAS will delay the receipt of district test results; no Post-Its, etc. ALWAYS reinforce BAS with cardboard to prevent damage Districts should return BAS for scoring, using a service that can be tracked: United States Postal Service (USPS - Return Receipt Requested or Request Delivery Confirmation with a Tracking Number) United Parcel Service (UPS) Federal Express (FedEx) Some of the districts’ BAS have been lost using regular mail in the past. 16

17 Contaminated Materials If an ANSWER SHEET becomes contaminated, please follow the steps below : Follow district safety protocol. Transfer the student’s responses from the contaminated answer sheet to a new BAS. Write and bubble in ALL student identifying information on the replacement BAS. Dispose of the contaminated BAS according to school and/or district procedures. When the materials are returned, provide an explanation on side-2 of the BAS Return Header Form. If a TEST BOOKLET becomes soiled with contaminated materials: If a TEST BOOKLET becomes soiled with contaminated materials:  Dispose of the booklet according to school and/or district safety procedures.

18 WHAT RESULTS WILL WE RECEIVE AFTER TESTING? DISTRICT SUMMARIES and STUDENT RESULTS will be sent to the person designated on the Return Header who is authorized to receive these results. This information is imported to the form from your materials order. Results are usually sent to the districts within two weeks after receipt and scoring at NWAEA. The INDIVIDUAL STUDENT REPORTS will follow later once the four years of data are compiled. NWAEA will send one copy of each student’s report to the Appointed Results Recipient. It is recommended that the original report is filed in the student’s file. Districts may make photocopies as needed. It is the districts responsibility to keep all high stakes test information in a safe, retrievable format/location.* NWAEA reserves the right to charge districts to replace lost/misplaced files. * The electronic results for your District Summaries, Student Results and Individual Student Reports should all be stored in your district’s student management information system.

19 Is there a resource or reference for Iowa-ELDA general information? Districts may contact their ELL Consultants at their local AEAs or refer to the Iowa-ELDA website for useful information and to download documents at (follow the Programs and Services link to Research Development and Evaluation to Iowa-English Language Development (I-ELDA). Is there a contact at Northwest AEA, in case districts have an unforeseeable question? Dr. Tom Green at can be contacted by districts if their local AEA representative is unable to assist. Resources for assistance

20 Questions

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