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1. MSBTE web site 2. MSBTE, Regional Offices 3. Organization Chart 4. Academic calendar 5. On-line Affiliation 6. Eligibility 7. Students Enrollment 8.

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2 1. MSBTE web site 2. MSBTE, Regional Offices 3. Organization Chart 4. Academic calendar 5. On-line Affiliation 6. Eligibility 7. Students Enrollment 8. Exemption 9. Lab Manuals 10. Examination 11. Seating Chart 12. Distribution Center 13. RAC Center 14. Post Result Activities 15. Academic Monitoring 16. Staff Training 17. Student’s Competition





7  Academic calendar is released by MSBTE in month of June every year indicating the dates for all academic activities for the year.  Available on MSBTE Website  Institutes should follow all the activities as per dates indicated in the Academic calendar

8 Sr No Activities OddSemester (ExceptFirstsemester) FirstSemester Even Semester YearlyPattern (ExceptFirstyear) FirstYear Period 1FirstTerm *June27toOctober24, 2011 **July26toNov12, *June27toOct24,2011*July26toOct24,2011 2FirstClassTestAug25to30,2011Oct1toOct3,2011 (Twopapersaday) Oct15to21,2011 3SecondClassTestOct17to21,2011 Nov8to9,2011 (Twopapersaday) NIL 4WinterBreakOctober25toNov2,2011NoWintervacation October25,toNov 15,2011 October25,toNov 15,2011 5SecondTerm----- *Dec12,2011to Mar31,2012 Nov16,2011toMar Nov16,2011toMar31,2012 6FirstClassTest Feb13to17, 2012 IITestforAH&PH Feb13to18,2012 IITestforAH&PH Feb13to18,2012 7SecondClassTest March26to 29,2012 March26to31, 2012 (IncludingIIItestforAH &PH) March26to31, 2012 Including III test forAH &PH

9 Odd Semester (Except First semester) Sep 2011, First Week Sep 2011, Third Week Sep 23, 2011 Sep 30, First Semester Sep 2011, First Week Sep 2011, Third Week Sep 23, 2011 Sep 30, Sr No Even Semester NIL Feb 2012, First week Feb 2012, Third week Feb 24, 2012 March 3, 2012 Yearly Pattern (Except First year) Sep 2011, First Week Sep 2011, Third Week Sep 23, 2011 Sep 30, 2011 Feb 2011, First week Feb 2011, Third week Feb 24, 2012 March 3, 2012 First Year Sep 2011, First Week Sep 2011, Third Week Sep 23, 2011 Sep 30, 2011 Feb 2011, First week Feb 2011, Third week Feb 24, 2012 March 3, 2012 Activities First Internal First External Report Submission to RBTE Report Submission to MSBTE Second Internal Second External Report Submission to RBTE Report Submission to MSBTE Winter 2011 Examination Schedule Yearly Pattern Activities First Semester Sr No Odd and Even Semester (Except First semester) Even Semester (All candidates appearing for 1 Filling Exam Forms(Normal Fee) Up to August 5, 2011 failure/backlog subjects) Examination forms shall be filled in with admissions Up to August 30, 2011 Up to August 5, Filling Exam Forms (with regular fee plus late fee of Rs.200) Aug 6, to 20, 2011 Up to September 15, 2011 Aug 6, to 20, Academic Monitoring Schedule

10 9 FillingExamForms withPenaltyRs.1500) ---- UptoMar26, PracticalExamination--- April02toApril 07,2012 April02,toApril07, 2012 April02,toApril TheoryExamination--- April10,toMay 05,2012 April10,toMay05,2012April10toMay05, DeclarationofResult--- June2012,Third week June2012,Thirdweek 13StartofNextAcademicSession:June25,2012 Activities First Semester Yearly Pattern Sr No Odd and Even Semester (Except First semester) Even Semester (All candidates appearing for failure/backlog subjects) 3 Aug 22, to October 24, 2011 Aug 22, to October 24, Filling Exam Forms with Penalty Rs.1500) September 16, to October 24, Practical ExaminationNov 4 to Nov 12, 2011 Nov 12 to Nov 15, 2011 (only external examination) Internal examinations shall be conducted preferably in extra hours from Nov 4. Nov 4 to Nov 12, Theory Examination Declaration of Result Nov 15 to Dec 10, 2011 Last week of Jan 2012 Nov 28 to Dec 10, Nov 15, to Dec 10, 2011 Last week of Jan Summer 2012 Examination Schedule Semester and Yearly Pattern (Failures) 7 Filling Exam Forms(Normal Fee) -- - Jan 2, 2012 to Jan 21, 2012 For Regular candidates Yearly Pattern (Regular candidates) Jan 2, 2012 to Jan 21, 2012 for regular candidates ( Including First Year) Feb 1, to 15, Filling Exam forms (with regular fee plus Late fee of RS.200) -- - Jan 23, to Feb 8, 2012 For Regular candidates Jan 23, to Feb 8, 2012 For Regular candidates (Including First year) Feb 16, to 27, 2012

