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C.A.O. Application Procedures 2010 Introduction Read the Handbook carefully and have the prospectus of Colleges studied from your career investigation.

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2 C.A.O. Application Procedures 2010

3 Introduction Read the Handbook carefully and have the prospectus of Colleges studied from your career investigation Sections 1. Rules. 2. List of Courses. 3. Paper/On line application

4 Introduction Important that research of the course content, basic entry requirements plus any additional faculty requirements that may be required by the College is done prior to application Be familiar with the career opportunities available from the course. Ask how suitable are the subjects for you and your career plans.

5 Requirements summary. Age 17 on/before 15th Jan year following entry. NUI colleges require Irish, English, Maths, and a third Language except Nursing, Engineering, Science www. or Requirements can be on combined LC results. Points calculated on 1 sitting only and the 6 highest scoring subjects.

6 Six ways to help choose the course Assess yourself and your interests i.e. SDS, CII (interests), DATS (abilities), learning style,(educational) Research, prospectus, career directions, Library, What careers appeal to you? i.e. people, technical, practical, office, science, enterprise.

7 Six ways to help choose the course Realistically evaluate options, i.e. to be a doctor you need to like science, apprenticeships –practical, action. Select on basis of research and self- evaluation. What do you hope to gain from going to college, are you going for the right reasons and making informed choices?

8 Points System % Grade Higher Ordinary Foundation Maths 90 – 100 A1 100 60 20 85 – 89 A2 90 50 15 80 – 84 B1 85 45 10 75 – 79 B2 80 40 5 70 – 74 B3 75 35 65 – 69 C1 70 30 60 – 64 C2 65 25 55 – 59 C3 60 20 50 – 54 D1 55 15 45 – 49 D2 50 10 40 – 44 D3 45 5 Some institutions offer bonus points for maths and some will award points for foundation level. Check the college prospectus for details

9 L.C.V.P. Points ResultI.T. PointsUniversity/ D.I.T Points Distinction70 Merit50 Pass30 All HEI’s award points for LCVP in place of a sixth subject but not all HEI’s count LCVP as meeting eligibility requirements in regard to passing subjects.

10 Filling the form page 1 Use block letters and black ink. Surname and Christian names should be identical with those on your birth certificate. No need for birth cert. Title ….option. State male or female. Date of birth is essential. i.e. 09/07/1993.

11 Page 1 - continued Home Address….Tel No. Address for correspondence ….same. Country of birth.. Ireland. Nationality -- Irish ….Irish exemption if outside Ireland. Mobile phone and email.

12 Page 1 - continued School or schools attended. Latest first if more than 1. Signed and date I.E. 17 th Jan 2010. If first time Leaving Certificate tick box of ’10’. If repeat give year plus examination number. If taking/have taken Fetac level 5/6 tick box and enter your PPS No.

13 Dare Application For individuals with Specific learning difficulties, certain HEIs have a reserved number of places at lower points entry provided minimum course requirements met. Apply online, 1 st Feb, 11 Colleges, Indicate learning difficulty online, Access college with lesser points with some assistance in mentoring and study skills, etc. A Supplementary Information Form must be completed.

14 Dare Application Section A – completed online which indicates nature of your disability, supports received at 2 nd level, supports likely to be needed at 3 rd level and a personal statement indicating how you perceive your disability impacts on your education. Section B - Academic Reference (download it and give it to Special Needs Teacher, Guidance Counsellor or Principal)

15 Dare Application Section C – (a) Evidence of physical disability, give Consultant’s report, (b) Evidence of learning difficulty, Give Psycho-educational assessment from a qualified Psychologist within the past 3 years. If outdated must pay for current one. Note: ensure your name and CAO number is on all documents, keep photocopies and proof of postage.

