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Accessing Maklib’s E-resources for teaching, learning and research. By Faith Akiteng College Librarian CEES Seminar Series CEES Boardroom, 2nd July 2013.

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1 Accessing Maklib’s E-resources for teaching, learning and research. By Faith Akiteng College Librarian CEES Seminar Series CEES Boardroom, 2nd July 2013 03/05/20151CEES Seminar series

2 Outline of presentation Introduction Objectives Outline of available E-resources at Makerere Univ. Categories of access. Libhub interface and functionalities highlights. Challenges to access. Suggestions for improvement. Acknowledgements. 03/05/20152CEES Seminar series

3 Introduction Teaching, learning and research are the core functions of academic institutions. As such, information resources used for learning teaching and should be evidence-based (scholarly and peer reviewed, current, relevant, etc) in order to generate more knowledge. 03/05/20153CEES Seminar series

4 Objectives To raise members’ awareness about the different electronic resources available for teaching, learning and research at Makerere University and how they can be accessed. 03/05/20154CEES Seminar series

5 Available E-resources List of all the available E-resources to support teaching, learning and research at Makerere University can be found at: Viz: 1. Bibliographic databases MakULA-Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) (Authors, Titles, subject, Class No. Year of publication, Edition statement, Location, Copies, Availability) 2. Abstract databases Institutional Repository (USDL)-Some full-text 03/05/20155CEES Seminar series

6 Available E-resources cont... 3. Full-text databases E-journal Databases Ebscohost-Academic Search Premier, ERIC, Emerald Cambridge Journals Online Gale Cengage-Academic ASAP Institute of Physics Publishing (IOP) Palgrave MacMillan Journals Sage Journals Online Wiley Online Library Project Muse 03/05/20156CEES Seminar series

7 Available E-resources cont... 3. Full-text databases American Institute of Physics Jstor Oxford University Press E-journals Magazine databases- Newspaper databases 4. R4Life databases HINARI (WHO)-Health and biomedical sciences AGORA (FAO) ; CABI DIRECT- Agriculture OARE (UNEP)-Environmental sciences 03/05/20157CEES Seminar series

8 Available E-resources cont... 5. E-books databases Ebscohost e-books Oxford Scholarship Online (Finance & Economics modules) 6. Systems LibHub : URL:http://libhub.sempertool.dkURL: 7. Document Delivery Service (DDS) A service for users to request for full-text articles when they find relevant abstracts. 8. Audio-Visual database(Podcasts) Market/Mgt. 03/05/20158CEES Seminar series

9 Categories of access Most of the E-journals and E-books databases are accessed from Makerere network through Internet Protocol (IP) address authentication.(Only at campus) Some are accessed through logins –Usernames and passwords (Resources can be accessed outside campus). 03/05/20159CEES Seminar series

10 LibHub functionalities LibHub is a single interface to discover and access the institution’s subscribed to and recommended information resources. In LibHub, it is possible to integrate metadata from publishers, database providers, eprint archives and any institutional local information resources including the library catalogue into one central index. Search: Simple and advanced; Browse:A-Z and subject browsing of journals, databases and other electronic resources. 03/05/201510CEES Seminar series

11 LibHub contd... Alerts -Notifications about new documents matching users saved query. -Notifications about new issues of the user’s favourite journals. Export citations -Export bibliographic data into reference management products such as EndNote, Refworks, etc. 03/05/201511CEES Seminar series

12 LibHub contd... MyCollections-Personalisation -End -users collections where they can create and save their favourite content for future use. Photocopy orders -Send a photocopy order for materials not available in full-text and issued through LibHub. 03/05/201512CEES Seminar series

13 LibHub contd... The “Help button” is meant to guide you in using the LibHub system optimally. The “Feedback button” can be used whenever you encounter hardships or errors, etc. You will always get a response. 03/05/201513CEES Seminar series

14 Creating Accounts on LibHub Click on My collection link to display the form New users have to create accounts Before they can save searches to their library collection. 03/05/201514CEES Seminar series

15 Fields with an asterix MUST be filled. All text boxes with asterisks Must be filled. Click on submit button to finish process. 03/05/201515CEES Seminar series

16 My Libhub collection Log out if using public computer Add note as reminder 03/05/201516CEES Seminar series

17 Challenges to access Inadequate ICT infrastructure (Computers, intermittent Internet, Low bandwidth, etc.) Limited skills (ICT and information literacy). Power outages. Stringent publishers policies for access (IP Vs. Usernames). Advances in technology (Change of platforms/interfaces, etc.) Copyright issues at Makerere University 03/05/201517CEES Seminar series

18 Challenges cont’d... Heavy costs of annual subscription to E-resources. Etc. 03/05/201518CEES Seminar series

19 Possible solutions Makerere should improve her ICT infrastructure. NB: The University Library has tried to improve access to computers) Mandatory training for first year students in ICT and Information literacy (University policy). Periodic training for staff (Maklib). Grant remote access to users (Maklib and DICTS). Invest in standby generators (Maklib has this in place but fuel costs are high). Makerere should develop copyright policies. 03/05/201519CEES Seminar series

20 Usernames & Passwords 1. HINARI Database. Username: UGA003 Password: R4657L3 2. AGORA Database. Username:ag-uga002 Password:25595G 03/05/201520CEES Seminar series

21 Usernames & Passwords 3. OARE Database. Username: UGA503 Password: 25595G 4. Gale Database. Password: weather 03/05/201521CEES Seminar series

22 Usernames cont’d... 5. CABI DIRECT Username: makerereuniv8 Password: lib79 6. Marketing & Management Collection (Podcasts) can be used as teaching materials. Username: mak; Password: member 03/05/201522CEES Seminar series

23 Acknowlegdements Makerere’s development partners (Sida, Carnegie, NORAD, University of Tennesse, University of Bergen, INASP, EiFL) WHO, UNEP, FAO. The Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL) 03/05/201523CEES Seminar series

24 Thank you for listening! 03/05/201524CEES Seminar series

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