11 2 FillingEnrollment Forms(NormalFee) --- Enrollment forms shall Be filled in with Admissions only. Last Date of submission of Forms is Aug 16, Enrollment forms shall get Filled in with admissions only. Last date of Submission of forms is Aug 16, FillingEnrollment Forms(withLateFee) --- Aug 17 to Sep 15, Aug 17 to Sep 15, 2011 AFFILIATION & ENROLLMENT SCHEDULE Sr No 1 Activities Submission of Affiliation Odd Semester June 15 to July 15, 2011 All old Institutes running existing courses First Semester June 15 to July 15, 2011 All old & new institutes after getting LOA/AICTE Approval Even Semester --- Yearly Pattern (Except First year) June 15 to July 15, 2011 All old Institutes running existing courses First Year June 15 to July 15, 2011 All old & new institutes after getting LOA/AICTE Approval * * Institutes should ensure that, minimum 16 weeks duration is available for completion of curriculum, arranging extra classes. Academic Monitoring Teams shall verify and report accordingly All tyipes of fees & penalties shall be necessarily deposited to Regional Office of the Board, within 3 working days next to the last date of concerned activties. The pament of penalty shall be deposited at ROBTE within next TWO working days in any case. Further the Institutes must ensure that they haveiven the requirement of Question Papers too.All Practicals and term works in all subjects must be completed as per curriculum till the end of term. Any deficiency reported after the end of term shall lead to DISALLOWING the students for examination and for admission to next semester. No request on any ground shall be entertained for late completion. *Admissions to next higher semester shall remain provisional till declaration of results. Institutes shall accept tuition fees only while confirming admissions after results. In case of any exceptional situation occurring locally, the necessary amendment in the schedule of any activities shall be made by the concerned regional office, with intimation to Head Office. (P.A. Naik) Secretary M.S. Board of Tech. Education, Mumbai Copy to : 1. Hon. Director, M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai - for information please. 2. Deputy Secretary (Examination), he should prepare schedule of all activities of all sections together. 3. Dy. Secretary, CDC section, M.S.B.T.E. Mumbai – for information. 4. Dy. Secretary, M.S.B.T.E. Regional Offices, Pune/Aurangabad/Nagpur & Officer I/c, Mumbai Sub region, - for necessary action. 5. Desk Officer D-42/D-43/D-45- for necessary action. 6. Portal Manager, M.S.B.T.E., Mumbai - To display on the website.

12  Affiliation fees Rs.10,000/- per course per year of duration 2 years or more.  Affiliation fees Rs.5,000/- per course per year of duration less than 2 years.  Affiliation fees should be submitted in Prescribed format along with necessary documents as per the date in Academic calendar. Affiliation Data should be Uploaded on Website  Affiliation fees should be submitted before submitting the enrollment forms.  Affiliated Institutes should follow Academic Calendar for various Academic Activities as per MSBTE norms.


14  Eligibility should be taken before submitting the enrollment forms.  Types of Eligibility – 1.OMS. Other than Maharashtra State students including CBSE & ICSE. 2.Direct Admission to 2 nd Year for HSC Science passed (Vocational) students/ITI/MCVC/ATS. 3.Course Change / Institute Change. 4.Double Diploma in Engineering & Technology. 5.Class Improvement, Reappearing. 6.Readmission.