16 Dare Application Disability/Specific Learning Difficulty (Medical, Physical or SLI Learning requiring reader, audio etc) Tick box Must then complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF) Section A – complete online yourself Section B – completed by Principal & Guidance Counsellor Section C – a completed psycho-educational assessment from a qualified Psychologist in place of section C Section A completed online by the 1 st February and Sections B & C submitted to CAO by 1 st April

17 Hear Applications Higher Education Access Route, To support applicants from socio- economically disadvantaged backgrounds, certain HEIs have a reserved number of places at lower points entry provided minimum course requirements met. Financial/academic/personal support given. Apply online 1 st Feb, 15 Colleges participate Indicate if you want to be considered for the HEAR scheme on page 1 of CAO form and complete the section providing information re family income, employment, number of children and schools attended.

18 Hear Applications Assessment is based on meeting the following criteria: Total family income below HEAR threshold and any two of the following: Possession of a medical card Receiving means tested social assistance From socio-economic group under- represented in higher education Attending a 2 nd level DEIS school for >5yrs Living in area of rural/urban disadvantage

19 Hear Applications In order to be considered for the HEAR scheme applicants must: Complete relevant section online by Feb 1 st Submit relevant evidence of family financial circumstances by April 1 st All documentation submitted must have your CAO and PPS number No late documents accepted Assessment results in late June Accept CAO & HEAR offers in August Attend mandatory Orientation Programme in August Further details on

20 New Award System The National Qualifications Framework

21 Irish Awarding Bodies The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC)The Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) FETAC makes awards for learning in programmes in training centres, in further education colleges, in the community and in the workplace. The Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC)The Higher Education and Training Awards Council (HETAC) HETAC is the qualifications awarding body for higher education and training in Ireland outside the university sector, making awards for learning in a wide range of institutions, including the Institutes of Technology.

22 Irish Awarding Bodies The State Examinations Commission (SEC) SEC makes awards for Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate.The State Examinations Commission (SEC) The Irish universities and the Dublin Institute of Technology make awards for programmes provided under their own aegis, and for some programmes provided in other institutions. The universities are:Dublin Institute of Technology UL, DCU, TCD, UCD, UCC, NUIG & NUIM

23 Professional Awarding Bodies -Ireland An Bord Altranais Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland Law Society of Ireland Council of the Honourable Society of King’s Inns Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland National Social Work Qualifications Board Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources Director of Telecommunications Regulation Irish Aviation Authority Royal College of Surgeons IrelandAn Bord Altranais Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland Law Society of Ireland Council of the Honourable Society of King’s Inns Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland National Social Work Qualifications Board Royal Institute of Architects in Ireland Minister for Communications, Marine and Natural Resources Director of Telecommunications Regulation Irish Aviation Authority Royal College of Surgeons Ireland

24 New Award System Levels relevant to CAO Level 6 = Higher Certificate Level 7 = Pass Degree Level 8 = Honours Degree.

25 Level Choices Choose Max 10 Level 8 courses plus 10 level 7/6 courses. State your course choices in order of genuine preference and career plans and not on points. Courses are awarded in order of preference provided you have the points necessary.

26 Ladder System Pr Course Code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pr Course Code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Level 8Level 7 & Level 6

27 Codes and levels Make sure you have correct course code and course reference. (Research Handbook). Do not mix level of courses Fill in the course you most want as No. 1, your genuine preference, and 2 nd preference as No. 2 and so on to choice No. 10 Do not base you choices on points.

28 Ladder Do not include any course you have not researched thoroughly. It is a common mistake and may cause upset in August when offers are issued. If you are given your 5 th choice then all preferences below that are no longer considered.

29 Moving up the ladder In the 2 nd or 3 rd round offers it is possible you may be offered a course of a higher preference. If no special category applies write ‘No’ in box.

30 Closing Dates The closing date is 5.15pm Feb 1 st. Non-standard applications before Dec 15th of 2010 Online discount up to January 20 th €35 Essential that all restricted courses (R) are included at this time as they cannot be introduced later with the “change of mind forms” i.e. Portfolios in Art Music Design. The closing date for “change of mind forms” is 1 st July.

