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Christina Galanis Editor, Interactive Media United Health Services.

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1 Christina Galanis Editor, Interactive Media United Health Services

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4 Wilson Memorial Regional Medical Center * Open-heart surgery * Brain and spinal surgery * Neonatal Intensive Care Unit * Designated Teaching Hospital Binghamton General Hospital * Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation * Emergency/in-patient mental health * Behavioral health * Renal dialysis Unique Regional Programs

5 Started registering patients in August 2002 with 3 practices Began Rollout to all UHSH and UMA practices in June, 2003 Now fully implemented at 59 practices and hospital departments 2315 patients currently enrolled 1,700 using Health Manager Tool

6 Early Marketing Efforts Began with Posters, Brochures, Postcards mailed to patients. Some stars at practices, but not the numbers we wanted Big surge as they came up on Patient Link and/or the contest…then they would “forget” to mention.

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10 E-Marketing and the Empowered Consumer We wanted to blend the PatientLink experience with the Health Manager “shared data” tool But we were stumped on the registration process going thru the practices

11 11 We wanted to message demographically, but just weren’t getting the numbers signing up and clicking to register on Health Manager So…..

12 12 Nurse Direct/Stay Healthy Physician referral service Outreach to community –BC Walks –Obesity & Smoking cessation –Disease Screenings Regional referral source

13 We Took Over! Set up at StayHealthy at the Mall Trained the Nurses there Got lots of ideas on how to incorporate into their disease mgt programs First Step…Fax your registrations to us!

14 14 Stay Healthy Window Banners

15 15 Practice Fax Form

16 Still not enough! So we went with what we know OnLine Registrations Firmed up the procedure and process Add a button in the physician directory…4 th most visited part of


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24 24 Patient Link: Flow of Patient Registration Practice faxes information to Mall and patients are registered For practice, Nurse Direct and Interests are added Patient is registered with Practice, Nurse Direct and Interests are added

25 WOW! Averaging 6 per day online Practices still Registering on their own Attending Health Fairs and Community Walks…surge when we do. Revamping our online process

26 Personal Health Manager User customized homepage, including dynamic steps for the user based on their identified health goals and risks 4 main sections for easy navigation Health Management Tools Personalized to the user


28 Health Improvement Programs

29 Now let’s drive ‘em in, so they can sign ‘em up

30 30 More marketing efforts underway Internal & External Newsletters Demo Site on CD for handout 10 minutes at disease mgt meetings Display for HealthFairs/Walks Demo site running on Kiosks

31 31 Using E-Marketing Tool Ability to demographically target specific members based on stated interests as well as usage patterns Created an IBS Class, based on registration trends and sold out the class. Added so many new registrants to a new spinal surgery procedure seminar, they had to add two new sessions.

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