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1 Engaging New Staff In A Service Culture May 2007 Student Admin Induction Manual May 2007

2 RMIT UniversitySlide 2 Why an Induction Manual? Six staff undertook the Diploma of Business (Frontline Management) in 2006 & decided this was an opportunity to work together on a project beneficial to Student Administration The team discussed a number of ideas, and decided that the project outcome for Student Administration would be a localised induction manual. Reasoning included: –New staff needed clearly defined information –Concise information about Student Administration did not exist –Student Administration’s location was away from the main campus

3 RMIT UniversitySlide 3 How did we make it? Student Administration Induction Manual –In working on the manual, we found: wealth of information available on the web on induction at local and higher levels staffs own experiences –Ten categories were eventually included

4 RMIT UniversitySlide 4 What does it look like? Student Administration Induction Manual 1.Overview 2.Induction 3.Equipment, Computer, Software & Other Requirements 4.Human Resources 5.Staff Training 6.Occupational Health & Safety 7.Customer Service 8.Student Administration Processes 9.Change Management 10.Evaluation

5 RMIT UniversitySlide 5 1 Overview –Organisational summaries & structures University Students Portfolio Academic Registrar’s Group Student Administration –Summary of activities for each Student Admin unit –Floor plan of Student Administration –Phone and location directory of all Student Admin staff

6 RMIT UniversitySlide 6 2 Induction –An induction schedule for a new staff member outlining their first week of activities –RMIT Strategic Plan –Academic Calendar –Campus Map –RMIT Induction Checklist

7 RMIT UniversitySlide 7 3 Equipment, Computer, Software & Other Requirements –Swipe card access –Computer logins, policies, procedures & the Helpdesk –Telephone and voicemail –Photocopy and fax locations –ARG equipment –Stationery –Mail

8 RMIT UniversitySlide 8 4 Human Resources –Hours of work / lunch breaks –Public holidays –Annual leave / sick leave –Employee Self Service (ESS) –Pay –RMIT Commuter Club

9 RMIT UniversitySlide 9 5 Staff Training –Within the staff workplan including: Information Technology Services (ITS) training Open Program Short Courses

10 RMIT UniversitySlide 10 6 Occupational Health & Safety –Emergency procedures –Health and Safety –First aid –EO Online –Staff Assistance Ergonomics

11 RMIT UniversitySlide 11 7 Customer Service –Student Administration stakeholders –Service orientation –Compliance Privacy of information –Useful websites –Acronyms

12 RMIT UniversitySlide 12 8 Student Administration Processes –Student Administration Working Party Defining roles and responsibilities for the Student Administration Process Name Student Enquiry & ApplicationsManage Student Relationships Applications, Selection and Admissions Student Programme of Study Student EnrolmentConfer Awards Student FinancialsReporting Exams and ResultsCross Country

13 RMIT UniversitySlide 13 8 Student Administration Processes cont.

14 RMIT UniversitySlide 14 9 Change Management –Change to improve our working environment

15 RMIT UniversitySlide 15 10 Evaluation –For staff to complete within two weeks of starting –To ensure the Student Administration Induction Manual has the most relevant information needed for new staff

16 RMIT UniversitySlide 16 Final Product The Induction Manual is created on CDs –Has a PowerPoint interface directing staff through a word document on induction and attachments –Opens automatically when inserted into the computer 5 hard copy Induction Manual folders for borrowing have also been created

17 RMIT UniversitySlide 17 Distribution Each new staff member receives: –Electronic copy of the Induction Manual on CD to keep –Hard copy folder to borrow for 2 weeks Student Admin Induction Manual May 2007

18 RMIT UniversitySlide 18 Where to? The Future –The Induction Manual is a living document to be updated at least quarterly. –The task of updating the manual and CD has been allocated to one unit within Student Administration. –Currently being updated to include all of the Academic Registrar’s Group (about 130 staff in 4 branches)

19 RMIT UniversitySlide 19 The End Student Administration Induction Manual Student Admin Induction Manual May 2007

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