31 Late Applications Late applications accepted up to 1 st May 2010 subject to restrictions i.e restricted courses, research page 4 of handbook Exceptional closing date 22 nd July only for undergraduates and in paper form only

32 Fees Online application Fee EuroClosing Date Normal online 45 (35, Jan 20) 1 st Feb 2010 5.15pm Late online 70 1 st May 2010 5.15pm Paper Application Normal application 45 1 st Feb 2010 5.15pm Late application 90 1 st May 2010 5.15pm Change of mind Nil 1 st July 2010 5.15pm

33 Paper or online only No Application by Fax. No Change of mind application by Fax. C.A.O. only accept a single application. You cannot apply on line and on paper.

34 Payment Pay the application fee by using the application fee payment form part one stamped by Bank or by credit card/debit card(Laser) online Attach part one of the fee payment form to your application. Enclose the acknowledgement card (stamped) and address card in block letters.

35 Register and photocopy Register posted applications for proof of postage. Certificate of postage at back of handbook. Photocopy page 2 as record of courses applied for or enter choices on back page of handbook. Sign and Date applications.

36 Acknowledgement By Feb 15th you will be notified of your CAO application number and a statement of courses. Keep record of this number. If not received by Feb 15th write to C.A.O before Feb 19 th at latest. By the end of May you will be sent a statement of the Application Record as final acknowledgement. If you have not received the Statement by June 1 st contact the CAO immediately by letter

37 Confirmation of application record NB. Check this record against your retained photocopy. Online use ‘My Application’ facility With record statement you will receive a “change of mind form” to register a change of course choice.

38 Change of mind Courses maybe changed from May 3 rd up to the 1st July of exam year. If changes are being made on one or both lists then the full list must be completed. With change of mind form you cancel previous choices.

39 Amend application If you made an error in restricted courses If you are a mature student with error or omission on courses. Must be before 1 st March 2010 Incorrect application costs €10 to amend online

40 Acceptance After Leaving Certificate Results on August 18 th the First Round Offers will be made on August 23rd If you are given an offer on both lists you can accept 1 offer only online or by post – closing date August 30 th Each applicant will be offered a place in the highest of his/her course preferences, in respect to each of the two lists of courses.

41 Acceptance This offer will expire unless accepted by offer closing date- Usually 7 Days If you do not receive notification within 3 days of the ‘Reply Date’ then contact the CAO immediately. You can also check if your acceptance received online.

42 2 nd Round offers A second round of offers will be issued on Sept. 1 st with closing date of Sept 8 th The process of offers continues until all available places offered Whether you applied/accepted or not you can still apply for Available or Vacant places that HEIs offer through the CAO later in the process

43 Cancellations With cancellations you may be offered one of your higher preference choices. On offer of your higher preference choice, your lower preferences are no longer considered. However if you already accepted an offer and don’t want a higher preference then you can keep your original offer

44 Deferred Entry If an applicant is offered a place it maybe possible to defer entry to the course for one year. Do not accept the offer in the manner shown on the offer notice. Write to the admissions office, within the allowed timeframe, of the College with your request and conditions. Write DEFERRED ENTRY on the envelope. Attach part C of the offer notice to the letter.

45 Letter to admissions office The letter must arrive in the admissions office at least 2 days before the reply date shown on the offer notice. Write to the admissions office of college not to the C.A.O. Short time given so be diligent. Enquiries at offer time by email to

46 Taking up a deferral You must re-apply in the succeeding year through CAO Pay appropriate fee State deferred course as the only preference on application If the deferral is not granted then you may accept the offer for the current year

47 Colleges offering Deferred Entry The following allow deferred entry. U.C.C. U.C.D. T.C.D. D.C.U. N.U.I.G. U.L. D.I.T. NUI Maynooth, Institutes of Technology. It is strongly recommended that at the time of offer you write seeking deferral rather than telephone. The Institute will communicate the result.

