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Please read the following carefully to ensure that your promotion fits within the BIG W guidelines Vendor Guidelines.

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1 Please read the following carefully to ensure that your promotion fits within the BIG W guidelines Vendor Guidelines

2 Table of Contents Instore Demonstrations and Instore AppearancesPage 3 Point of Sale & Promotions ApprovalsPage 4-5 Implementation of POS Page 6 Additional Locations and DisplaysPage 7 Action Aisle and End Cap EnquiriesPage 8

3 Instore Demonstrations and Instore Appearances All Demonstrations must be submitted to Rod Soloman for approval Please complete the Demonstration submission form located on the BIG W Website Once approved any staff involved in the promotion who will be working in-store will need to read the Safety, Health and Environment Contractors Handbook available on the BIG W Supplier Website (document name – Health and Safety). A copy of the signed acknowledgements must be presented to the store upon arrival.

4 Point of Sale & Promotions Approvals All Point of Sale must be submitted to Kelly McQuhae for approval. Please complete the Supplier POS submission form located on the BIG W Website Note - All details, artwork (including Point Of Sale quantities) are to be approved prior to printing by: Kelly McQuhae Email: Ph: 02 8885 8170 Fax: 02 8888 8170 Address: BIG W Support Office, West Wing, 1 Woolworths Way, Bella Vista, NSW, 2153 Note: In Kelly’s absence Melissa Pringle can also approve POS & promotions: Melissa Pringle Email: Ph: 02 8885 8948 Fax: 02 8888 8948 Please see the following page for – additional Information to be supplied with your submission form for approval:

5 Point of Sale & Promotions Approvals continued…. Please ensure the following Information is supplied with your submission form for approval: When submitting artwork please ensure that the start and end date of the promotion is clearly noted. It is helpful if the end date is noted on the front of all POS. As you can appreciate, the stores receive many promotions and this helps to ensure that no old promotions remain on show. BIG W should always be written in upper case. The BIG W logo should always be featured on all BIG W exclusive promotions. Should you require a copy of the logo please visit our Website: Please include the Terms and Conditions of any consumer competition. Proof of purchase – due to our returns policy you must always give our customers the option of providing the original receipt or photocopy of receipt. If requesting the customer to supply proof in the form of a product barcode please ensure that it is not easily removed from the product. Some customers will simply detach the barcode from the product in these instances without making a purchase. If the promotion is a game of chance, BIG W needs to be supplied with the approved permit numbers from the relevant Government Authorities. Where possible we try and feature all promotions / competitions on our website. Please state which Point of Sale items you wish to produce, where you propose for them to be located and the quantity you propose to supply the store. Refer to the BIG W POS Specs document for POS examples. Please note that the Security Gate Covers are reserved for big events. BIG W has a clean counter policy and therefore no submissions will be accepted for POS on any counter (Courtesy Desk, Checkouts, Home Entertainment, Photographics or Cosmetics counters). The only exception to this rule is Charity merchandise. All PDQ’s must be submitted to the Buyer for approval. The Buyer will then request approval via the Store Planning Manager. Gift with Purchase – unless these are contained within the pack or shrink wrapped to the pack, they will not be accepted. BIG W does not have the staff or facilities to execute this type of promotion.

6 Implementation of POS Once approved, Support Office should be sent printed samples of Point of Sale. If applicable, please ensure 1 or 2 Entry Forms pads are supplied so that we can satify any customer queries we may receive through our Customer Service dept. All Point of Sale is required to be sent directly to stores, unless otherwise approved. Store addresses can also be located from the BIG W website. Packages containing Point of Sale should clearly state the contents and be marked to the attention of the either the Store Manager or appropriate Business Manager. Where possible a copy of the promotional bulletin written by the In- Store Promotions Department should be included in the POS package. The despatch date and method by which stores will receive the POS material is also required to be supplied to support office. Where possible it is always of great assistance for merchandisers to aid stores with the set-up. Overhead signage cannot be set up during trading hours due to OH&S issues and, therefore, merchandisers can assist the store either by arriving outside trading hours or by leaving the POS with the store to set up.

7 Additional Locations and Displays. Point of Sale/Product in Feature Locations All Point of Sale which is to be featured with product on endcaps, tables, bases and /or sidekicks must be part of the BIG W Action Aisle End Cap (AAEC) Program. All submissions for this must be presented to the relevant buyer prior to AAEC submissions. The submission process is currently planned with a 3 month lead time. Note - This includes PDQ’s. ( all PDQ’s must be submitted to the relevant Buyer and go through the approval process ) BIG W’s AAEC program focus’s on single price points to ensure maximum price impact in store. Multi-price points will not be accepted. Temporary Price Reductions (TPR’s) can be used to tie-in multiple price points but these must be supplier funded. BIG W only allows consumables items as TPR’s for a 1 month period. All other products need to be 3 Month TPR’s. Sidekick locations are also used as associated selling tools. Please ensure that possible locations outside of the products parent department are considered. *NOTE: The above Programs are submitted by the buyer & approved 3 months prior to the event start date. After this time, Buyers can delete products from this program but cannot add any new lines.

8 Action Aisle and End Cap Enquiries A special e-mail AAEC Enquiries has been set-up to assist stores, suppliers & buyers with any queries or issues relating to the program. E-mail address: Both positive and negative issues can be raised some examples below: -Stock issues - Insufficient Stock available for set-up -Sleeper Line Suggestion – great Sales Potential ideal line for AAEC Program -Ticketing unsupplied -Endcap Display not set-up -PDQ problem

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