15  All the Documents should be attested by the Principal of the Institute.  Eligibility application form stating which eligibility is requested for.  SSC / HSC / ITI / MCVC marks memo duly attested.  Students securing less than 50% and belonging to reserved categories should submit the caste certificate Xerox copy duly attested.  Joint Director, Regional Office DTE, permission letter for Institute Change, Course Change or Readmission.

16 APPLICATION FOR ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE To be submitted by candidate to the Principal To, The Secretary, Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education 49, Kherwadi, Bandra (E) Mumbai – 51. Sub : To issue the Eligibility Certificate. Sir, I undersigned kindly request you to issue me the Eligibility Certificate for the admission Details are as given below. Eligibility Requested for :- Direct 2 nd Year (Mechanical) 1.Name in full :- JADHAV NILESH AMIT 2.Qualification :- SSC, ITI 3.Documents attached :- a) SSC Mark sheet Xerox b) ITI Mark sheet Xerox I solemnly submit that my admission is subject to the grant of eligibility. Date: Yours Faithfully (Name & Signature) Certified that the documents attached herewith are verified from the original documents. The above candidate is provisionally admitted in this Institution. This admission will not be confirmed till the issue of eligibility certificate. Seal of the Institute Principal

17  Please Note that before Enrollment, Merit list must be approved by Jt. Director Regional Office DTE.  It is a data card of the student to get himself enrolled at MSBTE for the admitted course.  Information should be correctly filled in ONLINE ENROLLMENT with photo uploading  Cost of enrollment form Rs.10/-  Enrollment fees Rs.200/- per student.  Enrollment forms & fees should be submitted along with the approved merit list by competent authority as per the Academic Calendar & schedule given by RBTE.  On line Enrollment started from  Branch change Student should fill Enrollment (In Third Sem.) for New Branch with old Enrollment No.


19  Exemption is granted to Physics & Mathematics of 1 st & 2 nd semester for those students who take admission in first year on the basis of SSC and secure at least 40% marks in above subjects in HSC Science examination.  Those students who have passed MSCIT examination before admission to III semester Diploma will get exemption in Computer Fundamentals – PR & TW.  Exemption application form should be submitted with attested HSC marks memo at the time of submitting enrollment forms.  Any shortcomings in the exemption application will not be entertained and exemption will not be granted.

20 To, The Secretary Board of Technical Exams. MUMBAI. Subject: - To grant the exemption according to O.G.16 O.G 17. I the undersigned, kindly request you to grant me the exemption according to O.G16./O.G 17. My details are as given below. Name :- _________________________________________________________ Admitted in____________________________ Course & Year___________________________ Qualification___________________________________________________________ 1 solemnly submits that I will attend all the lectures and practical's till the approval of exemption. Yours faithfully, (Signature & Name) Sr. No.Sub passed at Qualifying examMarks ObtainedName of the subject for which exemption is claimed.

21  Lab Manuals are available for all semesters at the regional offices of MSBTE (List is available on MSBTE website)  Cost of Lab manual is Rs. 32 /- per Lab manual  Institute should collect the manuals from Regional Offices at the start of each semester.  D.D. of the total amount should be sent to Regional Office after receiving of manuals.


23  Cost of Examination form Rs. 10 /-.  Online Examination form should be correctly filled and report should be signed by the Institute Head Institute along with seal.  Examination fees schedule is published on web site which indicates the Dates /period for Regular fees, fees with fine & fees with Penalty  EXAMINATION FEES  REGULAR  Semester Pattern – Rs. 300 /-  Semester Pattern( Last 2 Semesters) – Rs. 350 /-  Yearly (Pre Final) – Rs. 350 /-  Yearly (Final) – Rs. 400 /-  P.G Diploma – Rs. 600 /-  FINE = Regular fees + Rs 200 /-  Penalty* = Regular fees + Rs /- (*Accepted only on medical grounds or specific reason with recommendations from Institute Head & acceptable to Dy. Secretary, RBTE)

24  Demand Draft of Examination Fees should be submitted to RBTE office in favor of, “Dy. Secretary, RBTE” payable at Regional Office as per the schedule given in the Academic Calendar.