48 Vacant Places If after all offers have been made, and Vacant places exist, they will be advertised on the CAO website, persons who have not applied already may make a vacant place application on payment of a fee - €45 online. Address C.A.O. Tower House, Eglington Street, Galway. Tel 091 509800. Fax 091 562344. Vacant places

49 Grants Tuition fees of eligible first time undergraduate students is free Registration fee - €1,500 Grants based on Family Income, dependent children (or parents) in full time education and distance from college Full maintenance grant allowed - 100%, or partial allowances of 75%, 50% 0r 25% depending on circumstances. Additional rates of maintenance may apply for very low income earners or recipients of social welfare

50 Grants 3 different grant schemes for higher education – all pay the same levels of grants and cooperate with each other HEG – administered by Local Authorities, covers courses in universities in IRL, NI, most courses in UK and EU, some courses in Its and other certain colleges in IRL and NI VEC – scheme covers courses in Its, certain courses in NCAD, UL and DCU

51 Grants TLT – Third Level grants for trainees for most level 6 & 7 courses in ITs PLC-ESF aided maintenance grant scheme covers eligible PLC/FE courses usually in the VEC sector Students should fill out grant application for course they will most likely to uptake – only do it once and authorities will co-operate on administering grant on course entry Application closing date is end August All details at

52 Medicine Entry changed, undergraduate entry from 2009 NUIG, UCD, UCC,TCD, RCSI. Applicants with a min of 480 pts and up to a max of 560 pts in 1 LC plus a max of 300 HPAT points added will determine entry HPAT points in 2009 varied from 153 – 225 with the combined range for successful candidates being 713 - 779 Complete HPAT aptitude tests in 2 yrs prior to entry to medicine,

53 Medicine NUIG, 2HC’s 1 science, 3 rd language in 6 yrs and 2 sciences in 5 yrs. Max LC pts adjusted is 560 pts, Max HPAT score is 300, Total 860pts, Min HPAT = 170 pts, Test 2.30 hrs, Apply online for HPAT, cost €95,

54 Medicine HPAT tests on Saturday 27 th Feb only HPAT results can be used for 2 yrs Test centres Dublin, Cork, Galway, Sligo and Waterford HPAT registration Mid Nov to January, apply directly to ACER at to sit the HPAT as well as applying to CAO HPAT results in June. HPAT + LC in Aug.

55 Nursing Requirements Irish or English Maths Lab Science 3 other subjects. Grade C3 in 2 higher level Grade D3 in in 4 ordinary level.

56 Private Colleges Require Fees, approx €4,500 - €6000 American College, Galway Business School Griffith College, National Counselling College Portobello College, St Pats Thurles Dublin Business School IBAT Swords Institute Grafton college of Mgt Independent colleges Dublin

57 Private Colleges Points will be lower in the Colleges due to fee payment. Courses accredited by HETAC & FETAC are in the CAO handbook but these colleges also offer many other options validated by Universities in the UK for which you apply directly to the college. Most are located in Dublin City centre They offer flexibility by providing progression routes for students who initially sign up for a level 6 or 7 and they can then progress to a level 8 honours degree in Ireland or the UK.

58 The UK Option Log on to the UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) website and use the ‘Apply’ application service Closing date is January 15 th (except for Medicine, Veterinary Science/Medicine and Dentistry, which have the earlier closing date of October 15 th) Apply through your school and include a Reference from a teacher and a Personal Statement Widest Choice/Best Value -Fees Payable but bursaries/scholarships/grants /loans

59 The UK Option You can apply for up to 5 different courses/institutions (only 4 for Med., Vet., Dent., etc) UCAS forwards each application to the various institutions to make a decision on it Decisions forwarded to UCAS who then forward them to applicants Can be: (a) Unconditional Offer (already has results to satisfy course demands), (b) a Conditional Offer (pending results), or (c) a Rejection, usually at end of March. If more than 2 conditional offers are received you can make 1 firm acceptance and 1 insurance acceptance

60 The UK Option Offers based on number of UCAS Points HIGHERORDINARYUCAS Points A190 A277 B171 B264 B358 C152 C245 C3A139 D133 D2A226 D3B120 B214 B37

61 The UK Option Irish students get same treatment as UK students England, N.I. & Wales – Fees €3,300 p.a approx. Tuition Fee Loan available which is payable when earning > €15k Scotland – No fees for Irish students instead pay Endowment of circa €2,400 after graduation Same grants available from Irish government if studying in UK Most UK institutions offer Bursaries based on income or Scholarships which can be based on any criteria.

