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Psychology 302 Evolutionary Psychology Spring 2011.

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1 Psychology 302 Evolutionary Psychology Spring 2011

2 Course Website html Syllabus Powerpoint slides Podcasts Assignment information

3 Dr. Snyder BSP-241 492-3834 –Psyco 302 in subject line – account –Name and ID number in message –Allow up to 2 business days for response Skype username: michaelrsnyder Office hours: after class, and/or by appointment

4 Textbook and Reading Schedule Workman, L. & Reader, W. (2008). Evolutionary psychology: An introduction (second edition). Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom. Roughly a chapter per class

5 Course Evaluation Midterm exam –20%, chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and lectures –2 June Final exam –35%, cumulative chapters and lectures (bias towards post-midterm material) –Date 17 June, 3:00-5:00 PM Four 1 Page Assignments –20% (5% each) –17 May, 26 May, 7 June, 14 June Paper –25% –9 June

6 Missed Exams Serious illness (documented), medical emergency/death in immediate family, religious event Midterm: weight transferred to final Final: if deferred granted by Faculty office, write 24 June 2011, 2:00PM

7 Assignments Short One page’s worth of space to answer Same format as exam questions Can submit individually or as a group of two students

8 Assignment & Paper Submission Required by 10:35 of due date Starting at 10:36, 10% late penalty applied Additional 10% penalty applied each day thereafter at 4PM Submit directly to instructor, to Psychology office (BSP-217, M-F 8:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00), thumbtacked to bulletin board outside BSP-241 (but…dated from when found) DO NOT put any assignment under instructor’s door!

9 Grading Scheme Not graded on a curved University distributions just guidelines A+ is for exceptional performance, beyond the course level Mark (%)GradeDescriptor 94-100A+Excellent 89-93.9AExcellent 84-88.9A-Excellent 79-83.9B+Good 74-78.9BGood 69-73.9B-Good 64-68.9C+Satisfactory 59-63.9CSatisfactory 55-58.9C-Satisfactory 52-54.9D+Poor 50-51.9DMinimal pass 0-49.9FFailure

10 Posting Grades Return assignments, midterm, paper Link to PDF on website By ID

11 Appealing Grades Answer justification Keep original, submit photocopy along with justification Any issues with term work must be addressed before the final exam

12 Prerequisites Two of: Psyco 223, 233, 241, 258, 267, 275, 281 Prerequisites, NOT co-requisites

13 Cheating, Plagiarism Detailed listing on syllabus Code of Student Behaviour Shall not represent another’s work on an assignment as his/her own Shall not submit material completed/in progress for another course without written approval Must use appropriate citation and referencing for term paper Cheating on exams

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