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Michelle Anawati PGY1 – Family Medicine (Montfort)

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1 Michelle Anawati PGY1 – Family Medicine (Montfort)
LMCC Part I Michelle Anawati PGY1 – Family Medicine (Montfort)

2 Disclaimer The views reflected in this presentation are those of students with past experiences only and are in no ways those of the University of Ottawa or the Medical Council of Canada.

3 Remember! Pediatrics Obs/Gyne Psychiatry Internal Medicine Surgery
Cultural-Communication, Ethical, Legal, and Organizational medicine (C2LEO) Basic epidemiology (PPV, NPV, RR, OR) Family Medicine takes parts from all sections.

4 Studying Tips Study the way you always study Budget your time
Take breaks Focus on “Sure Things” Pediatrics Psychiatry Obs/Gyn Legislation, ethics, epidemiology Focus on things you haven’t done much of during electives.

5 Study Tips Internal medicine, surgery: common illnesses, things emphasized over med school (e.g., pathology in IBD, DKA, ddx of red, painful joint), basics every physician should know (treatment of AOM, approach to lytes, acid-base, acute abdo pain, etc.) Do lots of sample tests!! (USMLE, LMCC) Find .torrents, share with colleagues

6 What some of us did... MCC website!
OBJECTIVES, OBJECTIVES, OBJECTIVES! Lots and lots of information already available. Exactly what they expect you to know!

7 What some of us did... Back to Basics!
PROS: Most profs are excellent. Remind you of the bread and butter that you learnt through medical school. Excellent review of materials. Most will provide practice questions in class. Super practical. CONS: Long days Sometimes overwhelming Some classes better than others

8 What some of us did... Goes through most, if not all, the objectives for the LMCC Part I. Read carefully. Some minor errors. Use it as an adjunct and a “memory reminder”.

9 What some of us did ... Case files available for ALL sections!
Offers up to 60 cases per book + MCQs + PERLS about each “bread and butter” subjects for each discipline.

10 What some of us did ... Practice! Practice!
Nothing prepared me more than practice exams. Available at med office and actual old exams available at the library. Photocopy them all and do them everyday. Near the exam date, practice doing full day exams to build your stamina and concentration. If there is something you don’t get, read about it! Most “common themes” repeat themselves.

11 What some of us did ... Find a small group of friends and go over some objectives. Do practice questions together. Good for helping you stay on tract and provide lots of laughter and mental health breaks! Exercise, takes breaks, walk, make time for friends. Remember, you learnt all this stuff already! Make it like an 8-5 job, take time for yourself. Eat good meals and take it one day at a time.

12 What some of us DIDN’T do...
Toronto Notes. Cram. Study to the last minute. Isolate ourselves in the library dungeon. Take advantage of the spring weather from time to time. Get your vitamin D, it helps your brain.

13 Exam Tips Read carefully Guess where you can Move on Watch your time
Sleep well – especially the night before Take questions as they are – not tricks Don’t overanalyze adaptive questioning Bring a good lunch and snacks for exam day. Don’t compare yourself to other people in the room. Language – I chose a language and stuck with it through the exam. Some switched back and fourth, but watch your time.

14 Something you will realize after the exam...
You feel like you know nothing. No amount of studying would have prepared you for the exam. You think you failed. No one had the same exam, at all. It’s over. You will forget about it in 2 weeks. You will be pleasantly surprised when you get your mark back!

15 Resources Medical Council of Canada Old Exams
Old Exams Essentials of the Canadian Licensing exam Case Files Review notes from Back To Basics and exams from 1st/2nd/3rd year

16 We look forward to welcoming you as residents in the year to come!
GOOD LUCK!!!!!! We look forward to welcoming you as residents in the year to come!

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