25  On line Seating Chart started from  Seating Chart is the Pre-exam Document.  Institutes are expected to study & correct the seating chart if required.  One copy should be submitted to RBTE after checking by institute with Principal Signature & stamp of Institute. Generally in one week time after receiving at Institute for Every Examination  Attach proper proof document 1) Name correction :- Attached SSC Mark sheet Xerox Or Merit List Xerox 2) Enrollment No. :- Attached Enrollment List Xerox 3) Subject correction :- Previous Mark sheet Xerox Or Eligibility Xerox Or Exemption Xerox  Consult Head of Dept. for correct information  Put signature for correction  Write complete information with Red Ball Pen only  This will help in reducing RHR ( Results Held in Reserve )cases.


27  Examination should be conducted at the centers according to the rules and regulations of MSBTE.  Exam must be conducted in a fair manner.  Internal Vigilance Squad should be appointed.  Distribution Center : - The institute selected for storage of question papers during the period of examination & for distributing the question papers to the examination center by the procedure laid down by the MSBTE is defined as Distribution Center

28  Examination Center : - The examination center may be the own institute of the students or Any other institute selected by the MSBTE or RBTE.  Connected Center : - In case Examination Center & the connected are different institutes then the theory examinations of the students of connected institute shall be held at Examination Center. However, the examinations other than theory shall be conducted at connected center unless otherwise specified by the MSBTE or RBTE.

29  MSBTE appoints Distribution Centers  MSBTE appoints Head of Institution as Chief Officer- In-Charge  Chief Officer-In-Charge has to appoint 1) Officer-In-Charge - 2 2) Supervisor - 2 3) Peon - 2

30  The Regional Offices shall recommend the Institutes in their respective regions, to be designated as Distribution Centers  Board shall issue region wise orders appointing the Principals of the Institutes designated as distribution centers, as Chief Officer-In-Charge and further, authorize him to make appointments of Office-In-Charge & other supporting staff.

31  MSBTE appoints RAC (Regional Assessment Centre)  MSBTE appoints Head of Institution as Chief Officer- In-Charge  The Chief Officer-In-Charge appoint necessary officer-in-Charge, Additional Officer-in-Charge, Supervisors, Additional Supervisors and supporting staff as per the prevailing norms of the Board.

32  Please Read Post Result activities circular on web site after every result.  Follow Procedure mentioned in Circular for Result correction, verification (Ordinary & Urgent/ photocopy /Reassessment in time).  Use RHR formats for Result corrections.  Read Examination regulation book to understand the rules of Examination.

33  Students found with copy during Examination by Squad & found guilty are given punishment  Refer RG- 10, Page 23 for details.

34  There are following types of Verification 1. Ordinary Verification (Rs 50 Per Subject) 2. Urgent Verification ( For Final year students) Rs 100 per subject 3. Photocopy of Answer books Rs 520 per subject (Max 2 ) 4. Reassessment of Answer Book Rs 520 per subject (Max 2 ) Schedule is published on Web site for Every Examination Students can not apply for the verification & Photocopy of Answer book of the same subject.

35  Objective of Academic Monitoring is to ensure & help Institutes in the academic improvements.  Standard Procedure is designed for academic monitoring called as Assessment norms.  Follow all the procedures as per the book.  Internal Academic Committee should be formed for Internal Academic Monitoring.  External Academic Monitoring (Generally 1 st in October & 2 nd in February) by Expert committee

36  Student Section Officer should be trained.  The institute should always send the concerned person for the required work at RBTE.  Correspondence should be prompt and error free.  All types of fees is accepted in the form of DD above Rs 500/- Demand Draft should be in favor of, “Deputy Secretary, RBTE” at Regional Office

37 MSBTE sponsors various training programmes for the Staff Members,  Content Updating Programs (CUP)  Short Term Training Programs (STTP)  Industrial Training Programs  Paper presentation * Recently MSBTE has Started the financial assistance to individual staff for paper presentation.

38 MSBTE sponsors various Competition for Students,  Quiz Competition  Project Exhibition  Paper Presentation

39  Refer ‘Examination Regulations’ Manual & ‘Manual for Conduct of Examination & Regional Assessment Center’ for exam related queries. (Available with free of cost at RBTE & MSBTE office.)  Follow the Academic Calendar.  Visit regularly MSBTE website & Aurangabad news section for latest  No Separate communication is done with individual Institutes for common notices/circulars as those are published on Web site.  In case of difficulties contact MSBTE for further details / information.




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