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The Age of Majority Listening I: Sample Listening.

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1 The Age of Majority Listening I: Sample Listening

2 Today we are going to do a phase to give you a feel for what this portion of the course will be like. In particular we are going to look at a 6 phase listening style of teaching listening comprehension.

3 6 Phase Listening (1)Pre-listening (2) Listen and take notes. (3) Group/partner share. (4) Listen again (5) Comprehension checks (6)Post listening activity.

4 Phase 1: Pre-listening We will do some kind of pre-listening activity to warm up. It may or may not involve looking at grammar or expressions found in the listening. The purpose of pre-listening is to activate your schema.

5 Phase 2: Listen and take notes. You should try to take detailed notes, but do not write full sentences. Good note- takers have a note-taking system.

6 Phase 3: Group Share Discuss what you hear with a partner or your group. Add to your notes all of those things that your partner mentions but you didn’t hear.

7 Phase 4: Listen Again Listen for things that you missed that your group members mentioned. Hopefully you will ‘notice’ many things that you’ve missed the first time. Again, add to your notes.

8 Phase 5: Comprehension Checks The teacher (me) will then check comprehension individually by calling on students at random. BE PREPARED TO ANSWER when I call your name.

9 Phase 6: Post Listening Activity For post listening we will have several possible activities including. (a) Listening summary. (b) Read the transcript and find what you missed. (c) Read the transcript and find instances of grammar and vocabulary. (d) Write you opinion on what was said.

10 What is the age of majority? How would you define it? Write the definition in your notebook.

11 You are going to hear 5 people talking about various issues related to the age of majority. Prediction: What issues do you think they are going to discuss? Make a list in your notebook.

12 Summary Suppose you had to summarize the listening for homework. How would you do it? (1)Briefly describe the listening in regards to topic and structure. (2) Briefly summarize the contents.

13 Example Summary In this listening selection, five people discussed the age of majority in regards to various issues. (Brief description of the listening). The first person felt that 18 was to young to be able to see R-rated movies. … (Brief summary of contents)

14 Homework: Summarize the listening, The Age of Majority, in your notebook. Make a photocopy and hand in the photocopy next class.

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