62 Personal Statement Explain experience and life in relation to application Final secondary level results Post secondary qualifications Current Studies Non- certificate courses, Voluntary work, Employment, hobbies/interests

63 Sports Scholarships A wide variety of sports are recognised across the various institutions for the awarding of scholarships. Students benefit from funding, access to top-class facilities, nutrition advice, coaching and other supports. Apply to CAO in normal way and make a separate, direct application to the college(s) of choice for a scholarship. Deadlines for application vary from the UCD Elite Academy which is Feb 1 st to other colleges which only allow applications to be made after entry to the college.

64 The PLC Option PLC courses are a flexible option –Prepare students for the world of work –Stepping stone to transfer to 3 rd level Interview based and not CAO points More than 1000 courses through local VECs – 30,000 places and very broad selection from acting to zoology etc Usually 1 year in duration, sometimes 2 years, offered at FETAC level 5 & 6 More than 14% of 2009 applicants to CAO were based on FETAC awards

65 The PLC Option Progression from Further to Higher operates in 2 main ways; –(1) HELS- Higher Education Links Scheme links specific courses to reserved higher education places, e.g. Nursing, childcare, engineering –(2) ITs and some HEIs award LC points up to a max of 400 on an open competition basis. ‘Distinctions to Points’ Research preferred course, check colleges for links/reserved places and then decide on which PLC suits you.

66 NuiG Entry Requirements 6 subjects, Min 2 HCs, OD in English, Irish and a 3 rd language, Exception 3 rd language not required for nursing, engineering, science. Maths essential for all courses except for Arts degrees. Science essential for medicine, science, engineering,

67 Entry For U L 6 subjects, 2 HCs, OD in Maths, English, Irish or a third language, FETAC entry separate Mary Immaculate 6 subjects,3HCs HC Irish, 500 pts Both colleges and DIT offer bonus points for Maths HL for some courses

68 Entry for Gmit/Ait Level 8, 6 subjects, 2 HCs, OD including Maths, English or Irish, Level 6/7, 5 subjects, OD Maths except for art and design, English or Irish, but 6 subjects counted for pts. Foundation maths accepted for most courses, e.g. Al052, Al 054.

69 You can apply again next year if not successful this time You can apply as a mature student at age 23 You can apply to The Open University and still work Take evening qualifications Take a PLC course

70 Mature Application Over 23 on 1 st Jan 2010 Must apply before 1 st Feb 2010 Some accept late applications but not nursing and midwifery Direct application to some HEI’S listed on page 6 of handbook

71 Mature Application Contact HEI admissions office, Tick special category, Tick mature student, Include PPS no D.O.B. Wait for interview call

72 Useful Websites & - Appplication Services –Comprehensive info. on all CAO courses –Points Calculator/Grants Calculator etc Self-assessment, explore careers, video interviews in the workplace, labour market trends, career matching/planning HEAR and DARE programmes –Grants

73 Student Activities 2009/10 Career Investigations LCVP Ability West Careers Exhibition 6 th October, Galway Bay Hotel Large number of Colleges/ Study Skills Talk AIT & NUIG School Visits SDS, CII, DATs assessments/testing Qualifax Accounts set up for career exploration & planning Student Yearbook Career Directories Individual consultations by appointment and weekly careers class

74 Other Non CAO Opportunities Apply directly to the Following: Gardai, Defense Forces, Montessori Training, Music Drama & Performing Arts, Hairdressing & Beauty, Failte Ireland, Childcare Colleges, Royal Irish Academy, Law Society of Ireland, Irish Management Institute, Art Craft & Design, Accounting Business Law & Journalism, Alternative Medicine, Independent Colleges and FAS.

75 The World is your Oyster

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