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Cerise & Luca COLLEGE JEAN ROSTAND Avenue du Bourret 40130 CAPBRETON FRANCE Ecology in the sea city of Capbreton 2012-2013_4°A.

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1 Cerise & Luca COLLEGE JEAN ROSTAND Avenue du Bourret 40130 CAPBRETON FRANCE Ecology in the sea city of Capbreton 2012-2013_4°A

2 Recycling at school At the college Jean Rostand we recycle paper. We collect used paper in cardboard boxes in all the classes. Carla et Zoé B. Instead of throwing used pages away, we use them in class to write on the reverse side or we photocopy the other side.

3 SELECTIVE SORTING Most people in Capbreton sort out their waste products at home. Then they throw them in separate containers according to the material : ● tin cans or other metal products ● paper and cardboard ● cartons ● plastic ● glass ● These containers are emptied every week for the contents to be recycled. ● In other French areas, people use waste bags of different colors. Estelle et Maëlle

4 Composting Compost helps enrich the soil with an organic matter so it is an excellent fertilizer ! Compost is the residual product that results from the decomposition of organic matter by aerobic bacteria. Compost is used to nourish the plants and it is also a natural pesticide. A lot of people in the Landes area have compost bins in their gardens and use them to take care of their vegetable patches. Mathilde, Margaux et Chloé

5 Dredging in Capbreton Dredging is an operation that involves removing the toxic sludge from the bottom of the sea, that is the toxic waste that has accumulated underwater. In 2002, the local community of Capbreton took 92,000 m3 of toxic sludge out of its harbour and dumped it on the beach. Of course, it outraged associations such as the Surf Rider Foundation because it polluted the local environment ! Luca, Maylis et Cerise

6 Cleaning beaches in the Summer Twenty years ago, the General Council of the Landes established a cleaning service specialised in beach clean-up. The Landes coastline is 106 km long. From June to September, supervised areas are cleaned every three days and non-supervised areas are cleaned once a week. Hugo et Rémi

7 Beach clean up in Winter Imagine ! If 50% of French homes mobilized, only a few hours would be necessary to remove the millions of tons of garbage that litter the beaches on the French coasts. Of course, it would be necessary to do it again the following year because the amount of waste in the ocean is now so important that you can see them by satellite. It is absolutely necessary to participate in these actions, and it is even better to do it with your family ! Our 106 kilometer-long Landes beaches require constant protection !! Elisa et Emma

8 Winter beach cleaning The beaches are cleaned in the Summer by the local communities but in winter they are not cleaned to avoid unnecessary costs (in terms of tourism, not ecology...) The associations that come into action are the major international associations such as the Surfrider Foundation and RipCurl Planet. However, French local associations, often small ones, are in charge of most of the clean-up. Paul D. et Antoine

9 The Surfrider Foundation The Surfrider Foundation is an association that was created in 1990, in Biarritz, France. This association rallies its members to clean French beaches. They are all volunteers. They are given recycled bags and tongs to collect garbage on the beach. The association's purpose: - to preserve the ocean and the coastline. - to develop a sustainable management of ressources for and by the people who live on them. The Surfrider Foundation is active in France but also in the rest of the world (on African, Australian and American coasts...) Galiane, Sophia et Zoé M.

10 The SITCOM Pablo, Anthony et Romain

11 Waste sorting centre and incinerator The waste sorting centre of Benesse-Maremne is located on the outskirts of Capbreton, near the motorway exit. It was created in 1992. It is opened to the public. It has two different roles : - the recyclables which are organised in differents containers ; - the destruction and inceneration of the garbage that is composed of household waste and non recyclable goods. Alexis et Paul G.

12 To conclude our work on waste disposal in our region, we visited the nearest waste sorting center. We learnt a lot about where our household waste goes. We will definitely be very careful with what we put in our bins now !! Jules et Kénan

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